Christmas Card Ideas for Your Business in 2024

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In 2001, a Victorian-era Christmas card sold at auction for £22,000. That’s about $35,000! The handwritten and hand-painted lithograph may be the first Christmas card ever commissioned. It’s over 160 years old!

In the United States, custom business holiday cards are big. The U.S. Post Office estimates Americans send 6.5 billion festive cards every year. As a business owner, it makes sense to want your cards to stand out.

Discover the best Christmas card ideas for your business this year. These concepts innovate in terms of card design, message, and overall style.

Keep readings for Christmas card ideas for your business in 2021.

Christmas Card Ideas to Steal For Your Business

There are plenty of ideas your business can steal for Christmas cards. Ideas for company Christmas cards fall into three categories: design, message, and style. Let’s kick things off with design.

Christmas Card Designs

Design is the first element that can push your creativity. When you develop a creative Christmas card design, there are plenty of factors to consider.

You can develop surprising concepts for the card‘s shape, style, size, color, and message. You might try to implement your existing business card themes. Get started with the following ideas for your company Christmas card.

Custom Logo Christmas Cards

Customizing your brand’s logo can make for a unique holiday card. There are two main approaches to Christmas cardlogos.

One option is to “dress up” your company logo. That is, find a designer who can cover the logo in Christmas lights, or transform it into a reindeer. But, keep the logo recognizable.

Another option is to keep the logo the same, but blend it into the design. Create a repeating pattern with your logo, then use it as the cards’ background.

Intersperse the pattern with holiday symbols. Or, use a festive color palette to make the logo holiday-appropriate.

Photo Christmas Cards

A holiday photo card shows the people behind your brand. To make a creative photo Christmas card, consider a fun option. Choose a design that lets you superimpose photos of people’s faces into drawings of Santa, elves, or snowmen.

You might also choose an asymmetrical, yet balanced composition. In these cards, multiple photos are arranged on a single card. The photos are “framed” by the design, which emphasizes different-sized images.

It’s hard to go wrong with an in-set photo. Yet, an off-center design can also work. In this kind of image, the photo “spills” over the page’s edge, while the design fills in about half the canvas.

Christmas Card Shape and Size

Christmas cards come in two popular shapes. The first is the A2 folded card. The second is the flat A7 card. Learn about these classic card sizes on this page.

Some businesses choose smaller or larger cards to stand out. If you want to print cards larger than 8.5″ x 5.5″, you might need to seek out custom options.

Quirky Die-Cut Card Shapes

Die-cut card shapes outline fun images. The top of the card is shaped like a pine tree landscape or reindeer antlers, rather than staying flat.

The downside is, quirky shapes can be challenging in bulk. Avoid designs that might tear or bend easily in the mail.

Color Palette Concepts

Stand out with a unique color palette. Here are some unique color options for Christmas cards.

Analogous and Opposite

Consider analogous colors, with one “pop” of the opposite color. Color theorists call this opposite color the “complementary color.”

An example of this palette might be a night-time winter scene rendered in blues. Then, there’s a pop of vivid orange, from a campfire.

Or, imagine a single cluster of red holly berries among a mix of greens. That’s an analogous-opposite palette.

Similarly, another classic motif is black + white + one color. You might choose your company’s brand color. To twist the theme slightly, create a full greyscale color palette, then add one color.

Primary Color Palette

This color scheme is on-trend for Spring 2022. Use it in a holiday card to show your taste.

In essence, this is a primary color palette with a playful hue. That is, it includes cyan, yellow, and magenta, and black (as a key tone). Or, it uses red, yellow, and blue, plus a white key tone.

This trend is very bright! Some designers filter it through a softening color, very faintly. It can make any Christmas cardfun and exciting.

Cozy, Color-Based Browns

Fashion prediction for clothes and cards alike: cocoa and mulberry palettes.

Color-based browns use blends of reddish-orange and deep blue. They feel warm, cozy, and natural. Think of deer or hot cocoa.

The mulberry, plum, or honey golden-orange tone on the palette makes it work. This color stays analogous while drawing out the colorful base of the chosen brown shades.

holiday card design for business

Style and Motif Choices

Style and motif choices can really set a card apart. Explore these creative Christmas card styles and aesthetic ideas.


Many businesses choose formal fonts. These fonts emphasize classic aesthetics and readability. In professional settings, serif fonts are making a comeback. Think “retro Times New Roman,” but with a bit of a modern twist.

A font can convey tone by evoking a known object. It may be designed to look like Roman pillars, trees, balloons, brickwork, or even grooves on a record.

Fonts with flourishes might imply romance or whimsy. Handwritten fonts can feel personal and thoughtful. Integrating handwritten fonts, or actual handwriting, into a front-of-card design gives recipients a pleasant surprise.


On a holiday card, the imagery might be a scene, an icon (a single image, like a wreath), or text stylized as a graphic.

You might even use an illustrative pie chart or graph in a whimsical way. Some clever cards show “facts” about the percentage of Christmas songs you remember, or trends in Santa’s rate of present delivery.

Aesthetic Modes

When it comes to style, there are a few standouts business card designs. Different aesthetics evoke different moods, time periods, and cultural associations.

  • No-line watercolor is trendy and popular. This soft, comforting style is uncontroversial.
  • Landscape paintings and realistic drawings of holiday scenes feel wholesome and timeless. Sketches, in particular, can feel earnest, an authentic slice of life.
  • Whimsical cartoons and comic-book styles are increasingly popular. Their bold lines and shapes are trendy, playful, and readable.
  • Pointillist, impressionist, or expressionist styles show creativity. These styles evoke moods of celebration with movement and color, without over-emphasizing specific images.
  • Contemporary styles include spraypaint stencils and photo-mosaics. These styles take advantage of how we experience images online and in physical city life.

If you use these styles in your holiday card, you’re saying, “We’re modern and future-focused.” This youthful appeal can set your company Christmas card apart.

Unique Christmas Card Sayings and Messages

Your holiday card message can be all you. Think about memorable conversations, and what you appreciate about people. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Warm and Simple Sayings

A simple holiday message can still come from the heart. These classic messages might work for your card.

  • “Wishing you a warm and happy holiday.”
  • Season‘s greetings from the team at [company name]. We wish you joy and success in the year to come.”
  • “We’re so thankful for clients like you. Happy holidays from [company name].”
  • “We hope you have a spectacular holiday season!”
  • “Wishing you a wonderful holiday season full of good cheer and happiness!”

For more inspiration, check out suggestions compiled by influencers. Instagram and Pinterest offer troves of inspiration.

Poetry and Proverbs

Poetry and proverbs can elevate your Christmas card‘s beauty. Think about lines or stanzas from pieces in the public domain.

For English-language classics, take inspiration from Walt Whitman’s poem “Sounds of Winter.” Or, take a stanza from “Silver Bells” by Edgar Allen Poe.

And, of course, the poem “Holidays” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow taps into the most wonderful parts of the holidayspirit.

Your Christmas card could also include poetry about hope, liberty, community, or other values. Emma Lazarus’ poem “The Great Colossus” is iconic.

Funny (and Snarky) Business Christmas Cards

Not into poetry? Try a joke!

There are many funny options for your business Christmas card. Why not write:

  • Keep Calm and Jingle All The Way
  • Christmas: It’s A Claus For Celebration!
  • Hopefully your Christmas lights aren’t tangled!

You could also turn a meme into a greeting card. Take a funny animal photo meme. Then, put the funny photo on the front of the card, and write the caption on the inside.

Encouraging Messages For Employees

This year has been a challenge for everyone. If you want to encourage your employees, try a few of these season‘s greetings:

  • “Many thanks for all you’ve done this year. We couldn’t do it without you. Merry Christmas.”
  • “Wishing you the warmest of holidays this season. This year – and all years-you’re a valued part of this team.”
  • “Your dedication shines through in all you do. Our success is your success. We hope you enjoy your holidays this year – you’ve certainly earned it!”

holiday card design for real estate

Personalize Your Seasonal Greetings

People feel touched when they receive personalized cards. Today, you can create personalized, custom cards in bulk.

Create a spreadsheet with a row for each recipient.  In the row, write notes on each person. Make sure to highlight their achievements or positive attributes.

With card-writing technology, you can import these notes into a template message. This lets you recognize each unique recipient with a card, without writing out hundreds of cards.

Business Christmas Cards from Handywritten

Save time while staying creative! Handywritten lets you upload custom Christmas card designs and messages. It’s never been easier to send holiday cards online.

Handywritten uses automation, so you won’t forget anyone on your list. And, online cards don’t have to be generic! Take the time to personalize cards for each client and employee – without writing every note yourself.

At Handywritten, we work with a range of creative Christmas card ideas. With our custom creator tool, you can design unique Christmas cards at a time that works best for you. Select pre-created designs, explore customizations, or upload your own designs. Create a free account to take your cards to the next level today!

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