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Employee recognition is a valuable way to boost morale and create a positive company culture. A little appreciation in the workplace can go a long way. A recent Appirio study reveals that a thoughtful thank you note to an employee can be more motivating than a cash bonus or promotion.  

Regularly look for opportunities to appreciate your employees. This appreciation fosters positive relationships at work and stronger connections. When in doubt, send a thank you noteSending one can make you feel good as well. People love to be appreciated, and the gesture is always welcome. Showing employees that you notice and appreciate their efforts will promote loyalty, commitment, and smoother communication within a business. Also, employees can be encouraged when they recognize the value they add to the team. Showing staff your appreciation makes them feel good about themselves and motivates them for future performance.

Learn about the following 15 opportunities to send thank you notes to employees. Discover helpful tips for writing employee thank you notes and explore different examples of employee thank you notes that can inspire your own messages.

15 Opportunities to Send Employee Thank You Notes

Consider the following occasions when you could send thank you notes for employees.

  1. An employee puts in extra effort for a brief time or project.
  2. A staff member or team works harder to meet a significantly tight deadline.
  3. The staff takes on additional work for a specific time to cover the responsibilities of another position, such as an employee on maternity leave.
  4. Employees completed a particular project to a high standard.
  5. You’re celebrating a work anniversary and reminding an employee of his or her value to the team and company.
  6. You’re recognizing an employee supporting the company after hours, such as, for example, staffing the company booth at a career fair.
  7. The company moves offices within a facility or moves to a different location. This relocation is often a challenging transitional time for many employees. Sending a thank you note after a move can boost spirits.
  8. Achieving annual goals or objectives is always an occasion to celebrate.
  9. Attaining a specific professional achievement or milestone, such as a degree or certification relevant to the position, deserves a note of thanks.
  10. Acknowledge when an employee refers an ideal job candidate to the company.
  11. Praise an employee for generating new ideas or insights for the team or company.
  12. Recognize exemplary performance, such as giving a professional presentation for the organization.
  13. Being a good leader and modeling outstanding professional performance are ideal occasions to express gratitude for superior performance.
  14. A staff member steps into an alternate position temporarily to fill a need for the company.
  15. Acknowledge any effort beyond the scope of normal professional duties with a thank you note for staff appreciation.

Tips for Writing Staff Appreciation Notes

Review the following suggestions for writing impactful and sincere thank you notes for employees.

  • Make it specific: Personalize the note with precise details about the contents of the thank you note. Saying, “I appreciate your hard work on the legal case. Your efforts made the job more complete,” is more specific than saying, “I appreciate your hard work lately.”
  • Keep it short: Add a little detail, but don’t ramble or get too in-depth. A short paragraph or two is enough; the note doesn’t have to be overdone.
  • Send it right away: Send the note soon while the occasion is still top of mind. If you are late in writing your note, send it anyway. In general, the earlier you send your thank you note, the more good feelings it will support.
  • Handwrite it for a personal touch: A handwritten note communicates the idea that time and effort went into the note, which can feel more personal than an email or typed letter.

Keep the Closing Simple

The closing can range from simple to more formal. Consider the following suggestions for closing your thank you notes:

  • Thank you.
  • Many thanks.
  • With warm appreciation.
  • With gratitude and appreciation.
  • Best.
  • Best regards.
  • Respectfully.
  • NOT: With love.

Summarizing How To Write An Employee Thank-You Note

We’ve discussed different occasions that you should send your employee a thank you note, best practices for creating since notes, and even gone over closings. 

Add even deeper meaning to your handwritten thank you notes to employees with these suggestions:

  • Thank them for a specific contribution, achievement, or quality that impresses you. Be detailed.
  • Explain how their work positively impacts the team, company, or you as their manager.
  • Include phrases of encouragement, praise, or motivation to uplift them.
  • Wrap up with a summary of why you appreciate them and their work. Keep it authentic.

Sample Thank You Notes for Employees

Sample 1: Maternity Leave

Dear Tonya,

Thank you for your extra help over the past six months while Olivia was on maternity leave. You took on the burden of extra work yet always maintained a cheerful, positive attitude and met every deadline. I appreciate your presence, your skills, and your professionalism.

Warm regards,


Sample 2: Moving Office Locations

Dear John,

I appreciate your extra effort as our office transitioned to the new location over the past month. You stayed late several times and helped other employees get settled into the new space. Your encouragement and support of the move allowed the department to have a smoother transition, and I want to let you know that your efforts did not go unnoticed.



Sample 3: Recognizing a Four-Year Work Anniversary

Dear Thomas,

Congratulations on your fourth anniversary with the company. Thank you for your dedicated service! Your commitment and cheerfulness make the workplace an enjoyable place. I appreciate that you are forward-thinking and are always looking for ways to improve our department’s productivity and efficiency.



Sample 4: Displaying Leadership Skills

Dear Joan,

I want to share my appreciation for your motivation, commitment, and leadership skills recently with the team. When the project stalled, you stepped up and jumped into action, enabling us to meet the deadline and deliver a superior product. Your determination makes us all succeed.

With thanks and appreciation, 


Create Consistent Staff Appreciation Practices

The best practice regarding staff recognition notes is consistency. Aim to acknowledge any staff member who makes a significant contribution to the company. Considering the small amount of time and effort that creating thank you notes for employees takes, sending employee appreciation notes builds employee relationships and satisfaction, boosting morale. 

The practice of employee recognition contributes to healthy company culture. Send handwritten thank you notes to add an extra personal touch to your professional relationships with your employees.

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