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Single Step Order

Create a complete order from one json API call.

Request Body
uid string

The uid or API key to authenticate user. Can also be placed in the Authorization header.

login string

Email address; required if uid is not present

password string

Required if uid is not present

card_id integer REQUIRED

Id of the card you want to send

denomination_id integer

Optional. Use if sending a gift card

message string REQUIRED

The body of the message. Use '\n' for new lines

font_label string REQUIRED

The colloquial name of the font, such as 'Fancy Jenna' or 'Casual David'

credit_card_id integer

The credit card id to charge for the order.

insert_id integer

Insert id for the order

couponCode string

Coupon code

date_send string

Send date

validate_address boolean
webhook_url string

Webhook URL

sender_name string

Alternatively use sender_first_name and sender_last_name

sender_first_name string
sender_last_name string
sender_address1 string REQUIRED
sender_address2 string
sender_city string REQUIRED
sender_zip string REQUIRED
sender_state string

Required for US and Canada (country id 1 or 2)

sender_country_id integer

1 (United States) by default

sender_country string

United States by default

recipient_name string

Alternatively use recipient_first_name and recipient_last_name

recipient_first_name string
recipient_last_name string
recipient_address1 string REQUIRED
recipient_address2 string
recipient_city string REQUIRED
recipient_zip string REQUIRED
recipient_state string

Required for US and Canada (country id 1 or 2)

recipient_country_id integer

1 (United States) by default

recipient_country string

United States by default

client_metadata string

Order metadata



httpCode integer
status string
order_id integer
mail_sent integer

Possible values: [0, 1]



httpCode integer
error string

Possible values: [font label error, card id error, Card not found, You have a message that is too long for the card. Either shorten your message or choose another card, Sender address: {error details}, Error saving sender address., Recipient address: {error details}, Error saving recipient address., no such card, no such gift card, error placing order, no such insert, Coupon already used, Coupon already expired, addresses count error, card is not available for free, no free cards, cannot buy, no return info, no such address, no such country, no credit cards, credit_card id error, no such credit card, [response from Authorize.Net], error processing payment, Oops! Please check sender name, Oops! Please check sender address, Oops! Please check sender city, Oops! Please check sender ZIP code, Oops! Please check sender country, Oops! Please check recipient name, Oops! Please check recipient address, Oops! Please check recipient city, Oops! Please check recipient ZIP code, Oops! Please check recipient country]

error description



httpCode integer
error string

Possible values: [no uid]

error description


no uid

success boolean
code integer
message string

Possible values: [error placing main order, error placing child orders, error placing order, error placing order (saving from address), error placing order (saving to address)]

error description