Break Through the Noise: 9 Reasons to Send a Card

Last updated, November 7, 2022
Greeting cards, letters, and other handwritten communication can transform your life, both on the business side and the personal side. It may seem like cards are only meant for special occasions, but they have far more potential. It’s all about what you do with them and your intentions. Let’s take a look at nine common and not-so-common reasons to send a card. Keep these in mind, and you’ll make and send greeting cards that break through the noise and get results.

1. Brighten Somebody’s Day

We live in a busy world full of distractions, so it’s easy to forget about those we know if we don’t regularly see them. Sending a card is a great way to let someone know they’re on your mind, especially if the context is you saying goodbye to them. Even for someone you haven’t spoken to before, or for a while, a card is a great first step to a longer conversation; or, it could even be letting an employee know that you’re aware it’s their birthday, which will surely put a smile on their face.

2. Polish Your Writing Skills

There’s an art to writing a great letter or greeting card message. Your message should be more creative than the bland, impersonal “Wishing you well.”  The skills needed to write a great greeting card message also apply to other forms of written communication. So, every card you compose is good progress toward creating your style and learning what works best for you. Writing is also an essential piece of all communication, and expressing your thoughts in cards can help you get used to thinking of what to say at the moment as well.

3. Motivate Others

It takes a bit of effort to pick out a good-looking card that fits the recipient’s personality and tastes, along with handwriting a heartfelt message. This effort, however, puts more force and authenticity into what you say. A lot of inspirational or motivational content is passively consumed in the form of social media posts or online videos. If you want to inspire people, get them to change their behavior, or do something, say it with a handwritten greeting card. Because it was sent to them, and composed with them in mind, the message will ring truer than almost any other form of contact.

4. Express How You Feel

Naturally, sending a greeting card is a good way to tell others how you feel about something, such as being happy about the birth of their child. However, these benefits apply just as strongly to the recipient, if not more so. The handwritten message makes the recipient feel cared about and helps them understand what you’ve been thinking about. This can start a strong dialogue that strengthens a newer or faded connection.

5. Give Important Updates

Have you recently changed your address? Perhaps you’ve made changes to your business that customers should know about. Sending a card is a good way of sharing this information in a way that’s likely to get noticed. That context also serves as a good conversational hook if you haven’t touched base with someone. You could inform an old friend that your address or phone number has changed, and then ask how they’re doing.

6. Create a Memento

A huge amount of communication in the modern world is electronic, with no physical presence. A handwritten letter or card is the opposite. The recipient can touch it, hold it, and keep it wherever they wish. This gives the message a sense of history and helps awaken the same feelings when re-reading it. For example, imagine you just lost your job, and you’ve posted on social media you’re looking for a new one. This prompted plenty of sympathetic responses from people you know. You replied, but the feelings don’t last because social media is full of new content and distractions. If someone sent you a heartfelt card, however, you can keep that on your desk as a concrete reminder to stay positive, which will help you get back on your feet much faster and find an even better job.

7. Be Spontaneous

Most people envision greeting cards as something to only send on special occasions, such as a birthday, wedding, or the holidays. However, nothing stops you from sending cards at other, seemingly random points in the year. In fact, this can be even more beneficial. By reaching out when there isn’t a clear reason, it erases the sense that the card might be obligatory. You sent just because you wanted to, which is more heartfelt for them and more personally rewarding for you.

8. Show Gratitude

Another reason to send a card is to show gratitude. The Benjamin Franklin effect is a phenomenon in which asking someone for a favor and having them go through with the favor makes them like you more. Part of the reason why this works is that gratitude is immensely rewarding. People love to know they had a positive impact on another person. You don’t have to open a conversation by asking for a favor, however. Just start by saying thanks. For example, businesses that send random, unprovoked thank you notes to their most loyal customers inspire then to keep buying; or, if you’re trying to figure out a way to say goodbye to a coworker, writing a farewell message may be a good idea.

 9. Be Happier

We just mentioned handwritten notes are a great way of expressing gratitude, which can make the recipient happy, but what if it worked just as well for you, the sender? Studies have confirmed many times that being grateful, and focusing on gratitude, can make people much happier and give them a more positive life outlook. Gratitude is a major part of mindfulness, which keeps people motivated to succeed and achieve their goals.

As these nine reasons to send a card show, sending greeting cards shouldn’t be an obligation, but a fun way to enrich your life and the lives of those you contact. If you’d like to create a substantial campaign of handwritten letters or cards and efficiently send them, try Handwrytten. Handwrytten’s robots will write and send cards of your choice with the message you specify. Best of all, you can integrate Handwrytten other systems to send letters automatically at the right time to individuals. See what Handwrytten can do for your business or personal life and start some conversations with the people that matter to you.

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