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Handwrytten was founded to fill an unmet need: making handwritten notes as easy to send as an email. To solve this problem, the team would need to invest heavily in robotics to build a machine unmatched in handwriting quality and scalability.

The patented Handwrytten robot (US Patent 11,052,693 and 11,260,686 )  is capable of autonomously writing nearly 750 notes a day. To scale, the company continues to build more and more machines to meet demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about adding a business card?

Custom inserts such as business cards, stickers, magnets, or anything flat and non-sharp can be included as long as they’re lightweight and fit into a standard 5×7 or A2 envelope. Inserts are charged upfront prior to them being added to your account for use, at a cost of $0.25/per insert. For items such as custom-provided gift cards, scratcher lotto tickets, coupons, and other small flat pieces; simply reach out to your Sales Representative, Account Manager, or a member of our Client Success team.

Inserts can be included any way you use our services, such as web site, API,, and more.  Please contact us to arrange for your insert to be added.

How quickly do you write and mail orders?

We aim to complete all orders within one business day.  On rare occasions, it might take two days.  We send all notes via First Class postage.  Typically, the US Postal Service delivers all mail to the continental US in 2-5 days. A map of delivery times can be found here:

How do you write the notes?

Great question!  Handwrytten uses custom-designed handwriting robots that hold real pens to write out the notes in the handwriting style of your choice.

Do you write the envelope too?

Of course! The entire product looks authentic.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the card, but pricing starts at $3.25. Postage is billed through at cost.  Due to new tax rules, sales tax may apply. Bulk discounts are available. Just click “Bulk Send” under any card on our web site to see how low we can go.

We also offer subscriptions if you are looking to send more notes each month.

Pricing on all options is available on our pricing page.

Subscription vs. Prepaid Credits

Both Subscriptions and Prepaid Credits are excellent choices for saving with Handwrytten.

If you are looking to make a single purchase and lock in sizable discounts on all orders, then prepaid credits might be right for you. They allow you to save substantial amounts over Handwrytten’s base rates, and credits are good for a full three years before expiring.

Subscriptions, on the other hand, offer the best savings overall. Each month, you are charged for credits at the largest possible discount for the volume purchased.  If you use up your credits, you still get the discount on all future purchases for the month.  If you do not use up your credits, they continue to roll over for as long as you’re a subscriber.  If you plan on sending cards on a continual basis, this is the best option for most users.

Do your notes have any Handwrytten branding?

Most do not.  Cards priced at $3.25 are value-priced and do include the Handwrytten logo on the back.  Any card priced above $3.25 features a “Red Wagon” branding and makes no mention of Handwrytten. We do not put “Handwrytten” anywhere on the envelopes.  The only hint the cards are not sent directly from you is the postmark is from Phoenix, Arizona.

Do you have business pricing?

Yes, we do!  We love working with businesses. In fact, over 80% of our orders are for businesses. Please visit our new pricing page for more information or order a sample kit today.

Do you integrate with other systems?

We are proud to say we integrate! We have direct integrations for Salesforce, HubSpot, CDK Global, and Dealervault. We also integrate with over 1,000 apps via Zapier and Integromat.  If you’re interested in integrating with something else, we also offer a full API. Need help integrating?  Contact us and we’ll lend a hand!

How long will the note take to get delivered?

We send all notes via First Class postage.  Typically, the US Postal Service delivers all mail to the continental US in 2-5 business days. A map of delivery times can be found here:

Can you use my stationery?

Sorry, but we no longer allow clients to send in their own stationery.  Instead, you can send us your design files and we will get your stationery printed on our #120 vellum cardstock at a comparable price.  This way we can guarantee that your notes will be written on quality paper and that the ink will not get smeared during the writing process. Contact us if you would like to get started!

Will people know the card wasn’t sent by me?

Our handwriting is virtually indistinguishable from human writing.  Typically, unless you ask the recipient if the note was written by a robot, they’ll never even think twice about it. Furthermore, the card has your return address and a real stamp.  The only “giveaway” is that the postmark will be from Phoenix, AZ (we can’t do anything about this, but most people won’t notice anyway).

Can I send notes internationally?

Yes!  We are now proud to offer international shipments to Canada and over 180 countries for just the price of an international stamp – currently $1.55.

Can I include a gift card with the note or card?

Absolutely!  We offer gift cards to major brands (see full list below).  From $5 Starbucks cards to $100 Amazon cards, we’d be happy to include one in your order.  Just choose it when you check out.
All gift card sales are final.

Most Popular: Other Options:
Starbucks Home Depot
Amazon Three Restaurants (Chili’s, On the Border, Maggiano’s)
GrubHub Cheesecake Factory

Why do gift cards have an additional fee?

Gift cards carry a convenience fee, which covers the costs to activate and ship the gift card.  Gift cards are sold as a convenience to you, and we hope you find one you like.

How do I format my data for bulk uploads?

We use Microsoft Excel (not CSV) for the bulk uploads.  You can download the template when you click “Bulk Send” or you can just download it here. Check out “Sending Handwritten Cards in Bulk” for specific instructions!

Can I use my own handwriting?

Yes!  We now offer custom handwriting.  Due to the time involved in creating a realistic look, there is a 1-time $1,000 setup fee for block and ALL CAPS font, or $1,500 for cursive. If you would like us to add only your signature, we can do that for $250.  Ask about multiple signatures and we can give you a custom quote.

How do I unsubscribe from my subscription?

You can automatically unsubscribe under the Subscription section in your account settingsAny unused credits and discounts will expire at the next renewal date. 

Do unsent cards in my subscription roll-over to the next month?

Yes! Unused credits roll-over as long as you are a subscriber. If you cancel your subscription, all credits accrued will expire at the end of the final billing month.

Does my subscription discount apply to bulk discounts as well?

Yes! The base discount in your plan is applied to both single and bulk orders.

Are gift cards included in the subscription?

Gift cards are not included with the subscription credits. These are charged separately to the payment card on file. 

Will you hire me to write cards?

We get this a lot.  We’re sorry, but we save that job for robots.  They seem to like doing it!

Why am I receiving a "Detected Using Spaces" error when uploading a bulk order?

The “Detected Using Spaces” error indicates that our system has identified extra spacing after punctuation or the use of spaces for line breaks. To resolve this issue and avoid formatting errors during upload, we recommend eliminating any additional spaces between line breaks or after sentences.

To add a line break, simply use the keyboard shortcut “ALT + Enter” for Windows or “Option + Enter” on Mac.

Why am I receiving a "Wishes is longer than 50 characters" error?

The “Wishes is longer than 50 characters” error pertains specifically to the sign-off in your message. In order to improve the appearance of written notes and achieve maximum authenticity, we have established a standardized character limit of 50 (including spaces and punctuation) for all card sign-offs.

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