How to Sign and Send Greeting Cards Online

Last updated, November 7, 2022

In our modern world of smartphones and instant communication, sending letters by mail are almost a thing of the past. Even when you think of direct mail, you’re probably picturing impersonal marketing materials that no one really wants to read. That’s were Handwrytten steps in with personalized greeting cards.

Handwrytten allows you to customize greeting cards online using your own handwriting, signature, and custom card designs. That doesn’t mean you have to do all the work yourself, especially if you’re in a rush. We also offer a variety of real handwriting styles and predesigned cards to choose from.

Whether you’re throwing together a quick campaign or fine-tuning every aspect of it, sending greeting cards with Handwrytten gets results. It’s an effective strategy for just about any organization to use at any stage of business. Whether you’re starting a new company with a brand-new mailing list or rekindling business relationships with old clients.

Keep reading to discover how to sign and send greeting cards online.

Improve Client Retention With Handwrytten Greeting Cards

The personal experience that goes along with receiving handwritten notes in the mail far exceeeds any typed letter or email. People can feel overwhelmed with marketing messages from the businesses they work with. As a result, receiving something written by hand can be like a breath of fresh air.

It doesn’t just make your customers happy to receive handwritten letters. It also causes your brand to stand out in a world where every other business is doing the same thing. Nearly every company sends emails and form letters to its customers and clients, but few send handwritten notes.

Send Handwrytten Notes for a Variety of Occasions

Occasions to send greeting cards varies, depending on what is important to your clients. People celebrate different holidays depending on where they live, whether or not they’re religious, and other factors.

However, you aren’t limited to acknowledging just official holidays. People love getting authentic, heartfelt messages at any time of the year, but make sure not to get too heartfelt; sending a “with love” card to a client may not be exactly the message you want to send.

Sending an employee birthday card, a custom invitation, and a thank-you card are all great examples of how to improve client communication for any special occasion; or, in the event that an employee is leaving, you could make it the standard to create farewell cards for coworkers or employees. You could even make up your own occasion to celebrate within your brand’s community.

card from Andrew to grams, with love

Handwriting Styles to Choose From

Now that you understand the importance of handwritten notes, it’s time to get real. First, let’s cover the selection of handwriting styles available at Handwrytten for public use.

Handwrytten has 29+ distinct handwriting styles available to use in your cards and letters. Each one has a clever name, from “Bounding Bernie” to “Chill Charity,” to set them apart from one another. Best of all, each one is virtually indistinguishable from human handwriting because they’re inspired after real people’s handwriting. You can see an overview of every single one of our handwriting styles here!

Having a range of penmanship styles to choose from is great, but you might be interested in even more personalization. For that, you’ll want to know how to submit a custom handwriting style.

With a custom handwriting style, you can use your own penmanship-or someone else’s, such as a sales rep in your organization. With a one-time fee, Handwrytten will scan and design your exact handwriting style. Then you can use it in any of your future mailings.

Simply connect with us at to set up a custom handwriting style and signature!

Sign Cards From Your Smartphone

It’s one thing to order handwritten greeting cards online, but what if you could sign and send cards from the convenience of your smartphone? With Handwrytten, you can!

The importance of using your own signature in your messages can’t be overstated. It adds an important layer of authenticity to any marketing message. Similar to duplicating your handwriting style, Handwrytten can duplicate your custom signature with its friendly handwriting robots.

With advanced technology that allows them to replicate human-like handwriting of any kind, your signature will look like you wrote it yourself. All you have to do is submit your signature with a one-time fee, and their team do the rest. Once again, simply contact us to get started!

Once you’ve set up your custom handwriting and signature, choosing and customizing cards in the Handwrytten app is a breeze. Simply pick a card design, choose a handwriting style, type your personalized message, and specify any inserts you’d like to add, like gift cards or business cards. You can then import contacts from a spreadsheet or directly from your device to mail to.

Before you send your personalized greeting card, a realtime preview will be available. Whether you’re on the app or online, you’ll always have the chance to inspect your handiwork before clicking “send“.

Send Greeting Cards in Minutes on the Handwrytten App

By now, you can see how easy it is to sign and send greeting cards online. You’ve also seen why handwritten greeting cards are so effective for improving your relationship with your clients. From choosing the perfect handwriting style or submitting your unique signature, Handwrytten offers all the tools you need to connect with your audience authentically.

Are you ready to find out how to sign up for the app? It couldn’t be easier: you can find the Handwrytten app on the App Store and Google Play. You can go ahead and create your account here.

Choose from our cards design or your own.

Over 100 designs to choose from or design your own. Our online card customizer makes it simple.

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