10 Ways To Encourage Customer Reviews & Feedback

What is one way to get customer reviews and encourage customer feedback?

To help small businesses gain more customer feedback, we asked business professionals for their best strategies. From surveying clients at checkout to connecting via email, there are several ways that may encourage customers to leave more feedback. 

Here are 10 ways to encourage customer feedback:

  • Wait for the Right Time
  • Offer Tried and Tested Products
  • Prioritize Customer Service
  • Post Customer Reviews
  • Install Live Chat
  • Connect Via Email
  • Offer an Incentive 
  • Make It Easy
  • Ask for a Private Rating First
  • Survey Client at Checkout

Wait for the Right Time 

To encourage customer feedback and reviews, it’s best to make sure that you’re prompting them at the right time. Emails are a good way to remind a customer if they’ve used a service or bought a product to ask for a review. But if you ask too soon or wait too long, you’re running the risk of the customer not having enough to say or not remembering enough to give a detailed response.

In our case, as a dental laboratory, it’s best for us to ask after a service has been used within a day or two. When you’re asking for the feedback, be sure to mix in questions that they can answer on a scale. Yes/no questions and 1-10 ratings work well. Make sure to provide customers with space to leave their own thoughts, too. Hearing the customers’ words is just as important as the stars they give you. Be sure to personalize the prompt for a response when you send it, as well, to show that you care and value the individual. 

Henry Babicheknko, Stomadent

Offer Tried and Tested Products 

Every product we offer in our shop has been tested and approved by industry experts in our Lash Gang, our lash network of professionals around the country. We care about providing the best products available on the market, and we won’t accept anything less than perfect for our customers. By putting our products through a rigorous approval process, we get happy customers who feel compelled to share their positive customer experience and product reviews. We want our Lash Gang to succeed. Making sure they have the best products in the industry at their fingertips plays a huge part in that goal.

Vanessa Molica,  The Lash Professional

Prioritize Customer Service 

In a simple phrase, to get customer reviews: provide top-notch interactions and experiences. Even the interactions that are set up by automation should also be programmed in a way that it still feels like they’re talking to a human and that the customer matters. From the customer landing on your website or social media accounts or stopping by the office in person, they should feel welcomed and listened to. Providing a warm and welcoming environment ensures that the rest of the interaction will go smoothly and that will, in turn, give your customer the confidence to post a very in-depth and quality review. 

Vicky Franko, Insura

Post Customer Reviews 

This may seem small, especially considering a lot of people are now doing it. But it works. By simply showcasing or having a spot for potential customers to see the previous reviews, you might encourage them to also leave a review. Highlighting the reviews you’ve gotten and showcasing the success or happiness of customers can help encourage people to share their experiences with your company as well. Happy customers are integral to any business, so they, too, deserve a small space to shine.

Anastasia Avgerinou, Comidor 

Install Live Chat

Install live chat on your website. Many website visitors and customers today want instant answers to their questions. Live chat offers a human or automated connection with customers to gather feedback, answer questions, or move prospects into a sales funnel. Customers almost expect live chat to be installed on sites today as a substitute for a business phone number. If your website has more than a few hundred visitors per month, live chat may be one tool to utilize in order to increase the volume of feedback your business receives. 

Mor Hasson, Maple Hosting

Connect Via Email 

We have been fortunate to get customer testimonials of our predictive text software by reaching out for reviews via email. Having customer conversations through email gives us an opportunity to obtain user insights and showcase our customer service further. Connecting with customers who are business owners, C-level executives, or influencers in your targeted industry is especially helpful as their public feedback can help build your business further. We like to highlight customer quotes on our website, including their picture and company name to help anyone considering our software begin their customer journey with confidence.

Guy Katabi, Lightkey

Offer an Incentive 

Offering incentives is a great way to encourage customers to leave reviews for your business. When customers go out of their way to write reviews, they use their own time to share information about your business. By providing customers with a discount or small gift after leaving reviews, you express gratitude for their support. And, you encourage future engagement by bringing them back for additional products or services. Customers will appreciate you recognizing their value, and it is an opportunity to have some fun with the rewards you offer! 

Bailey Mills, Markitors

Make It Easy

Taking time out of the day to write a review for you is a big deal, especially when it doesn’t benefit them in any way. If it’s not easy and convenient, there’s a good chance you won’t get it, even if they said they would, so make it as painless as possible. I always provide a direct link to the platform that I want the review written, so they don’t need to figure out how to get there themselves. If you’re selling products, send an email after they receive their product with a direct link for them to write the review.

Phil Bryson, Easy AZ Home Buyer

Ask for a Private Rating First 

It’s not about just getting a review. You should focus on getting good reviews. Encourage your customer to write a review when they have expressed satisfaction. First, ask your customer to rate your products or services privately. If you get a five-star rating, convince them to write a review. If you get a bad rating, ask what you could do better, fix the problems, make the customer happy, and then encourage a review.

Katherine Brown, Spyic

Survey Clients at Checkout 

Always do a follow-up after services! We recommend handing out a small survey for your clients to complete while you are running their payments. This trick ensures your clients are actually completing the survey when they would have just been waiting for you to check them out. A quick three questions about their service is all you need!

Lauren Bosworth, Love Wellness

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