How to Write a Short Sales Letter

Even as digital marketing grows in prevalence, direct mail marketing still accounts for a large portion of marketing spending. That’s because it’s still a great way to directly reach your target audience. One particularly useful form of direct mail is a sales letter, which is also one of the most important automotive marketing trends in our estimation.

Learn how your sales team can benefit from a well-written short sales letter in this guide.

What is a Sales Letter?

A sales letter is a type of direct mail you can send to drum up interest in your company’s offerings. Although some companies completely focus on their digital sales efforts, sales letters are an excellent way to directly reach your target audience. The purpose of a sales letter is to persuade the recipient to purchase your product or service and provide them with more information about your company.

Even if the letter doesn’t directly get them to buy your offerings, it may convince a consumer to reach out to your sales staff directly. The letter can serve the purpose of introducing your company and letting the customer know they can find out even more by talking to your team. This is a great foundation for your sales staff to start with.

How to Write a Short Sales Letter

Writing a successful sales letter takes some practice and skill. When people have to sort through a stack of mail, find a way to make your sales letter stand out. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

The first sentence of your sales letter is the most important since it determines whether a prospect continues to read the rest of your letter. You need a headline that captures their interest and gives a peek into what the rest of the letter is about. Incorporate something that relates to their wants, needs, or personal interests.

Write a few variations of your headline and pick the one that is the most unique and enticing. For instance, “it’s time to reclaim your lawn without all the back-breaking work, so let our weed care specialists take care of everything,” sounds much more interesting than “Does your yard have a lot of weeds?” The former instantly introduces the prospect’s wants and needs while the latter falls flat.

2. Outline Your Offer

Now that you have a prospect’s attention, start to explain what you want to offer them. Although the features of your products and services are important to share, the benefits are what really speaks to a prospect. Think about what selling points your team uses when talking to a customer and add them to your letter.

For each feature, explain how it will improve a certain aspect of their life. For example, if a feature of your weed care service is that you use natural pesticides, you could write, “It’s our mission to provide safe lawn care service, which is why we only use natural pesticides. As soon as we’re done, your dogs and children can safely enjoy your lawn once again.”

If you want to keep the letter short, choose your absolute best selling points, and expand on them. Prospects who are truly interested will continue reading. You can always send out a longer letter later on that goes into even more of your features and benefits.

3. Prove Your Merit

92% of consumers read a testimonial before making a purchase.

According to a study, 92% of consumers read a testimonial before making a purchase. The same study also found that 88% of consumers trust these reviews as much as a personal recommendation. With these statistics in mind, it’s clear that adding a review or testimony to your sales letter is a great way to turn prospects into customers.

Prior to writing the letter, reach out to some of your most loyal clients, and ask if they can provide a testimonial for your marketing materials. You could even add a headshot of the customer to further prove that the testimony is real. By choosing a direct quote that shows other people’s satisfaction with your business, you can boost your sales.

4. End With a Call-to-Action

Close your sales letter with a call-to-action. This is a line that tells the prospect what they should do next. Examples include, “Give us a call at 555-5555 to schedule your lawn care service,” or “Stop weeds in their tracks by scheduling your lawn care service online.” Make sure it’s simple for them to act on what you say by including the applicable contact information or instructions.

Tips for Writing Sales Letters

Follow these sales writing tips to create more persuasive sales letters:

  • Use easy-to-read formatting. Bullet points, short sentences, and brief paragraphs can help your prospects find information and stay interested.
  • Offer a discount. One way to make your call-to-action more persuasive is to throw in a deal with it. For example, you could give them an initial discount or gift card for your services.
  • Make it look handwritten. Everyone is used to a typed sales letter, which is why using Handwrytten to write your business sales letters is an easy way to stand out. They’ll be impressed with this personal touch.

Sample of a Short Sales Letter

Use this sample sales letter as inspiration when writing your own:

Summer’s here, which means so are those pesky weeds. Let us do the hard work of making your yard look beautiful again while you enjoy all the fun that comes with the season.

For over 30 years, Natural Weed Removal has provided safe and affordable lawn care services. We only use natural pesticides to ensure the safety of your family and the environment. Our weed removal specialists have created a special formula to remove all of your weeds without those harsh chemicals. 

Get to know a few perks of working with us:

  • Free lawn care consultations.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Safe and speedy weed removal. 

Don’t just take our word for it, Lawn Care Monthly says, “Natural Weed Removal is the most innovative lawn service to date. Every homeowner needs to hire them!”

When you book your first service with us by August, you get 20% off your entire service. Visit to schedule your service.

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