20 Ways to Say “I Appreciate You”

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Last updated March 24, 2023

Writing appreciation notes are to a lovely way to encourage nice people to keep doing what they’re doing, and thank you notes do not have to be over the top to deliver the kind words you are intending.

Have you been shown kindness by a friend and want to write them a note to tell show your sincere appreciation? Take the average note a step up and make it really special with 20 ways to say “I appreciate you”. But first, let’s talk about some core life principles to keep in mind when writing an appreciation note since there are a ton of ways to show appreciation.

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Be Straightforward With Your Note

You do not need to dress up this note to be effective. You can be straightforward and just say what needs to be said.

The words “I appreciate you” are lovely and can carry so much weight. Put a little something after it that applies to the situation and you have yourself a thank you note without the extras; expressing your feelings is what counts.

A Thousand Thank You‘s

Expressing appreciation happens by layering on the thanks. Repetition can affirm the intention without going over the top.

Mix it up by writing the thanks in fun and funky writing. Maybe some calligraphy or bubble letters for each phrase.

Try something like “thanks a bunch”,  “thanks a ton”, and “thank you a million times over”. A thank you card can literally be spelled out by saying “thank you“ in slightly different ways. This goes for life in general – if you are you trying to thank a person or friend for something, a simple message can communicate what you want most effectively (something most people know as Occam’s razor).

Tell Them How Their Kindness Made You Feel

Express how this person‘s actions have made you feel to show your appreciation for them. Saying that you appreciate them and that you have gratitude for what they did for you is great, but putting into words how it made you feel can bring the note to the next level.

We do not always know how to express gratitude for one another. Feelings can do that for us.

Did they make you feel surprised, excited, thankful, appreciated, loved, or another feeling? Let your friend know what they sparked within you. Communication, after all, is part of being a great friend, so letting that special person know how you feel can really spark up life in both you and them.

Speak About How They Enrich Your Life

Enriching other’s lives is a basic part of life. We are on earth to bring joy and enrichment to each other, which in turn gives us a fuller life.

How does this person enrich your life? Creative ways to say thank you can mean telling this person that they bring more love or more kindness into your days. And for good friends who have been around for so many different occasions, writing a thank you note can be a great way to remind them why they are a friend.

Let Them Know How Much You Value Them

To hear how much we are valued makes us feel good. People do not always say how much they value others even though they feel it.

Hearing that someone acknowledges the way we act positively can touch our hearts and give us affirmation that we do not go unnoticed in the world. A potential way to do this is ending a letter “with love” for those who you are very close with.

Make It a Long Letter Instead of a Short Note

Sending a short online note is fine, but writing a long thank you letter takes more time and effort and gives you room to express your gratitude even more. Normally an “I appreciate you” card is basic and is only 2-3 sentences long.

Get creative with it and let your own words just flow onto the paper. Add in some facts about how long it has been since you received kindness such as this and how the world needs more people like them to add length to your letter. Sincerity and expressing your feeling of being thankful is most important here.

Put Into Words How Words Cannot Express Your Appreciation

When someone takes you by surprise through their actions or kindness, it can leave you at a loss for words. How to express your appreciation is a personal thing and if they have left you speechless, it basically speaks for itself – you are literally having feelings so strong you don’t know what to say.

Just say something from the heart about how you are thankful for being on the receiving end of their kindness – this says “I appreciate you” better than any words can.

One Day I Will Repay the Favor

We should give from the kindness of our heart, and not in hopes to get something in return. Yet, with that said, to receive a favor in return is always nice.

Letting a special person in your life know that they have a favor coming back to them will let instill security in them that they can reach out to you if they ever need something in the future, and it’ll let them know how much you do genuinely appreciate them.

You do not have to tell them that you will repay their kindness. You can also say that you will pay their kindness forward to someone else in need. The point is, there doesn’t necessarily need to be any strings attached in the way you thank them; whatever is a meaningful and honest way of expressing gratitude is best.

Tell Them How Their Kindness Restored Your Faith in Humanity

In this day and age coming across someone kind can feel like a rare occurrence. When we meet a kind soul who gives us feelings of happiness, they can help to restore our faith in humanity.

Hearing that their actions have had this effect on you can encourage the giver in them to keep on giving, because who doesn’t love to feel gratitude every once in a while?

20 Different Ways to Say “I Appreciate You”

Now that we’ve gone over some important things to keep in mind when writing an “I appreciate you” note, let’s go over some specific appreciation quotes to give you a good example of how to express gratitude.

1. “I’m extremely grateful for your help.”

This may seem basic, but thanking somebody for their help doesn’t need to be something extremely complex. Sure, you could technically get them appreciation gifts to really show your gratitude, but not everyone needs a physical gift to feel appreciated – sometimes, simple words and small gestures are best.

2. “Your support means so much to me.”

When someone has been there for you and provided unwavering support, it’s important to let them know that you have a huge amount of gratitude for them being there. This phrase conveys appreciation while also evoking the idea of having a strong foundation to rely on. For us, this message is great to send to family members when they’re supporting you during a tough time. Because, of course, a family member is a person you expect to be a friend for life.

3. “Your hard work is admired.”

Sometimes, words of heartfelt appreciation are in order when a friend or person has put in a lot of hard work and effort. Let them know that they will be appreciated and valued for their hard work.

4. “I couldn’t have done it without you. You are such a great friend.”

This one is simple, yet impactful. Acknowledging that somebody’s help was invaluable and integral to the success of a project or task can really show how much you appreciate them. These are utter words that need nothing other than themselves to send the message – you have the highest appreciation for what they have done for you, and you won’t forget it.

5. “You’re an asset to the team.”

Whether it’s a project or a job, it’s important to recognize when someone is truly a beneficial addition. Letting a person know that they are an asset conveys just how much you value their contributions. Genuine recognition for what they add to your team can only make them want to work harder and will ultimately help you a tighter knit group.

6. “You’re an inspiration.”

This phrase can work in a few different ways, depending on what somebody has done to inspire you. Maybe they have pushed themselves and achieved something amazing, or given up some of their own free time just to help others. Either way, expressing your admiration will likely mean a lot!

7. “Your kindness is appreciated.”

Being kind isn’t always easy, and showing kindness toward others often comes at a cost in one way or another. Whether it’s providing emotional support or donating goods to those less fortunate – letting them know that their efforts are being recognized is an important part of appreciating them.

8. “I’m in awe of your accomplishments.”

For those who have achieved something incredible, it’s important to let them know that you are in awe of their success. Appreciating people doesn’t always need to be about something tangible – words alone can go a long way towards expressing gratitude and conveying appreciation and admiration.

9. “Your effort has not gone unnoticed.”

Sometimes, people put in a lot of work and effort without expecting anything in return. Acknowledging that their contributions aren’t going unrecognized can make all the difference for somebody who has truly been dedicated to a cause or task. Saying this to your partner on a regular basis can even be a great way to let them know that you truly do appreciate their sacrifices.

10. “You deserve recognition for your hard work.”

Providing recognition for somebody’s hard work is not only a great way to show appreciation but also an important part of keeping morale high. Letting them know that their dedication will be rewarded shows that you are aware of and grateful for all the work and effort they put in.

11. “Your contribution matters.”

It can be easy to forget to thank a person for their contributions in the midst of everything else going on. But it’s important to remind them that what they do – big or small – is valued and appreciated by you. That’s something that they will remember for their rest of their life.

12. “You’re a valued teammate.”

Having teammates who understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses can make a huge difference when it comes to completing tasks efficiently and effectively. Remind your team members just how valuable they are.

13. “Your support means the world to me.”

A simple yet powerful phrase, this one conveys sentimental appreciation while also acknowledging the power of kindness. It’s a simple phrase but a great way to make someone feel appreciated and show that their kindness is truly valued.

14. “Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated.”

Showing thoughtfulness is a great way to make someone feel noticed and appreciated. Let them know that their kind gestures and thoughtful words have not gone unnoticed and that your gratitude for them is there.

15. “You have made a real difference.”

Whether it’s by teaching someone something new, providing emotional support, or helping out with a project – letting someone know that their efforts have had a real impact is one of the most meaningful ways to say “I appreciate you”.

16. “Thank you for being so understanding.”

When somebody takes the time to really listen and understand what you are saying, it is a truly special and wonderful thing. Letting them know that their understanding is appreciated helps to show that you value their input and the time they have taken to really listen.

17. “You always go above and beyond.”

For those who are a great friend, those who always go the extra mile, it’s important to let them know that their hard work and dedication is noticed. A simple statement like this can make a world of difference for somebody who puts in the extra effort.

18. “You are a true blessing in my life.”

Sometimes, the people in your life can have a powerful impact without even realizing it. Letting them know that you feel blessed to have them around is a great way to show your appreciation for the role they have played in your life. This example can be applied to a ton of different situations – you can send it to a company who helps you, teachers, customers, or even just partners in different avenues of your life.

19. “I’m so proud of you.”

Showing pride in somebody’s accomplishments is a great way to express appreciation and admiration. Letting them know that you are proud of them conveys a strong message of support and admiration.

20. “I am forever grateful for your friendship.”

Showing gratitude for somebody’s friendship is a great way to let them know that you have unwavering gratitude for the person they are. Letting them know that you are grateful for their friendship can be the perfect way to express appreciation. But, you can take it a step further by emphasizing that this person will be your friend for life – that is a sentiment that only a few words can express.

Additional Ways to Say “I Appreciate You”

In addition to a heartfelt message, consider expressing your gratitude with a small, unexpected gift.

Send Flowers or Fruit With Your Note

There is just something about receiving a bouquet or an edible bouquet that makes our day even brighter. When there is a special note of appreciation attached, the kind gesture is amplified.

If you are within close proximity to the recipient, you can handpick a bouquet of flowers placed in a vase from your garden, or pick some wildflowers tied with a nice ribbon to give to them. If you do not have the time or live a far distance from them, there are plenty of online floral services that you can order from or call a local florist near them and shop small.

Fresh fruit baskets are lovely, but have you ever seen a bouquet made from fruits? Whether they are dipped in chocolate and embellished with sprinkles and nuts, or just radiating their own natural vibrant colors, edible bouquets are such beautiful appreciation gifts.

Include a Small Gift as a Token of Gratitude

Returning a favor right away is not required, nor is it expected by the person who showed you kindness. Yet, it is a great idea to show them how much you appreciate them.

What type of small gift would be appropriate? Well friends, that is up to you to decide, but it should be modest as it is more a matter of the thought that counts rather than the price tag. A nice idea would be to include a gift card for their favorite coffee shop so that they can stay energized up to keep on being the amazing human that they are.

Another idea would be to use a website that allows you to name a star after someone and gives you the exact coordinates so that they can locate their star with a telescope. Some websites offer this service for free and afterward, you can print out a certificate with the coordinates and name of the star to include in your I appreciate you note.

One more idea is to pop a few nice stickers into the envelope for them to use however they see fit. They might put it on their travel mug or keep them in a collection.

For family members, think of something that has historically been important to them – maybe they love to collect action figures or quarters. Even a simple gift like that would warm their heart.

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Make It a Handwritten Note, Not an E-Mail

Though an e-mail from your phone is the quickest way to send a thank you note, and it is certainly a kind act, but it is not always the most personal. It will be received with all of the best wishes that you put into it, but putting a pen to paper brings a feeling of nostalgia to the note – the feeling of gratitude you can express is indescribable.

What’s more is that sending a tangible note is more fun than pressing send on your keyboard, and receiving mail that is not bills or junk mail is extra special.

Purchase a stamp that reflects your intentions such as a stamp that says “thank you“, or one that has flowers on it. These stamps are forever stamps which means that you can purchase an entire book of them and they can be used even if the price of postage goes up, which it inevitably will.

Dress It Up!

A  plain note written on a plain white piece of paper inside of a plain white envelope is fine, there is nothing wrong with that. However when you dress up a letter a bit, it makes it that much more heartfelt, custom, appreciate, and special.

Make the recipient of your thank you note feel special by picking out a personalized greeting card that relates to them or the theme of the note. An “I appreciate you” card is much more special than a plain white piece of paper from your printer or line paper from a notepad. Greeting cards are designed for jazzing up greetings and special occasions such as this.

Make the recipient of your thank you note feel special by picking out a personalized greeting card that relates to them or the theme of the note.

Are you artistic? Add in a little drawing on the inside of your card, or to the outside of the envelope for an extra touch.

Seal the deal with a cute or elegant sticker for an embellished look. Stickers are all the rage nowadays and can be found in just about any print, shape, size, or design that you can imagine.

Counting the Many Ways How to Say I Appreciate You

There should be no excuse for not writing a thank you note. We’ve learned how to say I appreciate you in so many ways, it’s just choosing your favorite and making it personalized. But, at the core, we want to emphasize – thanking your friend consistently will make them into a friend for life.

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