Handwrytten’s Carbon Offset Plan

Handwrytten is proud to announce our initiative with One Tree Planted.  Through this program, Handwrytten has committed to paying for the planting of one tree for every 100 cards we write!

We fully understand the business of handwritten notes is not the most environmentally friendly. We buy tons of paper a year, adding to (in some small part) the deforestation of the planet.  Additionally, the paper is transported to us on trucks, creating an additional carbon footprint. We then transport the notes to the post office, where, again, they are put on gas-guzzling trucks to end up at their final destination. While we love our service, the thought of damaging the planet does not rest easy.

That is why today we are announcing our commitment to One Tree Planted. Starting immediately, for each 100 cards we write, we will pay for the planting of one tree through this terrific organization.

Our Environmental Cost Calculation

While we cannot fully quantify our offset, we know, according to World Atlas, it takes 24 trees to make 1 ton of paper. Therefore, based on the weight of 1 card and 1 envelope, we can estimate 2,342 note/envelope pairs use 1 tree. As we will be planting 1 tree for every hundred note/envelope pairs, we will be replacing trees at a rate of over 23 to 1!

Estimated Forestation

Based on our card volumes last year, and our current run rate, we expect to plant on average around 2,000 trees a month, or 24,000 a year.  We are excited to watch our numbers grow year after year.

One Part of Many

Handwrytten already invests heavily in recycling, proactively paying for recycling services to pick up and handle the scraps of paper left from our print shop. Now, combined with reforestation, we will continue to improve our carbon footprint. Please stay tuned for announcements of other environmental initiatives too.


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