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Card List

Get list of cards available to the user, including any custom or privately-available cards.

Query Parameters
category_id integer

Category ID

with_images boolean
with_detailed_images boolean
page integer

page number, numeration starts with 0

lowres boolean

cards list

httpCode integer
status string
cards object[]
id string
name string
description string
cover string
cover_width int64
cover_height int64
inside_image string
price number
category_id int64
category_name string
category_taxonomy string
available_free boolean
orientation string
characters int64
isCustom boolean
customCardInfo object
id string
card_id string
cover_id string
logo_id string
header_text string
footer_text string
header_font_size string
footer_font_size string
header_font_id string
footer_font_id string
header_align string
footer_align string
canvas_data string
cover_size_percent string
logo_size_percent string
closed_height number
closed_width int64
open_height number
open_width number
margin_top number
margin_right number
margin_bottom number
margin_left number
font_size int64
details_size string
details_envelope string
details_author string
discount int64


httpCode integer
error string

Possible values: [category id error]

error description