15 Ways Brands can Show Customer Appreciation This Fall

What are some good ways a brand can show customer appreciation this fall?

To help you show appreciation to your customers this fall, we asked customer service managers, marketing professionals and business leaders this question for their best insights. From launching a website refresh and discount sales to promoting community interests and businesses, there are several creative ways brands could express appreciation to their customers this fall.

Here are 15 ways these leaders plan to show customer appreciation this fall:

  • Launch a Website Refresh and Discount Sales
  • Offer Back-to-School Vouchers
  • Send Unexpected Gifts
  • Offer Free Test Samples of Any New Products
  • Launch a Referral Program to Reward Customers
  • Hand Out Gift Cards
  • Hold a Discount Sales of Favorite Items
  • Schedule Face-to-Face Conversations With Your Customers
  • Launch Highly-Requested Products
  • Show Public Recognition for Your Brand Champions
  • Give Loyal Customers Discount Bestsellers Bundles
  • Surprise Customers With a Gift and a Thank You
  • Consider a Seasonal Follow-up With the Clients
  • Give Out Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  • Promote Community Interests and Businesses


Launch a Website Refresh and Discount Sales

Though not everyone is heading back to school this fall, you can help your customers start the season fresh by refreshing your website branding and UX. If you don’t already have it, collect feedback data from your loyal customers on their overall site experience. Take their suggestions and constructive criticism to heart and overhaul your site design, improving what doesn’t work and highlighting their most-loved features. When you’re ready to relaunch, build a marketing campaign around a “You asked, we listened” message. Thank your customers for their helpful feedback with a discount code to use on your new-and-improved site or in-person shopping experience!

Marina Vaamonde, HouseCashin


Offer Back-to-School Vouchers

Since fall typically begins soon after the school year starts, brands can provide particularly loyal customers with vouchers for anything school-related. These vouchers can help parents purchase the tools their children need for school or help adults continue their education by assisting them in affording school supplies. Furthermore, anything seasonal, such as back-to-school or holiday themes, is typically appealing from a marketing perspective.

Drew Sherman, RPM


Send Unexpected Gifts

Thoughtful, unexpected recognition shows customer appreciation and builds brand loyalty. Send an unexpected gift, whether for one like Valentine’s Day or associated with your product, such as a new release or company anniversary. Sending a branded item is strategic, but so is sending flowers or even gift cards to unrelated sites where the most loyal customers can pick out something for themselves. Customer appreciation is critical to building brand loyalty.

Raina Kumra, Spicewell


Offer Free Test Samples of Any New Products

For brands that are planning to introduce new products/services this fall, one of the best ways to show customer appreciation is to offer free test samples for your new products to the most loyal customers. Customers love to be ahead of the curve, and if you can give them access to something no one else has, it will only help to show how much you appreciate their business and company.

Ian Kelly, NuLeaf Naturals


Launch a Referral Program to Reward Customers 

Show appreciation by developing referral programs that reward customers for promoting businesses. Referral programs award customers and leads with discounts or prizes for bringing in new business and making purchases. If a brand wants to show customers appreciation, give them $20 off for each new customer they bring in. If the referring customer and their referee both receive $20 credits for a brand’s products, chances are high that they will eventually make another purchase. Ultimately, customers are looking for shopping experiences that stand out. Businesses can drive brand loyalty by delivering an experience that rewards customers for referring to their friends and family.

Kevin Miller, kevinmiller.com


Hand Out Gift Cards

Gift cards offer a fun way to appreciate your customers. What’s more tempting is that they are simple to get and distribute.  You can send gift cards by email to your clients or hand them gift cards at your stores. A variety of gift cards are available from brands like Netflix, Starbucks, and PlayStation. You can choose to offer these gift cards from many amazing brands. Your customers will feel appreciated and will be able to use the cards for discounts at these stores. They are an excellent way to keep your loyal customers happy.

Mark Blakey, Autism Parenting Magazine


Hold a Discount Sales of Favorite Items

A great way to say “thank you” to your customers this fall is by holding a site-wide sale on all of your customer favorites. Promote it on social media. This sale could be for a day or a whole weekend. Either way, the point is to show you know what your fan favorites are and you want to show your appreciation by giving your customers a discount on the items they love the most.

Christian Kjaer, ElleVet


Schedule Face-to-Face Conversations With Your Customers

By scheduling face-to-face conversations this fall, a brand may demonstrate its appreciation for its customers. This is one of the most crucial ways to express your gratitude to customers while also getting their feedback. People ultimately want to be heard and seen. The best method to express your gratitude to them for supporting your business every day is to engage in conversation with them over video chat or, even better, in person. Instead of entering the meeting with a predetermined purpose, enquire about their experiences both within and outside of your company. Building a relationship with them by getting to know the bigger picture of their lives will enable you to provide them with clearer guidance in the future. Make use of business travel if your company isn’t based in a specific area. Check to see if any customers are nearby while you’re attending a conference or holding a meeting in a new location and try to meet them in person.

Raviraj Hegde, Donorbox


Launch Highly-Requested Products

If you’re a well-established brand with a set of regular customers, it’s likely that you’ve received regular requests from them. To make their fall extra special, launch a few products that they’ve been craving from your brand. This thoughtful gesture can be a wonderful way to let your customers know that their requests are heard and their opinion is valued.

Marc Roca, 4WD Life


Show Public Recognition for Your Brand Champions

An effective recognition strategy is to publicize your appreciation to your customers. You can do this by evaluating those loyal customers and hailing them as “brand champions.” You can also arrange several benefits befitting for them. It is best to tailor one’s rewards to their interests, considering that you already know their buying pattern. You should not limit your appreciation to loyal customers. You can create a raffle among all those you had a precious transaction with, and they will be also entitled to win prizes and free services.

Max Hauer, Goflow


Give Loyal Customers Discount Bestsellers Bundles 

Bundle your bestsellers at a discount to show your loyal following that you care. They can stock up for themselves, try out other products in your line, and gift a bundle of their favorites to their family or friends. Give your email subscribers list first access to the bundles, especially if they’re limited in quantity and likely to sell out quickly. Your customers want to see that you value your relationship, and one great way to show them that is with exclusive savings and perks!

Fernando Lopez, Circuit


Surprise Customers With a Gift and a Thank You

Surprise them with a gift and a thank you. Words of appreciation are always great, but who doesn’t love a surprise gift along with those words? A great way a brand can go above and beyond this fall to show customer appreciation is to pick customers at random and send them fall-themed gifts with a thank you note. For example, select a handful of loyal customers and send them fall-scented candles with a thank you note, or one of your favorite fall products for free, along with a personalized note. This kind of customer appreciation leads to incredible word-of-mouth marketing – because who isn’t going to tell their loved ones about getting a surprise gift and a thank you for spending money?!

Susan Shaffer, Pneuma Nitric Oxide


Consider a Seasonal Follow-up With the Clients

Checking up with your customers demonstrates your concern for them and your belief that they are more than just commission-generating machines. Words are effective and powerful in marketing. If your customers believe you don’t want to satisfy their wants, they will search elsewhere. Friendly customer service is frequently talked about. After all, whenever it comes to recommendations, you’d probably put more faith in a friend than a website. Brands should ask their customers if they are satisfied with the service they received in their follow-up conversations, and take their comments into account. The customers feel appreciated and valued with such phone calls or emails.

Alexander Reid, TriviaWhizz


Give Out Pumpkin Spice Lattes

A really good way to show customer appreciation this fall is to give out pumpkin spice lattes. This is the perfect fall drink to raise the spirits. If giving out a physical drink is too demanding, then consider giving gift certificates to places serving pumpkin spice lattes. Your customers will appreciate it, and this will most definitely be a memorable experience for the brand image!

Jordan Woolf, We Buy Houses in Bama


Promote Community Interests and Businesses

One way to thank your customers for their business is to promote their businesses or interests. For instance, as a local firm, you certainly have a few clients who own shares in, manage, or run a business. You can promote their business on your social media accounts, in emails, and, if your business has one, on an internal local news board. Assuming some of your clients are active in associations or community interest groups, you could assist them in promoting their events by allowing them to post flyers, sharing their posts on social media, or including them in a blog post-round-up on local happenings.

Steve Sacona, Top10lawyers

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