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Since most working adults spend their birthdays at the office, the occasion offers a prime opportunity for building connections with co-workers. Birthdays give managers a chance to foster positive relationships with staff. Birthdays provide an excellent opportunity to connect with employees through personal cards. Learn how easy it can be to build a connection with your team by sending personalized, handwritten greeting cards to your staff. Find out about some popular card quotes for birthdays!

How to Send Corporate Birthday Wishes for Employees

When sending employee birthday cards, giving a birthday announcement for employee, or even sending out birthday cards for coworkers, you want to ensure your recipients will appreciate your message and your thoughtfulness.

  • Be consistent: Sporadically sending birthday greetings will not boost morale in the way that consistently acknowledging employee birthdays will achieve.
  • Make it personal and tailored: Be both positive and personal in your birthday messages. If you can include something specific about your recipient, these details add a special feeling to the message. Creating a handwritten card adds a personal touch as well.
  • Be considerate: Some people prefer not to celebrate birthdays due to personal or religious reasons. Honor individual employee wishes, but take care to mention the practice of sending birthday cards during new employee orientation.
  • Be discreet: Some people may be embarrassed about the attention they receive on their birthdays. Respecting preferences is necessary as well. Privately sending a birthday card can be less embarrassing for some employees than publicly announcing their birthdays.
  • Be professional but friendly: Use proper etiquette, but don’t be afraid to be warm and genuine in employee birthday cards.
  • Know your audience: Use humor if the recipient will appreciate it. If you have a running joke with your employee or co-worker, a lighthearted message can add an amusing, personal touch to a birthday greeting. In other cases, use a more general yet sincere message.
  • Write a great closingIf you have an amazing intro and body in your card, that is great; but if the ending isn’t as good as the rest of it, it will not be the same. Even still, ending your card “with love” may not be the best idea, so make sure to read the room.
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Create Birthday Card Messages for Employees

Don’t know what to write in a birthday card? Discover some simple employee happy birthday card sayings you can use as templates for your birthday greetings.  These messages are also great for a birthday card to a boss or as a birthday message to a coworker.

  • “Wishing you a happy birthday and a wonderful year to come!”
  • “Hope your special day is full of happiness, fun, and laughter!”
  • “Best wishes for a happy birthday and memorable year ahead.”
  • “Sending good wishes and happy thoughts to you on your birthday!”
  • “It’s your special day. Hope you enjoy everything about your birthday!”
  • “Hope your birthday brings you one good thing after another! Have a great birthday!”
  • “May your birthday be full of joy, laughter, and happiness! Have a wonderful birthday.”
  • “Enjoy your birthday experience as you celebrate your special day!”
  • “You are such a fantastic person. Sending you warm wishes and happy thoughts!”
  • “Count the happiness, not the years. Happy birthday to you!”

Acknowledge Significant Life Events in Team Member Birthday Wishes

Use the birthday card to recognize significant events in your recipients’ lives. Colleagues or employees can enjoy the connection and personalization they receive and will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Consider the following messages you can include in your card. 

  • “Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and much love and joy as your family grows!”
  • “Happy birthday and congratulations on your new house. Wishing you all the happiness in the coming year!”
  • “Happy birthday! What a wonderful time to complete your degree. Congratulations on your achievement this year!”
  • “Happy birthday! It looks like this year will be meaningful and significant for you in many ways.”
  • “Congratulations on this milestone birthday; we hope you always have a healthy and peaceful life.”
  • “A lot has changed over the past 365 days. Hope that this birthday begins a memorable year ahead for you!”

Suggestions for Team Member Birthday Wishes

When a team works closely together or has a combined project, acknowledge an employee with a birthday by sending the individual a birthday card from the team. List a team or project name on a birthday card to add significance to the birthday greeting. Here are some examples of what to write in a coworker’s birthday card.

  • “All of us on the ABC Team wish you a very happy birthday! Thank you for all the priceless moments!”
  • “Happy birthday and warm regards to you from all of us on the team!”
  • “We wish you a superb birthday and many more good things over the coming year! From the ABC Project Team.”
  • “We are grateful for the opportunity to work on this project with you. Today, we are grateful to celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday from all of us!”
  • “Your contribution to this project has been incomparable. Happy birthday and best wishes from all of us on the ABC Team!”
  • “Happy birthday from the team. We are so lucky to work with you!”
  • “We hope your birthday is filled with joy and your year is filled with happiness! You deserve the best birthday cake and best time throughout this year.”

Samples for Career-Oriented Birthday Messages

You can mention work within the message of a business birthday card. Bringing reminders of job-performance highlights or new sales secured can further remind your recipient that you’re celebrating the big wins at work and for the birthday.

  • “Your birthday seems like a great time to let you know how valuable you are to our company. Happy birthday and warm wishes for the upcoming year!”
  • “Sending heartfelt birthday greetings to a key member of our organization. Your presence makes the company a better place. Happy birthday!”
  • “We appreciate your dedication and work ethic every day. Today, we appreciate you and join with you in celebrating your birthday!”
  • “Hope that your birthday is as special as you are! We appreciate your commitment and determination to succeed.”
  • “Happy birthday to you. Congratulations on receiving a well-deserved promotion.”
  • “Wishing the happiest of birthdays to an amazing employee who inspires and motivates so many others!”

How to Send a Happy Birthday Card for an Employee

Birthdays offer the ideal occasion to develop meaningful relationships with employees and to thank them for their hard work. You can send birthday cards consistently by putting Handwrytten’s services to work for you. Schedule your handwritten birthday cards to send in advance of employees’ birthdays, or check out some of our beautiful birthday ecards. Once you have a birthday card management system in place, you won’t miss the opportunity to send good cheer and well wishes to your employees on their birthdays.

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