10 Strategies for Creating Loyal Clients

Many businesses get so caught up in their marketing efforts to new customers that they forget about their existing ones. 65% of business comes from repeat customers, so it’s important to invest in their loyalty. Luckily, creating loyal clients isn’t that difficult.

Keep reading for 10 strategies for creating loyal clients.

Investing In Customer Loyalty Now Will Lead To Future Benefits

Brand loyalty is essential for a business to thrive long term and there are many factors that go into it. According to previous studies and polls, here’s what customers value most in a brand:

  • Customer service
  • Timeliness
  • Quality
  • Recognition
  • Trust
  • Company image
  • Personalization
  • Product involvement

The list doesn’t stop there. Every customer is unique, but there are many commonalities among consumers; regardless of who your target audience is.

Brand awareness and loyalty play an important role in helping your business stay alive. Not to mention, if you spend all your time marketing to new customers, you’ll eventually run out of new customers! You’ll run out especially fast if other customers are spreading the word that their experience with your brand was negative.

Focusing on customer retention, as well as acquisition, will ensure the long-term health of your business. Not only that, but your loyal customers can encourage further customer acquisition. A majority of marketers still say that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective marketing tool around today. This means that repeat customers will help your brand in more ways than one.

10 Strategies For Creating Loyal Clients

Now that you know why it’s so important, let’s talk strategy. There are many popular tools that companies use for building customer loyalty, but here are some time-tested methods to try out.

1. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is the most common tool for customer retention – and for good reason. Everybody has an email and nearly everyone checks it daily.

You should try to make email chains part of your conversions, whatever they may be. If you’re running an online store, leave a prompt at the time of the sale for customers to receive email newsletters. If you’re running a political campaign, leave a prompt when people sign on or donate(or you can try our handwritten notes for political campaigns). 

Consider branding each email with your company’s logo, brand colors, and designs to establish brand recognition. You should also try to personalize every email based on the customers’ name, purchase history, location, and more.

Personalized emails is an easy way to communicate with customers and remind them of your brand. The key is to not be “spammy” and to notify them about only the important updates like promotions, major news, renovations, and more.

2. Website Notifications

Like most web browsers, you can add notifications or display pop-up ads for customers who enter your website. This is a great way to advertise flash sales, encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter, and communicate company news. Again, you should keep your pop-ups to a minimum.

3. Ask For Feedback

Surveys are a great tool to figure out how you could improve your company or the customer experience. Customers typically appreciate the opportunity to be heard, whether they have positive or negative feedback.

Leave a prompt at the footer of your email campaign or send a feedback invitations to customers who made recent purchases. Customers will likely let you know where you can improve.

Remember, this information is only valuable if you use it. If you receive multiple customer complaints or notice a recurring theme among customer responses, then you should strongly consider adapting to satisy your customers’ needs.

4. Engage With Your Audience Online

Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier for businesses to interact with their regular customers. If your company doesn’t have any social media accounts, you’re missing major opportunities for your business!

Half the world’s population is on social media and so is your target audience. Based on your target audience and your company’s offerings, you should create a business account on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or possibly more than one. You should also create a content strategy that is consistent with your brand‘s mission and supports your target audience’s interests.

Respond to comments and questions, provide social customer service, share related content, and show a human presence behind your logo on social media. This is a great way to increase your customer retention rate and connect with the customers that support your business.

5. Improve Your Website

While every business is unique, most businesses rely on their website, to some extent. Customers will likely visit your website from time to time, so make sure the experience is a positive one.

Page speeds are very important to user experience, as is ease of navigation, and the quality of your online content. Some minor tweaks on your site could go a long way, especially if a large portion of your business is done online.

6. Spread Positivity

Companies that donate a portion of their profits to charity, have employee or customer spotlights, host community activities, or engage in other positive events will only score points with their customer base.

There are so many ways to spread positivity, and you can get as creative as you want. Host a 5K or a community cookout, start a positive community hashtag, create a “feed the homeless” challenge. Your possibilities are endless, but if you do it right, your customers will likely be impressed.

This goes back to the “company image” portion that affects brand loyalty. If people associate your brand with something extremely positive, that association will help your business prosper.

7. Exclusive Deals

Offering exclusive deals to your loyal clients is a great way to build loyalty. When people feel like they’re “in” with a company, it gives them a vested interest in the brand.

Sending exclusive coupons to customers is a common way to do it, whether it’s through email, mail, or other forms of communication. You can also speak directly to some of your most loyal customers to offer them a discount or a gift card for their repeat business. This is even more personal.

8. Loyalty Programs

Another great way to build loyalty is by offering clients a reason to continue doing business with you. Do you have that gas station card that makes you drive 5 minutes out of the way to earn points? Do you use a credit card just for the miles? Then you know what we’re talking about.

This is a great way to give customers a vested, monetary interest in your company. You can offer a points program, a spending program, or a tiered membership program to choose from.

Here’s a simple breakdown of each loyalty program.

Points Loyalty Program

A points program works just like a credit card. The more the customer spends on your products, the more points they earn to exchange for other store products or services. This could look like: “earn 1000 pizza points and get a large pizza for free” and have points that they earn on their cards.

Spending Loyalty Program

A spending program focuses on how much the customer spends at your store and offers them something in return. “Spend $50 on groceries and get a free bakery item.”

Tiered Membership Loyalty Program

A tiered membership program is what you would see at a wholesale club. Customers can pay for annual or monthly memberships and get access to exclusive deals all year round.

These are just a few ideas, however, so don’t be afraid to get creative! You can offer a headstart on rewards when they sign up, offer extra points on their birthdays, or more!

9. Uniformity

Customers want a similar experience from a brand, no matter the platform they use to access it. Your company’s website, store, social media, and more should use a similar tone, design, and aesthetic.

This will help with brand recognition and a sense of security among your customers. If you go to some of the biggest coffee shops in the US, you know how uniform each of their stores looks. This is intentional. You feel at home in every one of them because it looks exactly like the one where you live. The same logic should be applied to every stop that your customers will see.

10. Show Your Appreciation

Showing your customer appreciation is by far the best way to show that you care. Prove that there’s a human presence behind your brand and that your customers play an integral role in your company’s success.

After all, your business wouldn’t survive without customers. If you really want to show your appreciation, emails and pop-up ads aren’t the way to do it. However, a handwritten “thank you” to your most loyal customers will go a long ways toward establishing the brand loyalty your company needs.

If you really want to show your appreciation, emails and pop-up ads aren’t the way to do it.

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Now that you know some strategies for building loyal clients, it’s important to remember that regular customers can keep your business afloat for a long time.

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