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Update basket item

Update basket item.

Request Body
id integer REQUIRED

existing basket item id

card_id integer
return_address_id integer

if not present, it will be used default return address

address_id integer
address_ids integer[]
addresses object[]
to_name string
to_first_name string
to_last_name string
to_business_name string
to_address1 string
to_address2 string
to_city string
to_state string
to_zip string
to_country_id integer
to_birthday string
address_id integer
message string
message string
font string
font_size integer
auto_font_size boolean
for_free boolean
couponCode string
denomination_id integer
insert_id integer
quantity integer
check_quantity boolean

check card quantity in stock, return insufficient quantity error in case of low stock

date_send string
wishes string

wishes as part of the signature in the letter

signature_id integer

signature ID for wishes block

signature2_id integer

signature ID for main block



httpCode integer
status string
order_id integer

no uid

httpCode integer
error string

Possible values: [no uid, invalid basket item id, basket item not found, card id error, not found, address error, message error, font error, insufficient quantity, no such card, no such gift card, no such insert, Coupon already used, Coupon already expired, addresses count error, card is not available for free, no free cards, cannot buy, no return info, no such address, no such country]

error description



success boolean
code integer
message string

Possible values: [error placing order (recipient address not found), error placing main order, error placing child orders, error placing order, error placing order (saving from address), error placing order (saving to address)]

error description