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Accomplishments deserve acknowledgment, and sending a congratulations card message is a great way to show someone you care about them and their hard work or dedication. You can keep in mind some general guidelines when writing a note like this.

A congratulations card is a bit different from a birthday card for an employee. Start your message by congratulating your friend, relative, or colleague for their achievement and hard work. Tell them what you’re proud of ⁠— and just how proud you are! Make sure to mention the exact accomplishment, sharing a special or personal message. Next, send some good wishes for the new chapter in the recipient’s life. You can write something specific or just wish a bright future in general if you don’t know the person that well. Finally, end with a warm and sincere closing.

Here’s a guide to sending heartfelt congratulations.

When to Send A Congratulations Card

Sending a congratulations card is the perfect way to praise someone’s achievements. You can send congratulations to someone you know in a professional capacity or from your personal life for a big achievement in their life or career, or even for a couple getting married (but definitely not when you’re saying goodbye to an employee).

A congratulations card reinforces positive feelings, so if you think the card will make the recipient happy, go for it!  Just make sure you keep the tone of your message appropriate to your relationship with the recipient of the card and for the occasion. You’ll want to write in a more formal manner if you’re congratulating your boss than if you’re congratulating your best friend.

Congratulations Cards for Life Events

Knowing the reason why you’re sending a congratulations card is extremely important; you don’t want to accidentally create a farewell message for a colleague when you really want to congratulate them on a promotion. Make sure you send a congrats card when someone’s achieved something that’s a big deal personally.

Engagement or Wedding

Whether you know one or both parties, these life steps certainly deserve attention and acknowledgment. This big commitment calls for your best wishes. Even if you’re not invited to the big event, you can send congratulations. Your note will let the recipient know they’re in your thoughts and give them your best wishes for their future with their partner.

Here are some examples of congratulating personal connections like friends or family:

  • Engagement: Huge congrats to you and [partner’s name] on your engagement! Can’t wait to celebrate with you.
  • Wedding: Today tops the list of all the big events we’ve celebrated throughout the years! Congratulations!

Here are a couple of examples for congratulating professional connections:

  • Engagement: Congratulations! I’m wishing you love and happiness throughout your years together.
  • Wedding: It’s an honor to witness you share your vows. Congratulations and best wishes for your future together.

Welcoming a New Child

Giving birth or adopting a child is a really big deal! The family will feel the excitement of the event, so don’t wait too long to send this. The family should receive the card when the big event takes place.

Here’s how to congratulate friends and family:

  • Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Looking forward to watching your family grow over the years.

You can congratulate professional connections like this:

  • Congratulations on the arrival of the newest family member. Wishing you and your new baby health and happiness.

A New Home

Moving into a new home marks a big personal milestone, and it often involves a lot of work. Send your well wishes and congratulations so the recipient knows you’re thinking about them as they start an exciting adventure. Here’s an example congrats card message:

  • Your new home is amazing ⁠— congratulations! I’m excited to visit soon.

Congratulations Cards for Milestones and Accomplishments

Earning degrees and reaching milestones deserve a big congrats from you.


It’s no small task to achieve a degree. Whether the person you’re congratulating graduated from high school or from college (or even elementary school, for young cousins, grandchildren, and nieces or nephews!), this note always is nice to receive before embarking on that next step in life.

Here’s an example message for you to use in your card:

  • You’ve shown strength and determination, not to mention confidence and intelligence. Congratulations on your achievement!

Religious accomplishments 

Rites like a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or Confirmation mark a big day in someone’s life. Let them know you’re excited for what they’ve achieved with a card. Here’s an example message:

  • Congratulations on reaching this important milestone in your life! Best wishes for what’s to come!

Congratulations Cards for Professional Achievements

Whether you know someone personally or through the workplace, you’ll want to congratulate them at key moments in their career.

Promotion or New Job

Acknowledge it when you know the person has worked hard toward this goal. If you’ve heard the person discuss how this is a goal they’ve finally achieved, let them know you’ve listened!

Use this example to help you write your own congratulations message for a family member or friend:

  • I heard you got your dream job/position! Celebrations together are in order.

Here’s an example for coworkers and colleagues:

  • You deserve this acknowledgment of your hard work. Congratulations!


Retiring marks a huge moment and change in someone’s life. Send a card to congratulate someone on this next step in life and acknowledge all they’ve achieved professionally.

Here’s an example message you can use for personal connections:

  • Congratulations on reaching retirement. You made it! Enjoy the next chapter!

Try this example for departing coworkers or colleagues:

  • Congratulations on reaching this big achievement. I’ve learned so much from you throughout our years working together.

Starting a business 

Starting a business takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and some sacrifices to make this dream a reality. Give them some words of encouragement and congratulations when they’ve taken this exciting step.

Here an example message for you to use for someone you know personally or professionally:

  • I’m impressed by your dedication and hard work. Let’s celebrate this opening together soon!

Of course, there are plenty of big things a person can accomplish that go beyond what’s listed in this guide. Acting in a play, getting something published, running a marathon… the list goes on and on. If you know someone worked hard, their achievement warrants your congratulations, so feel free to send them that heartfelt note.

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