Handwritten Direct Mail automation

Connect Handwrytten directly to your marketing processes, via our robust tools for
Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier and more. Custom integration is easy using our APIs.

Send handwritten notes
from within Salesforce.

Sending handwritten notes and gift cards directly within Salesforce. Automate notes with Process Builder and track compliance.

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Send a handwritten note,
directly within HubSpot.

Send notes without ever leaving HubSpot. No need to retype address data. All activity is recorded on the HubSpot timeline.

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Explore our
API docs and see how
easy it is to access our
full range of features.

Integrate handwritten note automation into your workflow
with our fully documented JSON API.

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Create powerful integrations into your favorite systems with just a few clicks.

Zapier makes it easy to connect Handwrytten to over 1000 apps. Trigger automated handwritten notes from your favorite e-commerce platform or CRM.

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Set up scheduled integrations to automate handwritten outreach.

Use Make to automate in ways that aren't otherwise possible. Pull from SFTP on a scheduled basis. Totally automated outreach is possible.

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Send handwrytten
notes on the go.

Handwrytten's iPhone and Android apps make it easy to send penned notes in just a few taps. Packed with Handwrytten's best features, all gift cards, custom stationery and more is available via our streamlined app interface.

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