Why Businesses Should be Sending Handwritten Notes

In this digital age, when we are all about technology and continuously looking for ways to automate our processes, a plain old greeting card might seem strange and outdated. However, greeting cards are a powerful marketing tool. If you spend some time and effort customizing them with personal handwritten messages, they can help you develop strong connections with your customers and build lifelong customer loyalty. As a bonus, your sales will get a boost too.

Let’s find out why custom cards are so effective, what they can do for your business, and how you can begin incorporating them into your marketing plan.

Why Handwritten Notes Work

Think of how you felt when someone expressed their appreciation for you or wrote you a personal note on a special occasion. Most likely, these kind words made you feel warm on the inside and a little closer to that person, and you probably felt the urge to do something nice in return on their special day. It’s no secret that we enjoy these small gestures because they generate positive emotions and help us connect with each other.

The same idea can be applied to the business world when you want to build authentic relationships with your customers. To forge personal connections in a business environment, we can leverage the same powerful tools that we use in our personal lives. However, to make sure that they work, we shouldn’t forget to apply the same principles, as well. If we want to connect when we send a card, then we need to be thoughtful when writing it, and our message should come from the heart.

Why Are Custom Cards Important?

Many businesses do not realize how powerful offline communication with their clients can be and how much stronger their connections could be if they kept in touch with their customers in an old-fashioned way. Although email and social media make it easy to send holiday wishes, these methods are quite impersonal. A physical card has a completely different effect on the recipient. It stands out because it’s a rare analog object in our digital world, and the card’s physicality causes us to feel a stronger connection with the sender.

A visually appealing card with a sincere message can easily become an integral part of a person’s home or office space and serve as a constant reminder of the sender. They are showcased on desks and bookshelves.  The human element is even stronger when the card is written by hand. We enjoy reading handwritten notes because they feel so much more authentic.

Why and When to Send Cards to Customers

Now, let’s explore why and when you should send cards to customers, and maybe find some inspiration in the process. Although you can send out cards for your own reasons, here are a few common reasons to get you started.

Express Gratitude

Customers appreciate companies that appreciate their business. Greeting cards and thank you notes can be an extension of your commitment to customer service, making it more comprehensive. After a client interacts with your friendly and helpful team members or purchases some goods, send them a thank you card to complete the sale cycle. In addition, a card will serve as a subtle reminder of your business. When you sincerely express your appreciation that a customer chose your business they are more likely to think of you when they want to buy another product.

Make Them Feel Special

Not only do we want to be appreciated, but we also want to feel special. Sending greeting cards to your customers will do much more than just give them a nice surprise. By adding your personal touch and custom details, you can spur them to feel warm, positive emotions and encourage them to associate these good feelings with your business. As a result, your customers will feel good about your company and will be more inclined to do business with you and tell their friends and family about you. This is a unique way to encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Recognize Their Milestones

Though many businesses know about the importance of recognizing their customers’ milestones (such as a particular amount spent or a certain number of purchases made), they usually follow the road often traveled and do what everyone does: send coupons or special sale invitations. Although this is a good start, why not take the road less traveled and distinguish yourself from the competitors with a personal touch, such as a handwritten note?

Connect With Your Customers

People would rather buy from people than companies. This is why reaching out to your customers and making personal connections can help solidify your business relationships for years to come. Ideally, you should write the card by hand.  If you can’t write the note by hand, using a service like Handwrytten can create the same effect.  As technology improves these notes are virtually identical to actual handwritten notes and can be done so at scale.

Land Immediate Sales

In addition to helping you build strong customer relationships, custom cards can also boost your sales when you use them for special promotions. You can present your special offers as a gift to your best customers. For example, with your thank you note, you could include a coupon for a 25 percent discount or a generous gift card to your store. This is a very powerful marketing strategy as it drives repeat visits to your store or website. As a result, you can end up with follow-up sales that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

How to Incorporate Custom Handwritten Cards Into Your Marketing Strategy

If you are ready to start sending custom cards to your customers, or if you’ve dabbled in handwritten outreach before but had little success, use these ideas to incorporate cards into your current marketing program. Most importantly, we’ll go over the basics and show you how to ensure that your cards are effective so that your well-intentioned efforts aren’t wasted. However, before we plunge into the specifics of using handwritten cards to accomplish your goals, think about these important points first:

• The cards that you send to your clients for holidays and special occasions can reveal a lot about the quality of your customer relationships and how you run your business. People easily pick up on how much you care about them when, for example, they receive a card and their name is misspelled or when they get your Christmas card in January. Details really matter in this situation.

• If your cards are simply a component of your promotional materials, they will likely deliver only mediocre results. However, if you personalize your cards, they can have powerful effects that go beyond your sales promotion efforts.

• Be realistic when evaluating your resources. While small businesses might be able to send a handwritten card to every customer, businesses with large customer bases usually can’t. However, they can still take advantage of options such as automated online services.

Tips for Making Greeting Card Marketing Effective

Achieve visual appeal with quality materials: When designing your cards, opt for custom creations that are tailored specifically for your company. Make sure to print your cards on high-quality, professional paper. Since the purpose of sending out handwritten cards is to build connections (with sales promotion as a bonus), logos or advertising content might distract from your primary message and leave your customers with the wrong impression. It is best to avoid any kind of salesy material.

Marry creativity with simplicity: You can be quite creative when designing your greeting cards. However, try not to go overboard. Ideally, your message should be simple, personal, and honest. If you handwrite the whole message or at least a small section at the end, your customers will notice that you put in the effort to personalize the card.

Consider the overall presentation: Although we all know that what’s inside matters most, don’t underestimate the power of delivery. Even the envelope, as inconsequential as it may seem, should be carefully considered. People’s mailboxes are filled with white envelopes that look alike and get discarded without being opened. When you put effort into creating a custom card that has a special message, you want to make sure that it is opened. To entice the customer to read your message, your envelope needs to stand out. Try embellishing it with a handmade element, a beautiful graphic, or a burst of color.

Avoid inappropriate material: Even if your message or image is just a funny joke, you should avoid anything that could be deemed inappropriate or offensive. Although your customers may think that it’s hilarious, remember that your relationships with your customers should always be professional.

Send your cards on time: This might seem obvious, but businesses should pay special attention to punctuality. While we won’t be heartbroken if we receive cards a few days after a holiday, we might be disappointed if we receive our birthday card from our favorite store a month too late, especially if it had a time-sensitive gift card or discount coupon.

Scale and Automate Your Custom Card Marketing With Handwrytten

For many businesses, it is not feasible to send custom handwritten cards. Fortunately, they can still express their appreciation for their customers with help from Handwrytten. Our handwritten notes platform allows businesses to simplify and automate card creation and distribution without losing their brand’s personality.

Handwrytten Services

With Handwrytten’s services, written outreach can be seamlessly integrated into your business processes. We help you not only with card design but also with content planning and cadence for better customer targeting. Our services equip you with a range of tools. These allow you to manage your handwritten notes from a variety of devices, websites, and systems. We take care of your handwritten custom cards from beginning to end: from card writing and stuffing to gift card insertion and mailing.

Handwrytten APIs

With our APIs and tools for Salesforce, Zapier, and more, you can easily integrate Handwrytten into your current marketing program. You can set a schedule for sending out your cards or have your cards go out when customers spend a particular amount of money or complete a certain number of store visits. You can also send out automatic reminders to customers who haven’t shopped with you in a while. Whatever schedule you have in mind, we can make it happen. Your clients will always receive your cards on time.


Handwrytten allows you to stay true to your brand’s identity with a variety of styles and templates, including custom creations just for you. The Handwrytten platform allows you to upload Excel spreadsheets in bulk, allowing you to send out thousands of cards at once.

You will also have handwritten marketing consistency at Handwrytten. All of your branded cards will use the same handwriting style, making it easy for your customers to recognize your brand.

Custom cards are a great tool for expressing your appreciation and make them feel special.

Custom cards are a great tool for expressing your appreciation to your customers and making them feel special. Whether you want to send them holiday wishes or thank them for their purchase, this small gesture will strengthen your relationship with them. Building long-term client relationships are worth the effort and should be a top priority, and a strong handwritten outreach strategy is an excellent way to generate strong loyalty and retention. And that is why businesses should be sending handwritten notes.

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