The Benefits of Utilizing Robots Over Humans for Handwritten Notes

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For a while, it seemed that handwritten notes were becoming a thing of the past. With emails, texts, and phone calls becoming the dominant way we communicate with people who are far away, handwritten notes appeared to fade into obsolescence.

However, it is precisely those innovations that have turned handwritten notes from a necessary communication tool into a valuable and personal way to connect with people. Think about how special it feels to receive a handwritten note from a friend or a company, rather than an impersonal email or text.

The task of handwriting notes, however, can take up valuable time and energy. If you run a business, you know that investing your time and energy smartly is critical for success. That’s why dozens of companies have popped up that will handwrite your notes for you. The most effective ones do it with robots.

At Handwrytten, our handwriting robots use actual pens to copy down handwritten notes and mail them out to your customers. Our robots’ handwriting is virtually indistinguishable from human handwriting. We can even transform your handwriting for a more personal touch.

If you are trying to up your handwritten note game for your business, robots are the answer. We’ll go over the benefits of utilizing robots for handwritten notes and why you should give it a try today.

Why Outsource Handwritten Notes

Many people don’t realize just how much time and effort it takes to write and deliver handwritten notes. In addition to actually writing the note, you have to pack it and mail it out. That means you also have to address each envelope and ensure it’s marked with the proper postage.  What seems like nice personal touch can quickly turn into a massive time waster. That’s time you could use to improve your products or perfect your business model.

Outsourcing your note writing helps you reclaim that time and energy. All you have to do is use our simple, user-friendly portal to write up a note template. Handwrytten will take care of the writing, packing, and mailing for you.

Handwrytten will take care of the writing, packing, and mailing for you.

Companies like us that specialize in handwritten notes also know how to make them look professional. Outsourcing ensures that you’ll be sending out a striking and memorable card.

Many companies also offer business integrations. We have options to automatically mail out notes after customers place their orders. If you want to send out handwritten cards after every order, this is a great option.

If you’re ready to add handwritten cards to your business, trust the professionals to get it done right. You’ll save yourself serious time and energy while ensuring that your cards look clean and personal. When you are looking to hire for handwritten notes, look for companies that use robots to do the writing. There are many reasons to chose robots over human writers.

For one, they are able to eliminate the possibility of human error. Companies that use robotic writers will get your cards done right the first time. You’ll also save money because using robots to write cards is significantly cheaper than hiring human writers. You can also take advantage of these companies’ automation and business integration options.

Eliminating Human Error

The biggest benefit to using robots for your handwritten notes is that it eliminates the possibility of human error.

All humans are fallible, it is simply a facet of who we are. No matter how dedicated and meticulous the person you hire to handwrite your notes is, they are going to make mistakes.

It could be as simple as a spelling error or as devastating as getting your client’s name wrong. These common mistakes give customers the impression that your business is sloppy and doesn’t care about perfecting little things. It could end up being the reason that a customer decides not to use your business in the future.

A handwritten note should be a nice gesture that inspires clients to continue buying your products or using your services. Don’t let it turn into a bad impression because of a simple human mistake.

Using robots for handwritten notes eliminates any potential human error. Our software spell checks your message and copies it exactly onto paper. We double-check every note template to make sure it is exactly what you want.

What’s more, you can select from a wide range of different writing styles to personalize your handwritten notes. We have 25 unique writing styles that are virtually indistinguishable from human writing.

For an even more personal touch, you can actually upload your own handwriting to our portal. Our robots will then write your notes in your exact handwriting. This is an excellent option if you are sending notes to people who recognize your handwriting, or if you just want to add a little personal flair.

The simple truth is that robots are better than humans when it comes to avoiding simple errors. You can send your notes out with the peace of mind that they will be written exactly the way that you want them.

handwrytten robot feeding new thank you card

Done Right the First Time

As we mentioned, if you’re worried about customization and authenticity, we can replicate your own handwriting. After a one-time fee, you’ll be able to send notes in your own handwriting with the ease of sending an email.

This level of customization helps us ensure that your handwritten notes will be done right the first time. We also offer options to add gift cards from Starbucks, Home Depot, Amazon, VISA, and more. This makes your note even more special.

If you’re looking to send hundreds or even thousands of handwritten notes, our robots can make it easy for you. Simply upload your address spreadsheets and we’ll take it from there. We also offer generous bulk discounts so that you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

At Handwrytten, we also offer hundreds of templates. You can type out your message once and then use it again and again.

We also have options to schedule notes for future delivery. This lets you send customers handwritten cards on their birthdays or other special occasions.

You can even design your stationery online. We have options to add logos or other graphics to customize your stationery for your business. All of our cards are printed on the same luxury card stock so it always looks fresh and professional.

Our website is designed to be easy to use. You can send handwritten notes in minutes without any training. We also have a mobile app so you can send perfect handwritten notes on the go.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Robots

Choosing a company that uses robotic writers instead of human ones will also save you some serious money.

Human writers are wonderful, but they have to be paid and can only work certain hours. Robots don’t have those restrictions.

This means that companies that use robotic writers are able to produce handwritten cards much faster and at a much lower cost. They can then offer better rates for their customers.  The cards we offer at Handwrytten are available for about $3.25 per card. Compared to companies that use human writers, that’s a serious deal.

You’ll also get your cards out to your customers significantly faster. It takes human writers anywhere from five to twenty minutes to handwrite a card. Our robots can do it in two.

When searching for custom handwritten notes for hire, choose a company that uses robots. The rates they offer are cost-effective, so you can put your money back into your business.

Business Integrations

You can actually integrate handwritten note automation into your workflow. With our robust APIs, it’s easy to connect Handwrytten to over a thousand business apps.

You can set it up to trigger automated handwritten notes from your favorite e-commerce platform. That way any time a customer purchases one of your products, they’re getting a personalized touch with it. We have handwritten direct mail automation tools to connect to Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, and more. You can customize your integration to send notes exactly when you want them.

With a human writer, you’d have to integrate automated orders for the person to complete whenever someone buys a product. Our robots, on the other hand, begin writing your custom letter as soon as the customer makes that purchase.

Let our automation systems take the burden of sending handwritten notes off your mind. It’s extremely simple to set up our business integration systems and provide customers with a warm, personal experience.

No matter what platform you use to run your business, we have a solution for you. If you’re ready to send out automated handwritten notes, check out our business integration options today.

Robots Are the Future of Handwriting

We live in an age where emails and text messages dominate our communication. These innovations have made handwritten notes all the more special.

Handwritten notes are a powerful business tool that lets customers feel like they’re having a personalized and human experience. But as a businessperson, you know that focusing your time and money on your business is crucial to success.

Don’t waste your time trying to handwrite notes yourself. Hire our robots to do it for you. You’ll be able to send hundreds or even thousands of beautiful, handwritten letters to your loyal customers.

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