Top 9 Things to Know About Business Thank-You Cards

Never underestimate the importance of two little words: thank you. For your business, these two words can boost the mood of your employees, encourage brand loyalty among customers, and nurture relationships with suppliers and professional partners. When two words can...

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The Benefits of a Handwritten Card Service

Any business that wants to stand out will need to perform tasks that their competitors don't. In our internet-focused setting, the personal, handwritten card from a business to the customer is surprising, refreshing, and noteworthy. This type of physical, delivered...

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How to Use Personalized Direct Mail for Your Business

Personalization has been around for some time, and for years, businesses have been adding a personal touch to their direct mail to strengthen customer relationships, improve the customer experience, and make customers feel valued. Today, it's a common practice to...

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How to Integrate Handwritten Cards in Your Sales Automation

No matter how long you've been in business, taking the time to forge personal connections with clients still goes a long way toward building key relationships. Sending handwritten thank-you notes is a smart way to add a personal touch to your corporate communications....

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How to Connect Through Personalized Cards

When you send a customized greeting card you create strong connections while building a relationship that benefits your business and your client. Find out how to connect through personalized cards and learn how to automate custom touches that go the extra mile.

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Why Your Business Should be Sending Out Handwritten Notes

In this digital age, when we are all about technology and continuously looking for ways to automate our processes, a plain old greeting card might seem strange and outdated. However, greeting cards are a powerful marketing tool. If you spend some time and effort...

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When Should You Send Out Cards?

For both small and large businesses, creating real connections with clients can drive new sales, retain loyal customers, and move your company forward. However, when you're short on time, staff, or resources, building a personal relationship with every customer might...

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The Power of Handwritten Notes

  The Power of Handwritten Notes In the age of electronic communication, handwritten notes are an effective tool for businesses that want to stand out and get noticed. These pieces offer a personal touch that's been proven to connect with consumers on a deeper...

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