Handwrytten Signatures

Adding a custom signature to your notes takes them to the next level and it is now easier than ever!

Handwrytten now allows you to easily add a custom signature to a note. Just follow this simple process to get started.

1. Contact us to create your signature

Your signature is painstakingly recreated from a photo or scan. To get started, email a PDF or high resolution signature to your dedicated account rep or us at contact@handwrytten.com .  We currently charge $250 for your first signature and $50 for each additional variation.  Once you pay for your signature, it is yours to use indefinately.

2. Log In to Your Handwrytten Account

Go to Handwrytten.com and navigate to Our Cards page.  Choose a card and click “Send“.

3. Send a card

Once you create a signature, a new menu will appear on the “Wryte” screen.

4. Insert Signature

After writing your message, place your cursor where you want to insert your signature.  Then click a signature from the drop-down menu. Your signature will appear on the right in the Preview box.

To left align your signature, insert your signature in the main text box just below your message.

To right align your signature, click inside the lower right text box before selecting a signature from the menu.

Remove your signature

To remove your signature, go back to the drop-down menu and select “None”. This will remove your signature no matter which text box it is in. 

Contact us!

Still not sure how it works?  Feel free to reach out and we can walk you through the steps.

Want to add your signature? Shoot us an email and we can get you set up with your own personal signature or sign-off.