Think Direct Mail is Dead? 5 Reasons to Reconsider

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Every business owner needs a surefire way to convince new customers to come through the front doors. Unfortunately, many companies choose to throw money at digital advertising with unimpressive results. Let’s face it – there’s too much noise in the digital advertising realm to stand out. This leads us to the all-important question: Does direct mail work?

In this article, we’ll explain how you can escape this competitive arena using the tried-and-true method of snail mail with Handwrytten. With Handwrytten, you can automate the process with Handwrytten’s personalized notes.

Before looking at Handwrytten solutions, we must answer one widely asked question: Is direct mail dead in the digital era? No way! Here are five reasons direct mail still works.

Is Direct Mail Dead?

The rapid rise of the internet and digital marketing have overshadowed traditional advertising services. This has led many to question the effectiveness of direct mail.

Does direct mailing work anymore? Or is direct mail dead as we increasingly spend more time on the Internet?

Many consumers and business owners believe that modern commerce is a digital affair. They don’t realize the digital advertising space has become overrun. The amount of competition makes it impossible to reach out to customers in a meaningful way. Indeed, there are good reasons to believe that most digital advertising goes to waste. According to one analysis, people open only 20-30% of all the emails they receive. But, up to 90% of direct mail is opened by consumers in the comfort of their own households.

When it comes to bolstering your business, you need an advertising method that provides a hefty return on investment. Direct mail’s median ROI of 29% beats paid search and nearly parallels social media activity. It’s also a great way to target local consumers who are close enough to your business that they may walk through your front doors later that same day.

Many people have thus discounted direct mail as an effective advertising tool despite the fact that it remains alive and well. It’s worth exploring why direct mail works and how it achieves such great results in the digital era.

Why Direct Mail Works

People love advertising that’s personal. This is something that digital marketing efforts often fail to take into consideration. Besides having a personal touch, direct mail efforts also have benefits that digital competitors can’t claim.

There’s Less Competition

Small businesses that use direct mail to attract customers will face fewer competitors in the advertising space. As companies turn to the Internet for advertising, platforms like Facebook and YouTube become inundated with ads. Users generally learn to ignore these ads. Fewer companies still send direct mail. This means those companies that stick to the old methods will get more bang for their buck.

Compu-Mail’s statistics indicate that for every 36 emails a person receives, they receive only one piece of physical mail. With less competition, your direct mail will stand out from the crowd and lure customers.

For every 36 emails a person receives, they receive only one piece of physical mail.

You’re Targeting a Broader Audience

Digital marketing efforts are often precise. They claim that micro-targeting all advertisements is the way of the future. While precise targeting can be helpful, there are many marketing situations where targeting a broad audience can yield the most results. This is especially true if you’re a local business owner catering to a nearby audience. Those who don’t understand why direct mail works usually fail to consider the local element.

In addition, older Americans are reliable consumers. Yet, fewer older citizens use the internet compared to their younger cohorts. Pew Research indicates that many citizens over the age of 65 simply never make a Facebook account. Without a social media presence, direct mail is often the best way to reach these customers.

Direct Mail is Tangible

There’s something special to be said about holding an item with your own two hands. When modern gadgets go digital and remove physical buttons, consumers often complain they want a tangible device. At the end of the day, sending a physical coupon or sign-up request allows customers to feel your advertising with their own two hands. This could generate serious results.

If a customer has a physical coupon, they can pin it to the fridge or stick it into a purse or wallet. It’s easier to use and harder to forget compared to a digital email that gets lost in an inbox.

Direct Mail Increases Brand Awareness

Customers won’t become familiar with your brand until they’re regularly exposed to your logo or messaging. Sending direct mail is a great way to build a brand connection. Even if they’re uninterested, customers have to physically hold and review the mail before throwing it out. Over time, they’ll learn to recognize your brand and associate it with their local area.

Direct mail also ensures your product or service comes to mind when they encounter a need for it in the future. Even if your direct mail isn’t initially successful, it can generate results down the line.

Direct Mail is Romantic and Personalized

Finally, there’s something indescribable about receiving a letter in the mail. Many people grew up learning how to write and receive letters but only see them rarely, during a birthday or holiday. To receive a letter is heart-warming, exciting, and a little mysterious. This intrigue is what lures customers in and generates serious results for your company.

Handwritten letters are simply romantic in their aesthetic appeal. They harken back to a simpler and fonder past. Business owners don’t always have time to put a handwritten letter out to customers. Handwritten automation would allow them to effortlessly bolster their brand with local residents.

Automate The Direct Mail Process

So is direct mail dead? No! It is a viable marketing solution that can increase business, especially with the personalization of a handwritten letter.

With the help of the experts at Handwrytten, business owners can easily automate the process of writing and sending letters to customers. These custom letters are a great way to reach out to locals about a forthcoming sale, new location, or more. Moreover, they’re an affordable and personalized option that contains a human touch. Other advertising methods simply can’t compete with a handwritten note!

What are you waiting for? Start sending handwritten notes messages out today! Soon your company will be overflowing with eager new customers.

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