10 Ways to Promote Brand Loyalty and Engagement

Out with the old and in with the new! That way of thinking can bring a breath of fresh air into many areas of life, but not the world of business. Focusing on those customer retention and developing brand loyalty is essential to growing your business. In fact, just a 5% retention of customers can attribute to up to an astonishing 95 % increase in profits

With so much competition in every industry, there is a need to stay front and center of your customers’ minds. Therefore, excellent customer engagement can be the special sauce that helps you stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

If you want to know how to develop loyal customers, we’re here to help. By the end of this post, we hope to boost your customer loyalty program as well as applying a personal touch to your customer experience.

Keep reading for 10 ways to promote brand loyalty and engagement.

1. Jump in the Deep End and Engage

When it comes to your customer engagement strategy, every new and existing customer matters. To engage successfully with your target audience, every step of your marketing strategy counts towards improvement.

The most effective way to do this is through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Ask yourself, “Am I responding to comments?” or “Do we make content that encourages your customers to keep in contact with us?”. When customers notice your engagement, it gives the impression you’re not just interested in what’s in their pockets, but you appreciate them as individuals.

Before, this was done in-store with a smile and friendly tone of voice. However, with today’s technology, your digital marketing strategy is what will make you stand out as one of the good guys.

Take things up a notch by engaging offline. A handwritten note or letter is a great way to establish a customer relationship and communicate that you appreciate their support. But when is it the right time to give them this personal touch? Find out the answer in another blog post.    

A handwritten note or letter is a great way to establish a customer relationship and communicate that you appreciate their support.

2. Consistency Is Everything 

It’s Tuesday morning. You go to get your regular coffee at the shop down the street. Without even thinking about it, you step out of the store, close your eyes and take your first sip…and…spit it out! They’ve messed up your order and given you tea! Now you like tea, in fact, you like to have it occasionally.

So what is the problem? 

It’s not what you asked for or expected. This happens more than once, and the chances are you’ll start looking somewhere else to start your day right. 

Now, sipping on your morning pick me up may not seem to have much to do with brand loyalty. However, a common reason for an existing customer to not stick around is not being confident you can deliver what they want.

Brand consistency gives confidence, so make it your goal to meet customer expectations. It goes much further than your products and services, too. Logos, fonts, and tone of voice all should show that you are all singing off the same hymn sheet. Get it right, and you can develop loyal customers that will be happy to sing to your tune in no time!

3. So What Do You Do Exactly? 

What are you good at? If you can’t answer that question quickly, it’s not fair to expect your potential and current customers to know the answer either. 

Core values should be knowned and presented by staff so that they may be made clear to your customers. Help them by being definitive and specific about what solution you can fix or product you offer in your marketing strategy.

Regardless of your many great products or services, bombarding your customers with all available options can be counterproductive. A waiter getting it right with their one recommendation can lead people to be more adventurous on their next visit. Build that all-important trust with good quality products and services. Afterward, you’ll find customers looking around to see what else you have to offer; possibly beyond their comfort zone.

4. Offer Incentives

“You look nice today!”

Hearing those words is usually enough to put a bashful smile on our faces. Who doesn’t appreciate being made to feel special!

While we can’t give virtual compliments to boost our customer‘s self-esteem, we can help our audience feel on top of the moon by giving them rewards.  

Haven’t jumped on the loyalty marketing train yet? If so, you should certainly consider getting a ticket. One study showed that 66% of customers amended the amount they spent just to get more loyalty points. Setting up a program can increase profits, customer acquisition, and provide important insights into where your customers are spending their money. 

Competitions, offers, and exclusive opportunities for members are all ways in which you can give your customers a virtual pick-me-up. More importantly, boost your building customer loyalty.

5. Excel at Customer Service

Did you know that customer experience affects a purchasing decisions by 73%? That number should be big enough to make you put all your efforts into getting it right. 

Excellent customer satisfaction and service isn’t just about having a friendly smile or getting orders out quickly. Every aspect, from their experience on your social media platform, to how easy it is for them to find a human to speak to when calling, should be considered. For a large business, it may be easy to have these procedures in place, but even a small company can knock customer service out of the park if they have clear procedures in place.

Go the extra mile and consider sending unexpected thank-you for your business letters as another touch to develop loyal customers. 

6. Get Interactive 

Producing content that encourages people to get involved leaves people with no choice but to engage with you!

Instead of your content appearing like you are about nothing but the hard sell, asking questions or using polls on  social media show can you put the customer first. Social media engagement also helps your bottom line, with 70% more conversions being reported in some cases.  

Give it some thought and get started asap!

handwritten note requesting a product review

7. Encourage Customer Reviews

Not having a huge marketing budget shouldn’t leave you stuck on how to promote customer engagement.  You can foster the relationship for free from the beginning by asking customers to review your business.

Ranking high among the competition is an easy way to grow your brand awareness, but reviews work so well for a few reasons. New customers need assurance that you are trustworthy. While they may not have a friend or family member to vouch for you, an independent non-biased opinion can work wonders at getting you a conversion. 

So don’t miss out on this wonderful (and free!) marketing tool by reminding customers to review you on whatever platform you prefer after completing a service or sale. 

8. Is There an App for That?

If there is one object that engages people the most today, it has to be our cell phones. 

We will spend an average of up to 9 years of our life on our mobile devices, an astronomical number when put into perspective. But understanding that fact makes it clear why every major company seems to have an app nowadays.

Developing an app means customers are carrying a piece of you around with them in their pocket every day. This is an advantage that would have seemed like a marketer’s dream about 20 years ago.

On apps, you have your customer‘s undivided attention, leading to increased engagement and sales. Added to that, you can also take advantage of push notifications which are proven to improve engagement and customer retention. 

If you can budget for it, a good quality app is certainly worth consideration. 

9.  Build Brand Loyalty by Being Responsive

There is nothing worse than sending a message to a company and having the feeling that your complaint or question will never see the light of day. Most people have one bad experience, and that’s enough to mentally blacklist the company in question.

We live in a world of instant messaging and social media, a combination leading to 53% of people expecting to hear back from a brand within 1 hour if contacted through social media

If you make responsiveness part of your key values, you will be matching their expectations, a key component of creating brand loyalty

10. Don’t Just Hear, Listen

The Greek philosopher Epictetus is credited with those famous words, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” In business, getting this wrong can be catastrophic. 

In the recent pandemic, for example, many companies were simply not prepared to adapt to what customers were crying out for. Whether it was streamlining their online experiences to adapt to the increase in demand or having answers to common sense questions, if you didn’t keep your ear to the street, it meant lights out for your business.

Make it a habit to let customers or clients lead your business decisions instead of too much focus on your goals. If you have procedures and processes in place to review common pain points and complaints, customers will stand up and reward you with brand loyalty.

Gain a Loyal Customer Base Step by Step

Building brand loyalty and engagement takes a lot of work, but the rewards are too bountiful to ignore. We hope that our suggestions can help you to hit the mark every time. 

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