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No matter how long you’ve been in business, taking the time to forge personal connections with clients still goes a long way towards building key relationships. Sending handwritten thank-you notes is a unique way to add a personal touch to your corporate communications. If your company is entering a growth phase or if you already have strong sales automation processes in place, you might assume that your company can’t support this level of customization.

With the right tools, however, you can seamlessly combine personalization and automation to grow your customer base. Learn how to integrate handwritten cards in your sales automation and find out how customized cards can boost your business.

Greeting Cards Can Enhance Your Sales Process

For most companies, convincing customers to make a purchase is about much more than luck. If your business is like most in your industry, you’ve implemented processes that help guide customers through deliberate sales funnels, moving them from awareness to consideration to decision. You’ll typically need a carefully crafted communication strategy to make an effective sales funnel.

In many cases, encouraging prospective customers to move along to the next stage of the sales funnel requires more than a friendly chatbot or series of automated emails. Digital messages can easily get lost in the shuffle, as the average office employee receives over 120 emails each day. Naturally, relying solely on digital communication can create a barrier between your company and your customers. Your business and your customers remain distant entities with no personal connections to one another.

You need a way to spark personal connections with customers whether your company sells online, over the phone, or in person. After all, the sales process is all about relationships. The more affinity your customers feel for your business, the more likely they’ll be to buy.

The simple gesture of writing and mailing a note implies your company cares.

Thank-You Notes for Business

Thank-you cards easily allow your business to break through that digital barrier and build personal connections. Even sending a short note instantly makes your business more memorable. The simple gesture of writing and mailing a note implies that your company cares enough to invest the necessary time and resources. Sending a physical greeting card helps your business stick out and stay at the top of customers’ minds.

No matter how many points of contact you’ve had with your customers, greeting cards have the potential to move the sales process along more quickly or help your sales team achieve better results. By sending thank-you notes regularly, you may even be able to generate repeat business. This will ultimately increase lifetime customer value and decrease the average customer acquisition cost. A perfect example is real estate, where relationship marketing is critical and handwritten real estate notes are a good solution that can help!

When to Send Custom Thank-You Cards to Clients

Like any form of customer communication, thank-you cards make the greatest impact when you send them at the right time. Since your company’s sales process should dictate the optimal times for sending personalized notes, start by reviewing each step of your strategy. Some of the most beneficial times to send thank-you cards include the following:

After a Sales Call

Whether you just completed a brief sales call or a lengthy pitch, always thank your prospects for the time they invested. Make a point of sending this type of thank-you note within a day of the call, especially if it has the potential to impact their final decision.

After a Sale

When the clients you’ve pitched agree to your terms, always commemorate the occasion with a thank-you note. Rather than thanking clients for major purchases only, try showing your gratitude for sales of every size.

After Repeat Business

Rather than taking regular customers for granted, always send a thank-you card within a few days of securing repeat business. Each note you send has the power to grow your relationship even more and helps your business stay at the top of customers’ minds.

After a Referral

Receiving referral business indicates that you’ve made existing clients so pleased that they trust your team to handle matters for their associates, too. Thank customers for their referrals immediately, even if they don’t lead to substantial business.

For an Anniversary

Customer anniversaries can be cause for serious celebration, and they’re excellent occasions for sending thank-you cards. Make a point of sending these notes in advance to give sufficient weight to the date.

What to Include in Customer Thank-You Notes

If thank-you notes have never had a place in your sales process before, you’ll want to consider your message carefully. To increase your chances of making a good impression and remaining top of mind, always focus your message on your customer rather than on your business. Try including the following details in your customer thank-you cards:

After a Sales Call

Make note of everyone who participated in the sales call and address your thank-you note to the entire group. Thank them for taking the time to discuss their issue and consider your solution. If the sale is still under consideration, remind them about the next steps, but don’t make landing the sale the focus of the note.

After a Sale

Welcome your new customers on board and express sincere gratitude for their purchase. Provide direct contact information so they’ll know where to send questions or access support when necessary.

After Repeat Business

Convey thanks for your customers’ continued support and tell them how much you appreciate doing business together. Remind them where they can turn for quick answers and help with any issues that may arise.

After a Referral

Tell your referring customers how much you appreciate both their trust and their business. You should also thank them for being valued growth partners. If you offer a referral fee, discount, or related perk, include redemption details. Make it as easy and as rewarding as possible for customers to refer business so that both sides will benefit.

For an Anniversary

Thank your customers for their continued loyalty, and specify the number of years you’ve done business together. Include details about any anniversary specials or bonuses you offer, but keep the focus on gratitude rather than on making an additional sale.

business thank you note example

Why Personalized Thank-You Notes Are More Effective

Mailing the right cards to customers at the right times can certainly help your company stand out from the competition. However, sending preprinted greeting cards may not make a particularly positive impression on your clients. After all, cards with printed inscriptions typically have generic appearances and cookie-cutter messages. That won’t exactly help your business build meaningful relationships. Over 40 percent of preprinted junk mail lands in the trash unopened, which means it may never generate a response.

In contrast, sending personalized thank-you cards tends to be much more effective than mailing standardized notes. With customized cards, you can go far beyond a surface-level “thank you for your business” note. You can include unique information and details that show your customers how much you care. Mention key aspects of a conversation or details of a deal to create additional points of connection to your customers. Since each link has the potential to contribute to stronger client relationships, personalized thank-you cards can be incredibly effective for your sales automation strategy.

You could print custom messages for thank-you cards, but writing these notes by hand adds a level of customization. Not only do handwritten notes imply a greater tier of customer care, but they also add a welcome personal element to your business correspondence. Since studies have shown that handwritten thank-you notes can drive business and increase customer loyalty, it may come as no surprise that sending these personalized cards tends to offer an impressive return on investment.

How Handwrytten Can Streamline Your Thank-You Cards

If your sales team is already pressed for time, adding an extra task to your sales workflow can slow down the process and compromise results. In addition, illegible handwriting may complicate your message and confuse your prospects, while shopping for the ideal thank-you note may prove to be an impossible task for your team.

When you opt for Handwrytten cards, you’ll receive customized correspondence that fits seamlessly into your sales workflow. First, you’ll choose a thank-you note from a carefully curated online selection of greeting cards for business. Next, you’ll select a handwriting style that conveys your company’s personality. Since you can opt for the same style on every note you send, your correspondence will always appear consistent.

Although you can select each thank-you card individually, Handwrytten helps your team, even more, when you use the bulk send option. Simply input addresses and contact information and personal messages for each recipient, and let your friendly robot handle the rest of your custom thank-you card creation. Since handwritten notes have a significantly higher open rate, you can look forward to building stronger, more effective client relationships with each card you send.

automate personalized cards by integrating with Salesforce

How to Add Personalized Cards to Your Sales Automation

Leaving thank-you note writing and sending to an experienced greeting card service is a smart choice for busy sales teams. When you take advantage of  Handwritten automation, however, you’ll save even more time and resources. Handwrytten connects to Salesforce, SharpSpring, Zapier, and Amazon Seller Central to help you send thank-you notes quickly and easily.


Salesforce users have the option of integrating Handwrytten into their customer relationship management system (CRM) in a number of ways. Try adding a button for sending Handwrytten notes in Contacts, Opportunities, or Accounts interfaces. You can also create a dedicated pane for creating Handwrytten notes or save your messages in the app’s Activities panel. Since you’ll input messages directly into Salesforce, you’ll have a digital record of every note you send. You can even segment your contact list to find customers easily and turn notes into templates. Try handwritten Salesforce notes in a few clicks. 


If you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing and sales automation solution, try linking Handwrytten to SharpSpring. This software service offers everything, allowing you to generate leads and connect with prospects automatically. By integrating Handwrytten, you can seamlessly send customized thank-you notes to key prospects, new customers, and any leads who reach a predetermined point in your sales funnel. This integration automatically sends contact details and a thank-you template to Handwrytten. Using SharpSpring ensures that you don’t have to think twice about connecting with your prospects.

Amazon Seller Central

Connecting with customers on Amazon isn’t always easy, but Handwrytten’s integration with Amazon Seller Central gives you a chance to build personal relationships. You can set new customer creation as the trigger for sending a personalized thank-you note and automatically ask recent buyers to leave reviews as you thank them for their business. With this integration, you can even add promotional codes to reward loyal customers and encourage repeat purchases. Consider adding a gift card to your automation to take your relationship to the next level.


To add more sales automation, try connecting Zapier Handwritten Notes. Once you’ve connected accounts, you can set an unlimited number of automations based on virtually any trigger. Whether you want to send thank-you notes to new accounts, repeat customers, or another group, you can easily automate personalized cards based on just about anything that moves the needle for your sales team. Since Zapier doesn’t require coding, it makes adding a personal touch to your sales automation incredibly easy.

Whether you’ve just launched your company and want to cultivate strong relationships from the start or you’ve been in business for decades and want to take your customer care to new heights, personalized thank-you notes offer a smart solution. Create custom Handwrytten cards and start taking your sales process to the next level.

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