10 Ways to Say “I Appreciate You”

Writing appreciation notes is an act of sophistication and encourages nice people to keep doing what they’re doing. Thank you notes do not have to be over the top to deliver the kind words you are intending. Have you been shown kindness by someone and want to write them a note to tell show your sincere appreciation? Take the average note a step up and make it really special with 10 ways to say “I appreciate you”.

1. Be Straightforward With Your Note

You do not need to dress up this note to be effective. You can be straightforward and just say what needs to be said.

The words “I appreciate you” are lovely and can carry so much weight. Put a little something after it that applies to the situation and you have yourself a thank you note without the extras.

2. A Thousand Thank You‘s

Get your appreciation across by layering on the thanks. Repetition can affirm the intention without going over the top.  

Mix it up by writing the thanks in fun and funky writing. Maybe some calligraphy or bubble letters for each phrase.

Try something like “thanks a bunch”,  “thanks a ton”, and “thank you a million times over”. Thank you note example can literally be spelled out using the two little words “thank you“.

3. Tell Them How Their Kindness Made You Feel

Express how this person‘s actions have made you feel to show your appreciation for them. Saying that you appreciate them and appreciated what they did for you is great, but putting into words how it made you feel can bring the note to the next level.

We do not always know how to express gratitude for one another. Feelings can do that for us. 

Did they make you feel surprised, excited, noticed, appreciated, loved, or another feeling? Let them know what they sparked within you.

4. Speak About How They Enrich Your Life

Enriching other’s lives is a basic part of life. We are on earth to bring enrichment to each other, which in turn gives us a fuller life.

How does this person enrich your life? Creative ways to say thank you can mean telling this person that they bring more love or more kindness into your days.

5. Say It in Another Language

Add fun, depth, and culture to your note of appreciation by saying thank you in another language. Whether this person speaks the specific language or not it is a fancy way of taking an average note to above average.

Google Translate is a free service that is easy to use and can translate your words into more than 100 languages. Once you have written your translated words in the note include the words in English so that the person knows what you are saying and tell them what language you are speaking. 

thank you in multiple languages by typewriter

6. Let Them Know How Much You Value Them

To hear how much we are valued makes us feel good. People do not always say how much they value others even though they feel it.

Hearing that someone acknowledges the way we act positively can touch our hearts and give us affirmation that we do not go unnoticed in the world. A potential way to do this is ending a letter “with love” for those who you are very close with.

7. Make It a Long Letter Instead of a Short Note

Sending a short online note is fine, but writing a long thank you letter takes more time and effort and gives you room to express your gratitude even more. Normally a thank you card is basic and is only 2-3 sentences long.

Get creative with it and let your words flow onto the paper. Add in some facts about how long it has been since you received kindness such as this and how the world needs more people like them to add length to your letter.

8. Put Into Words How Words Can Not Express Your Appreciation

When someone takes you by surprise by their actions or kindness, it can leave you at a loss for words. How to express gratitude is a personal thing and if they have left you speechless, it basically speaks for itself. 

Just say something from the heart about how you are thankful for being on the receiving end of their kindness.

9. One Day I Will Repay the Favor

We should give from the kindness of our heart, and not in hopes to get something in return. Yet, with that said, to receive a favor in return is always nice. 

Letting your friend know that they have a favor coming back to them will let instill security in them that they can reach out to you if they ever need something in the future.

You do not have to tell them that you will repay their kindness. You can also say that you will pay their kindness forward to someone else in need.

10. Tell Them How Their Kindness Restored Your Faith in Humanity

In this day and age coming across someone kind can feel like a rare occurrence. When we meet a kind soul they can help to restore our faith in humanity. 

Hearing that their actions have had this effect on you can encourage the giver in them to keep on giving, and for their actions to be recognized and appreciated. 

Additional Ways to Show Your Appreciation

In addition to a heartfelt message, consider expressing your gratitude with a small, unexpected gift.

Send Flowers or Fruit With Your Note

There is just something about receiving a bouquet or an edible bouquet that makes our day even brighter. When there is a special note of appreciation attached, the gesture is amplified.

If you are within close proximity to the recipient, you can handpick a bouquet of flowers placed in a vase from your garden, or pick some wildflowers tied with a nice ribbon to give to them. If you do not have the time or live a far distance from them, there are plenty of online floral services that you can order from or call a local florist near them and shop small. 

Fresh fruit baskets are lovely, but have you ever seen a bouquet made from fruits? Whether they are dipped in chocolate and embellished with sprinkles and nuts, or just radiating their own natural vibrant colors, edible bouquets are such a genius idea and healthy gift

Include a Small Gift as a Token of Gratitude

Returning a favor right away is not required, nor is it expected by the person who showed you kindness. Yet, it is a lovely way to show them how much you appreciate them. 

What type of small gift would be appropriate? Well, that is up to you to decide but it should be modest as it is more the thought that counts rather than the price tag. A nice idea would be to include a gift card for their favorite coffee shop so that they can stay energized up to keep on being the amazing human that they are.

Another idea would be to use a website that allows you to name a star after someone and gives you the exact coordinates so that they can locate their star with a telescope. Some websites offer this service for free and afterward, you can print out a certificate with the coordinates and name of the star to include in your thank-you note. 

One more idea is to pop a few nice stickers into the envelope for them to use however they see fit. They might put it on their travel mug or keep them in a collection.

thank you stationary for clients

Make It a Handwritten Note, Not an E-Mail

Though an e-mail from your phone is the quickest way to send a thank you note, it is not always the most personal. It will be received with all of the best wishes that you put into it, but putting a pen to paper brings a feeling of nostalgia to the note.

What’s more is that sending a tangible note is more fun than pressing send on your keyboard, and receiving mail that is not bills or junk mail is extra special.

Purchase a stamp that reflects your intentions such as a stamp that says “thank you“, or one that has flowers on it. These stamps are forever stamps which means that you can purchase an entire book of them and they can be used even if the price of postage goes up, which it inevitably will. 

Dress It Up!

A  plain note written on a plain white piece of paper inside of a plain white envelope is fine, there is nothing wrong with that. However when you dress up a letter a bit, it makes it that much more heartfelt, custom, appreciate, and special.

Make the recipient of your thank you note feel special by picking out a personalized greeting card that relates to them or the theme of the note. A greeting card is much more special than a plain white piece of paper from your printer or line paper from a notepad. Greeting cards are designed for jazzing up greetings and special occasions such as this.

Make the recipient of your thank you note feel special by picking out a personalized greeting card that relates to them or the theme of the note.

Are you artistic? Add in a little drawing on the inside of your card, or to the outside of the envelope for an extra touch.

Seal the deal with a cute or elegant sticker for an embellished look. Stickers are all the rage nowadays and can be found in just about any print, shape, size, or design that you can imagine.

Counting the Many Ways How to Say I Appreciate You

There should be no excuse for not writing a thank you note. We’ve learned how to say I appreciate you in so many ways, it’s just choosing your favorite and making it personalized.

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