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Send Basket

Submit all orders in the basket for processing. Will charge credit card if no or insufficient credits to cover order.

Request Body
uid string

The uid or API key to authenticate user. Can also be placed in the Authorization header.

test_mode boolean

Possible values: [0, 1]

If set, test_mode should be equal to user test_mode

couponCode string
credit_card_id integer

If provided, it is the id number of the credit card on file to be charged.

check_quantity boolean

check cards and inserts quantity in stock, return insufficient quantity error in case of low stock

notes object

dictionary of order notes, order id is used as a key

price_structure object

Expected structure price by types of payment. If the structure does not match during the calculation, an error will be returned

coupon number
credit1 number
credit2 number
money number


httpCode integer
status string
items object

dictionary of order objects, order id is used as a key



httpCode integer
error string

Possible values: [test mode error, invalid coupon code, Coupon already used, Coupon already expired, credit_card id error, no such credit card, [response from Authorize.Net], Can't get transaction id with card payment., insufficient quantity, Something went wrong with your payment method. Please refresh the page and try again]

error description