10 Postable Birthday Gift Ideas

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More than ever, it’s important to put thought into the ways we help people celebrate across long distances. It isn’t always possible to be with the people you care about on special occasions. Not everyone can travel, and it can be difficult to show someone how much you love them when there are miles between you and them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of ten postable birthday gift ideas to show someone you’re thinking of them.

Everybody deserves something nice on their birthday. If you want to find out what postable birthday gift ideas you can send to make a heartfelt gesture, despite how far away you are from your loved one, read on.

1. Letterbox Flowers

Flowers have been proven to make people happy – and that’s exactly what you want to do for your birthday recipient.

If there is someone in your life who loves colorful blooms and fresh scents, what better to send them on their birthday than a beautiful bouquet? There are many companies to choose from if you want to send flowers to someone special. Maybe their local florist can even deliver.

You can choose whether to send a fresh bouquet or a dried bouquet depending upon what you think your recipient will like.

With colors and scents aplenty to choose from, you’ll never be lost for something to send to a far-away flower-loving friend for their special day.

2. Snack Boxes

This might be worth considering for someone you find difficult to buy for. No matter how picky someone is, there’s a good chance that they have a favorite snack.

You could send a selection box for a friend who loves variety. A classics box for your traditionalist loved one. There are snack boxes out there for those who love trying something new, and for those who know what they love and want nothing else.

After all, everyone knows that birthdays are the perfect time for a little treat.

Whoever you’re buying for, there’s something out there for them to nibble on. Take a look at some example snack boxes that you could buy them.

3. Jewelry

I know what you’re thinking. You wouldn’t usually default to sending costly items like jewelry in the mail. Still, with the secure shipping options that are available today, this postable birthday gift is worth considering for the recipient who loves a little bit of sparkle and shine. There’s a good chance they won’t expect such a gift in the post, which could make it all the more special.

Items such as bracelets and necklaces are typically stored in flat boxes that would be simple enough to package securely and would fit through your recipient’s letterbox.

If you’re looking for a gift that has that expensive touch, send your loved one a nice accessory.

Remember: even some wristwatches are packaged in letterbox-friendly boxes. For those who won’t like more typical jewelry, this might be a better fit!

4. Tea or Coffee Subscription

Everybody knows a hot drinks enthusiast. Whether it’s your Aunt’s interest in obscure tea or your childhood friend’s reliance on a strong cup of coffee in the morning, there’s someone in your life who’d love to find some high-quality drinks sachets on their doormat come their special day.

There are plenty of hot drinks boxes to choose from. You can find options that offer everything from herbal blends to pure espresso. If you know your loved one will enjoy making use of some tasty tea or coffee, this is the perfect postable gift idea for their birthday.

They’ll love sipping on a luxury drink and knowing that you’ve remembered exactly what they enjoy.

5. Something Funny

Personalization can be heartfelt. It can also be hilarious.

If you have a picture that you know never fails to make your loved one laugh, use it to put a smile on their face for their birthday. You can have almost anything personalized with a photo and sent to them in the mail. You can take this option and use a more sincere photograph if you think that might be more to your recipient’s taste.

The wonderful thing about photo gifts is that they are attached to memories. Few things can make someone feel loved like reminiscing on happy memories they share with others. Remind someone of a joyful moment for their birthday, and they’re sure to enjoy it.

6. Handwritten Cards Are the Ideal Postable Birthday Gift

Words from the heart are one of the most touching things you can send someone as a gift. Research shows that recipients find handwritten letters more personal than typed notes. The physical effort and attention that goes into handwriting, as well as the time, make the contents feel all the more special to the reader.

Send your loved one a handwritten card for their birthday. They’ll appreciate the care that has gone into not only the words, but the writing itself.

You may not be able to handwrite a card yourself. Perhaps your penmanship is a little messy, or you have a hand impairment that stops you from using a pen. If this is the case, handwriting services like Handwrytten are for you. They use their tech to write out a card from you, then mail it straight to your recipient.

If you’re worried about sending something else with your card, fear not. You can even add a gift card to the envelope so your loved one has something waiting for them inside.

When you can’t give someone a real hug for their birthday, some thoughtful words can be the next best thing.

When you can’t give someone a real hug for their birthday, some thoughtful words can be the next best thing.

7. A New Book

When it comes to postable gifts, nothing is a more ideal size and shape than a book. Easy to package, sturdy enough to withstand the shipping process, and perfectly formed to slip through the letterbox, any book lover should be easy to buy a postable gift for.

For those who like to read, a book is a perfect gift. It’s a whole new world to dive into. If you’re also a reader, you can use the gift to connect with your faraway recipient. Buy yourself a copy too and read the book at the same time – then schedule a time to call one another and discuss it.

No matter what your loved one’s taste in reading material is, there’s a birthday book out there for them.

8. Alcohol Delivery

Something nice to drink will probably feature on most people’s standard list of birthday gift ideas, but it might not spring to mind when thinking about mailing a birthday gift.

Luckily countless services will send alcohol right to your recipient’s doorstep, expertly handled so that nothing gets damaged.

Whether they prefer beer or wine, vodka or gin, there’s a bottle waiting for them to crack open on their special day. Send it to them so they can spend their birthday sipping the finest drinks, courtesy of you.

9. Garden Seeds

Whilst this one might seem unconventional, there is logical thinking behind it.

Green-fingered friends in faraway climates might love nothing more than opening up some seeds for beautiful new plants and sowing them in the great outdoors — or indoors, depending on the plant!

Seeds are a gift that will show your loved ones, who garden in their spare time, that you listen when they speak about their hobbies. It may even be a pastime that they share with someone. If so, you are giving them the added gift of quality time with someone they love. If gardening is what they enjoy, they are sure to enjoy new seeds.

They’re simple to package, but if you’re sending them to someone who will enjoy growing them, then they can bring years of joy.

10. Birthday Box

Some people love nothing more than a party.

For those friends and loved ones, there are no better gifts to send in the mail than a little birthday box. You can use any container that will slip through their letterbox to make this cheery little thing.

Simply use your container to send your recipient all of the things they need for a little party. A hat, a balloon, a sweet treat – they’ll love the thought that goes into their very own birthday box. You can even add some confetti.

This postable gift will work perfectly with a video or phone call to share the celebration with your loved one, or even to act as a way to congratulate an employee for their birthday.

Send a Gift Online and Make a Faraway Friend Happy

Whatever postable gift you choose to send, it should always be complemented with words like “with love“.

Handwritten messages have meaning. Whether it’s a birthday card or a message for a client, a note written in ink and paper will mean a lot to your recipient.

When it comes to business, there’s no doubt that clients like receiving handwritten notes from the businesses they invest in. Handwrytten can help your company connect with clients in a new, more personal way. Contact them today and let them make your communications stand out from other businesses.

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