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The growth of technology has led to many new ways to make running a small business easier than ever. From social media to video mail, email and online marketing, technology has opened the doors for businesses to promote their products and services and gain new customers. But, one thing that the age of technology has stunted is the use of handwritten notes, cards, letters, and thank you notes.

Knowing how and when to send thank you cards in business can go far in terms of fostering customer relationships and showing your appreciation to hard-working employees. Here we explore six opportunities to send thank-you cards and tips to keep in mind when writing them.

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6 Opportunities Small Businesses Can Use to Send Thank You Notes

The following are a few great times that company owners can send small business thank-you cards:

1. Following a Business Meeting

Have you recently had a meeting with an employee, business associate, or potential customer? If so, this is a great opportunity to send the person you met with a thank-you card. This simple gesture can demonstrate your appreciation for that person taking time out of their day to meet with you.

A thank-you card can also help set you apart from the competition after a business meeting. For example, if a potential client has met with you and a few other companies to decide on the best match and deal, send a thank you note to show your eagerness to work with the client. It may influence them to choose you over the competition.

2. After a Customer Makes a Purchase

Small businesses are often dependent on the loyalty of their customers and the word-of-mouth referrals that come from existing customers. One way to foster this loyalty and grow relationships with your customers is to send handwritten thank-you cards after a customer makes a purchase. Even a simple note that says “thank you for your recent purchase” can go a long way if it’s handwritten and personalized to that customer. While writing a note for each purchase may feel daunting, it will ultimately pay off and can lead to increased sales and boosted customer relationships.

3. Customer Birthdays

Another great time to utilize thank-you notes in your small business is when a customer is celebrating a birthday. This type of card goes beyond the traditional birthday card and should express your organization’s gratitude for the customer’s continued support. You could also include a coupon in the customer’s birthday thank-you note to further show your appreciation and encourage sales.

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4. To Thank Employees for a Job Well Done

A great way to show your thanks to employees for a job well done is with a handwritten thank you card. Sending thank you notes to employees when they’ve done an exceptional job at work is also a great opportunity to show how much their contribution to your small business means to you. Taking time to individually thank employees for their hard work can improve employee satisfaction and increase employee loyalty within your organization.

5. Customer Anniversaries

If you have customers who have been loyal to your small business for a year or more, consider sending handwritten thank you cards to customers on the anniversary of when they started their relationship with your company. Sending a personalized thank you note to customers demonstrates that you care about their business and can also work to build customer loyalty. Be sure to express your gratitude for their continued support. You could also give your customers a coupon code or discount on their anniversary to further show your appreciation.

6. When You Receive a Referral

Receiving a referral for a new client from an existing customer or business associate is a great time to send thank you notes. Showing how much you appreciate the referral and the fact that the person thought of your business can go a long way toward potentially getting more referrals in the future and growing your relationship with the person who sent the referral.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Sending Thank You Notes

While sending thank you cards probably seems fairly cut and dry, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure your notes are received in a positive and beneficial manner. Consider these tips when deciding to send thank you cards from your small business:

  • Be specific: When sending any kind of thank you note, it’s important to be specific about why you’re writing to ensure the recipient feels truly appreciated. For example, if you’re writing a thank you card to an employee for a job well done, be specific about what they did right and why you appreciated it. You can also mention how their efforts contribute to the bettering of the company as a whole. For thank you notes sent to customers after a purchase, be sure to include the item or service they purchased to show that your card isn’t just another generic piece of mail.
  • Use the recipient’s name: When beginning your thank you note, be sure to use the recipient’s first name or Mr./Ms./Mrs. and their last name. This personalizes the letter and shows the recipient that they aren’t receiving a generic thank you note that’s being sent out in bulk. Or, if it is, the recipient won’t know when you address them personally.
  • Use an automated handwritten letter: There are several companies that can produce handwritten letters for you according to your specifications. Many of these companies allow you to simply fill in the text you want to include in the letter, and they will then write the letter and send it out for you. This can help save time on your end and ensure your customers and employees feel appreciated.

Taking time to show appreciation for your employees, customers, and business associates can go a long way toward the growth and success of your small business. These tips and opportunities are a great place to start.

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