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Making a sale is about more than turning a profit for many businesses; it’s about connecting with customers to create lifetime purchasers or return shoppers. Offering a quality product is the first step in the process of developing a relationship with your customers to promote future visits. Another key step is making your customers feel appreciated and valued by sending them a personalized message to thank them for their purchase. Even still, you need to make more efforts beyond a simple “thank you for your purchase.” We can help you develop a message that will delight your customers.

Why Should You Send a ‘Thank You for Your Purchase’ Email?

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and your customers are no different. You wouldn’t be able to sell products if you didn’t have people willing to purchase them. When you value your customers, they are more likely to show brand loyalty to your products and tell all of their friends and family. Imagine how your customers will feel when they receive a personalized “thank you for your purchase” email from your company. This email is a completely unexpected token of your appreciation, making them feel special and adding a bonus to their buying experience.

Many online purchases are simple. Buyers select the products they desire, proceed with the payment process, and eventually receive their items delivered to them. The buyers may receive an automated email that serves as a receipt and confirmation of their orders during the checkout process. Add to this experience a personalized “thank you for your purchase” email, sent separately from the automated order confirmation email, and you’ve added a traditional small-town, brick-and-mortar level of appreciation to the purchase.

The idea of a thank you note isn’t new, but the concept of sending a message stating “thank you for ordering with us” in the online world isn’t the standard. Set yourself apart from other companies by providing your customers with a personalized note letting them know that you value their purchases. This small act will ultimately encourage customers to order again from you in the future because you provided them with a fantastic buying experience.

Why Invest in Customer Appreciation?

A customer who feels appreciated and valued will want to continue to have this feeling by shopping with you repeatedly. Customers also tend to share shopping experiences with friends and family. Everyone will hear about your amazing “thank you for your purchase” email that you received. All of this activity is a way of investing in your company through investing in customer appreciation.

A business spends more money to attract a new customer. You spend time, money, and energy on advertising, product placement, offering discounts to first-time buyers to entice them, and more. Why not take the time to invest in the first-time customer to create a returning customer? A returning customer provides your business with a higher lifetime value. The two minutes it takes to personalize a “thank you for your purchase” template and send it is two minutes that are worth the effort.

Perhaps people would only try your product one time because of a discount code they stumbled across on their social media feeds. With a personalized communication, you’ve made them feel special, thus creating return customers. Thanking customers for their business is a win-win for everyone involved. Your customers feel good about being valued and pass this good feeling back to your business by word-of-mouth advertising and return purchases.

How Do You Properly Thank Your Customers for Their Purchases?

You may think that putting together a “thank you for your purchase” email template and personalizing it by adding recipients’ names is good enough. However, when you broadly thank customers for their orders, purchases, or business, you make them feel like another number in your long line of customers. A “thank you for your business” message is bland, cold, and impersonal.

You can use several blanket phrases that show your customers that they are more than numbers in your book. These messages include the following:

  • Thank you for choosing us.
  • Thank you for supporting us.
  • Thank you for your support.
  • Thank you for being a loyal customer.
  • Your support is greatly appreciated.
  • We appreciate you choosing us.

Always write a “thank you for your purchase” message in a friendly, conversational tone and keep it genuine. Stick to black-and-blue, easy-to-read fonts, and stay away from too much branding, such as using company letterhead or postcards. Simple is best and allows you to focus on the thank you. 

What Do You Include in a Thank You Message to Customers?

First, you should always start with a greeting using the name. This greeting can be as simple as “Hi, Dan.” You want to get your message across in as few words as possible. A thank you note should always be short and to the point.

If you have the time or have created a template that allows you to write a message quickly and easily, you can add extra personal touches. These touches could be statements that include the item they purchased and how it’s a bestseller or one of your personal favorites. Finally, end with a closing: sincerely, thanks again, best regards, or gratefully.

What Are Other Options Available for Thank You Notes?

Think about taking your “thank you for your purchase” message one step further by writing it with pen and paper, thus creating lasting bonds with your customers through handwritten notes. A thank you email is one approach, but a personalized handwritten message is sure to send your customers over the top with a smile on their faces.

Technology is everywhere, and customers have grown numb to the never-ending messages in their inboxes. Emails may never even get opened if customers think they’re spam. A handwritten thank you received in the mail is sure to create a lasting impression. If you’d like to impress your customers, contact us today to discuss available services. Handwrytten offers easy ways for businesses to integrate handwritten messages into their marketing using our diverse communications services. 

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