HubSpot Integration

Send Handwritten Notes to Your Contacts from Within HubSpot

Key benefits

Stand apart from the pack

In the age of emails, tweets, texts and other electronic communication, handwritten notes really stand out. They show you took the time to make a connection.

Automatically import contact data from Handwrytten

Simply select a contact within HubSpot, click “Send Handwrytten Note” and we’ll pull the contact’s address data over to eliminate duplicate entry and errors.

Save time with templates

No need to re-type your note over and over. Handwrytten can save your message as a template to speed up the note-sending process.

Record activity back to HubSpot

Every time you send a note through the Handwrytten HubSpot integration, a record is added back to the HubSpot timeline. This makes keeping track of your handwritten correspondence a breeze!

Choose from hundreds of cards or create your own

Handwrytten has a growing collection of beautiful and professional cards, starting at $3.25. If you need a customized card, just choose the “Customizable Cards” category. You can start with a fully blank card or choose one with a pre-designed front. Need something special? Contact us to ship us stationery or work on a more bespoke design.

Insert gift cards or business cards

Handwrytten has a huge selection of gift cards, ranging from $5 Starbucks cards to $100 Visa cards. Each one can be added at checkout. If you’d like to include your business card or another custom insert with your orders, please contact us to learn about pricing.

Handwrytten Hubspot Setup Guide

Navigate to HubSpot Marketplace

Integration starts with searching for Handwrytten in the HubSpot App Marketplace.  Need some help getting there? Click below.

Connect the Handwrytten App

Click the “Connect App” button in the upper right to open a new Handwrytten Login Window

Login to Handwrytten

Next, sign-in to complete the integration.  You can sign in directly, or use your Facebook or Google account.

That's It!

You will next be redirected back to Hubspot. 

You can confirm the integration is complete by looking for the “Send Handwrytten Note” button on a contact’s page.


Choose a Card and Checkout!

Choose from our selection of over 100 designs or design your own.  Choose a handwriting style and send your note.


Upon completing your order, your note activity will be recorded in the Hubspot timeline.


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