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Everyone loves to get a card. It’s a great way to know that someone is thinking of you. On Valentine’s Day 2019, Americans spent nearly one billion dollars worth of greeting cards. A thinking of you card is a very special type of card. It provides well-wishes in a more formal and intimate manner. This can make it hard to know what to write in a thinking of you card. Which card should you select? How do you write to someone you haven’t seen in a while? How should you write to someone who lost a loved one or has a serious illness? Answer these questions and you can write touching and sincere cards. Here is your quick guide.

Choose the Right Card

Consider why you are writing your card. You may just want to say hello, or you may want to write a meaningful farewell message for an employee or a coworker. When in doubt, go with a blank card. Write the recipient’s name on the outside surface, then include your written message inside. A white or gray card is fine. A blank card can be stark or a little too formal. A card with flowers on it adds colorful touches while remaining appropriate. You may find cards with the text, “Thinking of you.” If you are writing to a loved one, you can send a card that reads, “Sending you a hug” or “Sending you love.” If you are writing a farewell card for an employee or coworker, make sure it leans a bit more on the formal side. It’s always better to be a little more formal than too informal.

You should handwrite any card you send.

You should handwrite any card you send. If you have bad handwriting or a hand injury, you can hire a handwritten cards service. This can add an authentic touch that typing your card lacks.

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How to Address Someone You Haven’t Seen in Some Time

You can always start your card by writing, “Hello!” This is normal, but it may be a little bland. You can write, “Hi there!” or “Howdy!” for an informal opening. You can also add the person’s name, which creates a personal effect. Let them know that you have thinking about them. Don’t go into details about how the two of you haven’t been in touch. You can offer an apology, but you should focus on the positives.

Create multiple openings for your recipient to send you a follow-up card. You can ask, “What’s new with you?” You can talk about a favorite memory between the two of you. Mention that you miss them and that you want to talk to them. If they may not have your contact information, you can include it. You can also propose a particular time and place for the two of you to meet. If you don’t know what to say, keep it short and simple. Be clear about why you are writing and what you want to express. You don’t have to be funny or flowery if it doesn’t feel right.

How to Express Sympathy for a Loved One’s Death

Know the person you are writing to. Every person responds to the death of a loved one uniquely. Some people may want to be very formal, while others may appreciate a little humor. Understand the circumstances of what happened before you write. An unnatural death can be very shocking, and some people may need several days to process things.

Read about thoughtful sympathy messages you can base your card on. Keep your writing focused on the recipient. It may be okay to offer a favorite memory you have of the person who passed away. But you shouldn’t talk about yourself too much. Try not to engage in cliches. “I know how you are feeling” and “I am sorry for your loss” have little meaning nowadays. “I am beside you” or “I am there when you need to talk” are more powerful. If the recipient is religious, you can offer a religious quote. Make sure that it is appropriate. Consider paraphrasing the quote so you can put things in your own words. If the recipient is religious, you can include a line from a poem or famous person. Pick a quote that is not directly about death. End your card on a positive note. A simple “thank you” can suffice. You can also mention how you look forward to seeing the recipient again.

How to Touch Upon Hospitalization or Illness

As with expressing sympathy for someone’s death, you need to know who you are writing to and what the circumstances are. Being hospitalized for a serious illness or sudden accident can be disorienting. Offer your sincere well-wishes. Tell the recipient that you hope they will get better soon. Add that you are there for them and will keep in touch with them. Don’t sugarcoat anything. A person with a serious illness has heard, “You can beat this!” Reflect the situation in your tone without talking explicitly about pain or death. You can include an inspiring quote from someone. Try to find a quote that few people have heard of. Don’t write more than a few sentences. Keep things short, but leave an opportunity for them to reach out. Try to do something nice when they leave the hospital. Or if it’s just a common cold, even a kindly-written get well soon message for your colleague would be extremely appreciated.

What to Write in a Thinking of You Card

You can figure out what to write in a thinking of you card. Picking the right card is an essential first step. Find something that is appropriate, including blank cards. Be casual when writing to someone you haven’t contacted in some time. Give opportunities for them to write back to you. Comfort someone who just lost a loved one. Offer your support and affirm your presence. Do the same for a sick person. Don’t be sappy, but mention that you are there for them. You don’t have to write cards by yourself. Handwrytten provides beautiful handwritten notes. Sign up today!

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