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Creating meaningful connections with your customers helps you maintain an ongoing relationship. Direct mail can be an incredibly useful tool to connect with customers in a unique and unexpected way. Here’s a guide to understanding direct mail as well as some direct mail examples to get you started.

Direct Mail: What Is It and Why Use It?

Direct mail marketing is a business strategy used to engage leads and current customers through tangible items received in the mail instead of through digital outreach. This can include:

  • Printed mailers.
  • Perishable items.
  • Corporate swag.

The average number of business emails sent and received was almost 129 in 2019. It’s no wonder, then, if marketing emails are left unread.

Direct mail campaigns are the perfect solution when you want to cut through the digital overload. Getting unique snail mail delivered will set your business apart, and it helps ensure your communication actually gets read (instead of the all-too-easy email deleting that often happens with impersonal email outreach).

No matter the size or marketing budget of your business, you can use direct mail campaigns to your advantage. Even a small but thoughtful mailing can go a long way in fostering business relationships that last.

direct mail sample kit

Examples to Use for Your Direct Mail Campaign

However you implement direct mail, you want to come up with a campaign that distinguishes your mail from other letters and packages the recipient may get on a daily basis. Here are some direct mail examples to take your marketing to the next level.

Handwritten Mail

Handwrytten notes adds a personal touch that’s often missing from digital marketing and that personal outreach is one way to create an instant connection. Handwritten mail can include:

  • A greeting card
  • A postcard
  • A letter/note

Send this kind of outreach to thank a customer for a recent purchase or for their continued patronage. Seeing your unique handwriting will set this communication apart from other generic mail or emails.

handwritten letter example

A Customized Promotion Code

Customized promotion codes can encourage a customer to move forward with a purchase, all while increasing positive feelings toward your brand. You can use this direct mail to reward loyal customers or to engage with someone who started a purchase but never completed it. Send a postcard offering a promo code for a discount or free item as:

  • A gesture of appreciation after a customer reaches a certain number of purchases or subscribes to your business for a certain period of time, such as after 10 purchases or subscribing for one year.
  • A code that’s valid for an upcoming holiday season or during the month of a customer’s birthday.
  • A code for a discount to a specific item that a customer leaves in their online cart.

You can make this gesture even more special by sending the promotion with a handwritten note that lets the customer know they can use the discount code to get their holiday shopping done or to treat themselves.

Snacks and Other Treats

Who doesn’t like a sweet treat or another snack? Send food such as:

  • A small box of chocolate.
  • A bag of mixed nuts.
  • A few sample bottles of hot sauce.

These gestures work well during the holiday season and are ideal for business partners or longtime customers. A short handwritten note that matches the item like, “Doing business with you is so sweet!” will make this outreach memorable.

Company Swag

Wearable items with your logo are another direct mail example of something perfect to send to business partners, to a long-time patron of your business, or a donor. Company swag can include:

  • A tote bag.
  • A laptop bag.
  • A baseball cap.

Send after closing a business deal, once a customer has reached a special milestone with your business (such as subscribing to your service for a year), or receiving a generous donation. An added bonus? The recipient can wear the swag out and about, spreading the word about your business further.

company swag direct mail

A Gift Card

Recipients can use a gift card to treat themselves to coffee, a personal service, or any other experience that lets them know they’re appreciated. You can:

  • Offer a personalized, specific gift: Something that relates to the services you offer, or your unique relationship, works well. If you know someone loves coffee, send a gift card to Starbucks with a note like, “Here’s a little something to show my appreciation for your support ⁠— and to help you get through your next big business proposal!”
  • Send a general gift to use anywhere: You can give a general gift card, like a Visa card, when you want someone to use their gift wherever they want.

This type of direct mail is often best for ongoing business partners. Even if you’re a small business with a minimal marketing budget, you can still send a smaller amount with a personalized note that shows how much you appreciate the recipient.


Smaller items inserted into an envelope with your note or card work well when you want a customer to complete an action that your note mentions. Inserts include:

  • Your business card: A business card gives your customer a quick and easy reference to contact you.
  • A magnet: You can design a magnet to include contact information for your business, or just create an attractive, attention-grabbing rendering of your logo. Either way, your customer will think about your business every time they walk past the fridge.
  • A donation envelope. If your outreach asks for a donation, make sending it easy for the recipient. A donation envelope allows for an immediate response, without searching for the best way to send in money.

Small items like these make it easy for customers to take the next step — whether that’s giving you a call to make an appointment, visiting your website to make a new purchase, or responding with a donation. An attractive logo or image makes the item you include unique.

direct mail inserts of business cards

A Small Gift

You can send a small gift to show a customer you care about them if your business is focused on a product. Examples include:

  • A food or drink company sending a small sample of products.
  • A bakery sending a box of specialty cookies.

Time gifts like this to a holiday season or a customer’s birthday. Include a card to complete the thoughtful gesture.

The only limit to creating a memorable campaign is your imagination. As long as you’re reaching out in a meaningful, personalized way, you’re sure to create connections with your customers using direct mail. Get started on your direct mail campaign by crafting a handwritten message.

direct mail example of a small gift

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