How to Write a Memorable Political Campaign Thank You Letter

As a politician, it is important to be in contact with your supporters. With social media, candidates can keep their followers up to date with their campaign, political stances on important issues, and what they are doing for their community. However, one crucial way to keep in touch with your constituents is through a political campaign thank you letter.

You can add a personal touch and connect with donors, volunteers, and supporters with a thank you note. A personal note can also persuade voters to get involved in your campaign.

To help you achieve these objectives, we’ve explained what to include in your thank you letter and provided thank you letter examples.

To Whom to Write an Election Thank You Note

Several people who have shown dedication to your political success or contributed to your campaign should be included in your election thank you note mailing list. The following are a few considerations to make when drafting a political thank you letter.


One of the first people that you should thank is your donors. They believed in your campaign enough to donate money out of the kindness of their heart. No matter the amount, it says a lot when a person invests in a politician.


Another group of people that should receive a political campaign letter is the volunteers working for your campaign. They spent tireless hours working on your behalf. Even if they did not necessarily donate money, they did donate their time.


Finally, you should thank your supporters. These are the group of people who signed up for campaign text messages and email updates. They may or may not have contributed, but they most likely voted for or supported you.

6 Tips for Writing a Political Thank You Letter

An authentic and personal thank you message is the best way to communicate genuine gratitude. How do you express gratitude through a campaign thank you letter? Keep reading for six tips for writing a political campaign thank you letter.

  1. Use the donor’s name. Addressing a person by their name is a sign of courtesy and respect, making a lasting impact. It’s also much more personal than generically referring to the recipient as a donor, volunteer, or supporter.
  2. Make use of the word “you.” Using the personal pronoun throughout the letter focuses the letter on the recipient.
  3. Explain how the recipient impacted your campaign. Explain how the recipient’s contribution, such as their donation, was used. Or explain how many people were reached because of their volunteer work.
  4. Include a quote or story. Feel-good stories and quotes are a positive way to humanize the campaign and communicate the real-life impact you’ve made.
  5. Make it personal. Adding a personal touch such as handwriting the letter can also make the recipient feel that you care enough to write it out instead of using a generic letter or email.
  6. End with a call to action. Engaging the public in civic activities is an ongoing activity. Tell the recipient how they can continue to stay involved in your political career, where they can connect, and what further opportunities are available, but don’t end it “with love”.

Campaign Thank You Letter Examples

We’ve compiled examples of political campaign thank you letters for you to get a sense of how to format them and what to include.

Example 1: Letter to Donors

Dear John,

I wanted to personally thank you for your generous $100 donation to my campaign. Your act of giving has been used to fund the production of political yard signs and bumper stickers. With your help, we have been able to reach more voters in rural areas.

Monica Ramirez from Winslow, Arizona, was able to purchase a yard sign showing her support for our campaign. She wrote to us, saying, “I live in a small town, and I wanted my neighborhood to become aware of Senator Burns’ run for office. I was able to do this by purchasing a yard sign online. Thanks for making these available to voters!” Because of your contribution, Monica was able to buy that yard sign because of your donation!

My next upcoming event will be a virtual town hall meeting. I am inviting you to this event so you can continue to learn about my stance on the important issues affecting our community. Thank you again for your generosity.


Mark Burns

NOTE: We’ve got some great content that outlines some sample examples of donation thank-you letters that you can also build from.

Example 2: Letter to Volunteers

Dear Lucy,

I’m writing this letter to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to volunteering for our campaign. We know that you are busy with many other obligations, yet you still helped us. What a difference your help has made!

I know that you were one of the volunteers who went door to door on behalf of our campaign. Because of your volunteer work, we reached and registered over 500 new voters in Orange County. You proved that one person can change a community.

We’d love to stay connected! To hear more about our campaign’s latest news, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter. Again, thank you for your volunteer work on behalf of our campaign.


Maria Lopez

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