Adding Business Greeting Cards to Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to business marketing, the personal touch is often missing. Many companies focus on reaching a broader audience rather than connecting individually with customers. If you’re looking for a way to expand your marketing strategy in a personal and tangible way, you may want to consider sending business greeting cards. Learn more about this element of a customized marketing strategy and how it can benefit your company.

Advantages of a Personalized Touch

Sending an email blast to your customer base may reach a lot of people quickly. The question is how many people will read it, and from there, how many of those people will actually respond to it? Even those who do read it are not likely to remember the email or talk about it. Widespread email marketing doesn’t deliver that personal touch that many of your prospects and customers are looking for to feel valued and appreciated. In the age of overcrowded inboxes and ads on every webpage, a personalized greeting card can make a difference in the recipient’s day.

Your customers are more likely to remember receiving a personalized card in the mail than an email sent to hundreds or thousands of people. A handwritten card also shows that you took the time to personally write them a message. Greeting cards for business purposes can add value to your company and enhance your marketing strategy.

Some of the benefits of using greeting cards for customers include increased customer retention, the opportunity for branding, and the potential for word-of-mouth referrals. Customer retention is an essential aspect of any business marketing strategy, as retaining your current customers is a cost-effective way to continue to keep revenue levels high. Customer acquisition can cost up to five times more than customer retention, according to research performed by Huify.

When customers experience something out of the ordinary that makes them feel good, they’re likely to share that experience with their friends and family. Word-of-mouth referrals may start flooding in thanks to a positive experience that one customer shared. You can also use your personalized greeting cards as a branding tool. Including your company logo or color scheme will get your branding style in front of customers or prospects while putting your business ahead of others in the same space.

Business Greeting Card Tips

If you’re planning to add greeting cards to your company’s marketing strategy, following a few simple tips can ensure that your message gets across properly while avoiding mistakes. The first tip is to keep the messaging simple yet sincere. An overly long message may only get skimmed or tossed aside, while a pre-printed message doesn’t feel as personal. Even if you have your cards printed with the same message, take a few minutes to write something personal on each.

If you’re planning to send your cards around a specific holiday like Christmas, use caution to avoid causing offense. Some people don’t celebrate certain holidays, so sending them a card that emphasizes that holiday many not convey the message you want. If you’re not sure what holidays your clients or associates celebrate, keep it generic with “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” messages.

The timing of your card can also impact how well it is received. People often receive a rush of cards in the weeks leading up to the winter holiday season, so getting your card in the mail in early December can help it to stand out. If you’re still working on your cards in late January, you may want to save them for the next holiday season and send a different card that expresses appreciation for their business in the previous year. You could even send a card at the start of the year to talk about your business plans for the coming year.

Before you send out the cards, go through your list to make sure you have current addresses and contact names. If you know the individual personally, consider sending the card to their home address rather than their business for an added personal touch.

How to Send Business Greeting Cards

Now that you understand the benefits of business greeting cards, you may be ready to gear up your marketing team to put together a campaign. However, the actual process of writing and sending these cards can take a lot of time, especially if your contact list includes hundreds or thousands of people. Instead of handling it internally, you can outsource the project without sacrificing the personal touch. At Handwrytten, we specialize in handwritten notes that boost our clients’ bonds with their customers.

Since 2014, Handwrytten has filled an unmet need — producing handwritten notes for businesses that want to add a more personalized touch to their marketing strategy. Our team makes this process as easy as sending an email. We utilize patent-pending robotics technology to create notes that look handwritten, yet don’t require the time and effort it takes to write them. This technology can write nearly 1,000 notes every day, ensuring that each of your customers receives something personalized in their mailbox.

If you want to send a little something extra to your list, our gift card option can take your direct mail marketing campaign to the next level. Even a $5 gift card as a thank you for a referral goes a long way in the mind of a customer. We offer gift cards to major brands, from $5 to $500 in value, and you can add a gift card when you go through the checkout process on our site.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why businesses are providing handwritten and personalized greeting cards to their clients. When you work with Handwrytten, you can take advantage of these benefits without having to make the time investment it takes to send out cards to a long list of people. Handwrytten cards look like they were written by hand, so your customers will never know that you weren’t the one to put the pen to the page.

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