The Power of Handwritten Notes

In the age of electronic communication, handwritten notes are an effective tool for businesses that want to stand out and get noticed. These pieces offer a personal touch that’s been proven to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

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Customers are suffering from electronic burnout

The average office worker receives 147 emails a day!
The average open rate for commercial emails is just 18.16%
64% of Americans prefer handwritten notes over electronic communications

Handwritten notes create dramatic results

Handwritten notes increase engagement between sales representatives and clients by 30-50%
81% find handwritten notes more meaningful than emails and text messages
Handwritten response rates are 300% greater than traditional printed pieces

Handwritten notes have several benefits

They’re worth keeping

Handwritten Letters may make it onto the fridge or a bulletin board for safekeeping.

“As technology races forward, people are increasingly starved for those high-touch extras, like homemade meals and personalized notes.” – New York Times, May 4, 2012

They show a meaningful investment

The US Postal Service indicates that people receive handwritten notes only once every two months.

“While saying ‘thank you’ is important, the beauty of a well-crafted handwritten note is that it can show deeper investment and appreciation than a simple thank-you can.” – John Coleman, Harvard Business Review

You can convey deeper emotions in a handwritten note.

“Your thank-you note should recapture the smile, handshake to hug you would give the giver in person, and offer it in a form that can be read and reread.” – Margaret Shepherd, The Art of the Handwritten Note

They set you apart from the competition

Handwritten notes easily distinguish you from competitors who are still sending emails.

If you want to stand out, to be more polished, probably the easiest thing you can do is write that thank-you note.

– Heather Wiese, owner of Bell’Invito

If you are looking for an effective way to connect with your audience and differentiate your company, handwritten notes are an effective approach.

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