Handwriting Automation Solutions for Your Business

Research shows that handwritten notes are a great way to gain clients and also very effective at increasing customer retention.  However, it can often be difficult to find the time to sit down and write the notes. Luckily, tools like Handwrytten allow you to automate handwriting processes easily. Here are three handwriting automation solutions to increase handwritten communication without lifting a pen.

Start Simple with Excel

Handwrytten allows you to bulk upload lists of addresses and messages. This requires no integration with your other systems. As most programs can output Microsoft Excel (or at least a CSV file) it’s very easy to export from your favorite system your names and addresses, and import them into Handwrytten.

For birthday notes, anniversary wishes, and similar messaging, you can override the date each note sends. You can upload your list and schedule your automated handwritten birthday and anniversary campaigns months in advance.

For more robust needs, Handwrytten has an “advanced” feature, which acts like a mail-merge. Using this feature replaces up to ten  “replacement keys” in the message, such as the person’s name, their recent purchase, and the store they visited. It is an incredibly personal handwriting automation solution.

Connect Your Favorite Apps with Zapier

Zapier is a powerful system for easily connecting systems. What used to take weeks of API integration can now be done in seconds with point-and-click simplicity.

Zapier is like the hub of a wheel, and each app is a spoke.  As thousands of applications connect with Zapier, they, therefore, connect with each other.

Handwrytten is proud to connect with Zapier.  This makes it easy to automate connections to systems like Amazon Seller’s Central, Quickbooks, Shopify, and more. In just a few clicks you can create robust handwriting automation integrations.  For instance, you automatically send each new customer of your Shopify store a handwritten note.

Automatically send each new customer of your Shopify store a handwritten note.

Integrate and Automate with APIs

If your business has very unique needs, a full API integration may be required. Handwrytten has the most documented and functional API available.

Some clients have used our API to white-label the Handwrytten platform within their system.  This allows them to offer a powerful handwriting automation system within their app.

While you can find the documentation on the website, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Let Us Help You

Handwrytten’s market-leading robotics, combined with our software, make it easy to implement any outbound campaign.  Contact us to see how we can help you, or request a sample kit and see for yourself how incredible (and personal) your automated handwriting campaign can look.

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