Top 14 Channels For Reaching Customers

What are your favorite channels for reaching customers?

To help small businesses best reach their customers, we asked CEOs and business leaders this question for their best insights. From sharing photos on Instagram to organizing outdoor events, there are several ways that may help you reach your customers to grow your business. 

Here are fourteen ways to reach customers: 

  • Connecting Through Facebook
  • Sharing Photos on Instagram
  • Partner With Other Brands
  • Hosting a Virtual Conference
  • Utilizing Printed Media
  • Organizing Outdoor Marketing
  • Collaborate With YouTube Influencers
  • Creating Short Videos on TikTok
  • Reaching Out With Email
  • Develop Personal Connections
  • Write Strategic Content
  • Try Paid Ads
  • Use Traditional Methods
  • Align with Other Businesses

Connecting Through Facebook 

Social media has pivoted the way that we reach our customers. Coupled with the fact that people look for a digital presence and footprint on whether or not they deem a company trustworthy, we’ve found that directing our efforts to stay active on Facebook helps us immensely. We’re able to share reviews of other customers so potential customers can see exactly what they’re getting from us. We’re able to connect with already established customers too. They can see in real-time their feedback and kind words are incredibly important to us as well. Our customers know they matter.

Chris Abrams, Abrams Insurance Solutions

Sharing Photos on Instagram 

For our company, it’s important that we can showcase where our customers can visit on their next trip. We do so by sharing photos of where other customers have already been. Instagram’s been incredibly helpful in doing just that by allowing us to reach out to existing customers and share their trip photos. We want to inspire other people, and families, to plan the trip of their dreams with our RV rentals and truly see the world they exist in. All they have to do is take that first step to see what natural wonders already surround them, from Grand Canyon National Park to The Everglades. 

Randall Smalley, Cruise America

Partner With Other Brands 

One way to gain the attention of new customers is by advertising through relevant brand partnerships. Find brands that compliment your product or service and collaborate on initiatives that can attract both of your audiences. By running collaborative campaigns on mediums like traditional TV, OTT, CTV, social or other digital media platforms, you can increase your credibility with the partnering brand’s loyal customers so they will be more likely to use your products and services in the future. 

Bailey Mills, Markitors

Hosting a Virtual Conference 

One tip for small businesses looking to reach customers is to hold a virtual conference. It is a unique and inexpensive way for companies to build brand recognition, generate leads, and create partnerships. Once you have decided what the contents of your conference will include, you can use video conferencing software to implement the virtual element. Video conferencing software makes it much easier to increase the number of attendees at your event without increasing the cost like a physical event would. Use social media to promote the event and your brand ahead of time to get the most attendees possible!

Melissa Haws, The Furnace Outlet

Utilizing Printed Media 

Our favorite channels for reaching customers are through online publications and magazines. We find that the readers of these outlets take interest in our publication. Aligning our values and content to the right outlets has proven pivotal in our success at High Times.

Peter Horvath, High Times

Organizing Outdoor Marketing

Our favorite channel for reaching new customers is outdoor marketing. Outdoor marketing is extremely valuable and one of the greatest returns on investments you can make. With outdoor marketing, you are able to reach a large audience and convey a clear message to your customers. We see our customers have a lot of success with this type of marketing and recommend it to all looking to grow their business

Chris Gadek, AdQuick

Collaborate With YouTube Influencer 

As the pandemic forced us to officially trade our in-store retail experience for e-commerce, social media and influencer marketing is bigger than ever. Youtube content creators foster so much growth for companies alone, specifically in the beauty and wellness industry, through paid sponsorships on daily lifestyle and vlog content. A vast majority of consumers will skip through the traditional Google ads but they will sit through “tutorials” and sponsored lifestyle content their favorite influencers produce for their supporters. This new wave in advertising is all the rage as it provides organic engagement to high converting customers.

Benjamin Smith, DISCO

Creating Short Videos on TikTok 

One of my favorite ways to reach out to customers is to make use of our social media platforms–especially those that are rather new to the business, such as TikTok. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn about what your customers are after. Rather than wait for survey responses, this type of information may often come instantaneously!

Heidi Robinson, Because Market

Reaching Out With Email 

As we move into 2021, we need to have clear, targeted strategies in place. When we approach potential new clients, we need to ensure that they feel comfortable and that they can put their trust in our company to provide a clear solution to a specific need. A great way to do this is with an honest, straightforward email marketing campaign. Be sure to provide every detail that can ensure that your customers not only make the best well-informed decisions but that they completely understand how to use their new product or service once they walk away.

Timmy Yanchun, LTHR Shaving

Develop Personal Connections

Word of mouth or online reviews is an excellent channel to reach customers. While it might appear as though we don’t have much control over this and no real way of tracking the benefits of this approach, it has the potential to lead to greater customer loyalty — especially when customers come to you by way of their closest family and friends, people who they trust. In order to take advantage of this approach, since this marketing strategy saves you money, invest time into building and developing great relationships with every customer who walks through your doors.

Todd Sriro, Be.On Stone

Write Strategic Content

Our company is all about writing smarter, so I suggest writing content that reaches your customers. Ever heard the phrase, “Content is king?” We take content to another level through AI-powered text predictions in applications such as MS Office and Chrome. Once you’ve done your research to determine the best keywords for your brand, use our text prediction software to write smarter and more efficiently. You’ll reach customers with SEO content and save time and effort doing it.

Guy Katabi, Lightkey

Try Paid Ads

Try paid ads on social media. Research shows that many Americans use YouTube and Facebook, while adults under 30 use Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok. So why not use paid ads on these platforms to reach your customer base? As an e-commerce business, paid ads are especially beneficial for our business as transactions are completed online. So it’s easy for a paid ad to direct customers directly to products that they are most interested in purchasing.

Peter Babichenko, Sahara Case

Use Traditional Methods 

Though most companies have slowly started moving away from traditional marketing tactics, some remain tried and true. Although it’s much more difficult to track results, billboard posters and tv ads still work. When we’re working on various project sites, we often promote our business with branded site banners. What better way to reach customers than through our project work? This traditional method works well for certain industries like ours.

Ryan Shallenberger, SEKISUI

Align with Other Businesses

Some of the best referrals come from current business partners. Who better to promote your company’s brand than the people who know the value of your products or services. They can give voice to the company either through word of mouth or even on their own social media platforms. LinkedIn for one, is especially inspirational for those looking to connect and learn more about various automation software companies.

Spiros Skolarikis, Comidor 

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