How to Write a Sympathy Card From a Business

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During times of loss, a message of support and comfort can mean a lot to people. This point is especially true in business. If someone within your company, such as a colleague or employee, loses a loved one, you want to find a way to express your condolences with a sympathy card from your business. Likewise, if a client or customer experiences a loss, you want to send a meaningful message as well. 

Knowing how to send a sympathy card from a business poses a challenge for many people. Striking the right balance between professionalism and authentic support can seem challenging, but we’re here to help you craft the appropriate message when you need to express your sympathies.

Why Is Sending Business Sympathy Cards Important? 

Your business is like a family. You’ve spent time cultivating strong bonds with your employees and your clients. When someone experiences a significant life event, you want to adequately and appropriately mark the occasion, perhaps with an employee birthday card, for example. A personalized card always offers a meaningful, authentic gesture that shows you care.

When a customer or employee’s loved one passes away, businesses often struggle with finding the right words. This feeling is natural. Sympathy cards present a challenge even when you’re writing to a close relative or friend. It’s hard to know precisely the right words to say in any sympathy card, including corporate sympathy cards.

When you send a sympathy card from your business, you want to make sure your communication stays professional. At the same time, you want the message to demonstrate compassion. Heartfelt, genuine condolences are meaningful when someone experiences a loss. You don’t want to send a sympathy message that feels contrived. You also don’t want your sympathy card to appear as though you’re using someone’s loss as an excuse for advertising your business. Company sympathy cards need to strike a delicate balance so that your recipient knows you care and that you genuinely want to express your condolences.

Are You Uncertain About What to Write in Business Sympathy Cards?

Once you’ve selected an appropriate sympathy 

card, you’ll need to craft a message that encapsulates what you want to say to someone who has experienced a loss. Whether you’re sending a card to an employee or a client, the sentiment expressed inside the card should convey your sympathy.

If you know the deceased individual, you can share a meaningful personal memory. In many cases, however, you might not know the person who died. Either way, you can keep your sympathy message short. One or two sentences that show warmth and caring are sufficient. Some ideas of messages you can use in your sympathy card include the following:

  • Celebrating a life well lived while recognizing your grief.
  • Sending our deepest sympathy to you and your family.
  • Wishing you peace and comfort with warm and lasting memories.
  • Sending our best wishes for hope, peace, and comfort in your time of sadness.

Tips for Sending a Sympathy Card From a Business

Keep the following tips in mind when you’re preparing to send a sympathy card from your business. The following tips will help you craft the appropriate message for your recipient.

Brainstorm Before Writing

You’re likely feeling pressure to write the perfect message when a client or employee has experienced a loss in his or her family. You have the opportunity to demonstrate that you care and add a bright spot to someone’s day while doing so. Take a few moments to brainstorm what you’d like to say before starting to construct the sentences.

Take some time to pause and think about what you want to write. Write down a few notes about the words you’d like to use and any specific details you feel are appropriate to share. Then, type your message so that Handwrytten can create the text in the sympathy card from your business using our custom-designed handwriting tools. 

Avoid Cliches

You may be tempted to rely on unoriginal phrases when you’re writing a sympathy card. Phrases to avoid include the following:

  • This shall pass.
  • Time heals all wounds.
  • (Name) is in a better place.
  • Everything happens for a reason.

Not only are these phrases overused, but these contrived sentiments won’t necessarily bring someone comfort. A sympathy card is also not the place to offer advice. Instead of relying on cliches or trying to rationalize a loss, write a personal detail or note to express your support.

Close With Sincerity

End your sympathy card with a sincere, warm closing. Respectful regards offer the ideal way to close a sympathy card. Ways to end your note include the following:

  • Sending my heartfelt condolences.
  • Wishing you peace.
  • With sympathy.

Then, sign your name or your company’s name on the card.

Clearly Identify Yourself in the Card

Assume that the recipient of the card will also receive many other sympathy notes. When you sign the card, use a group name for your business or your full name if the card is coming only from you.

If you are the only individual writing the sympathy card, assume that other people will share your first name. Writing your full name will ensure the recipient of the card knows who sent it.

If you’re sending a sympathy card on behalf of your business or a specific team or group from your company, you can use the business or team name with a signature such as the following:

  • Your (business name) team.
  • In sympathy, (your business name).
  • Your friends at (your business name).

Knowing how to write a sympathy card from your business can help remove the stress of putting together the perfect message. A heartfelt sympathy note can go a long way toward bolstering your relationship with a customer, employee, or business partner during a difficult time. By showing someone who has lost a loved one that you are thinking about the person, your recipient will know that you support him or her beyond simple business considerations. A genuine sympathy message offers a meaningful gesture of support that the recipient will value.

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