Top 6 Tips to Creating an Effective Welcome Kit

You’ve just landed a new customer or employee, great! However, now isn’t the time to let your foot off the gas. Making a strong first impression is critical to building rapport, as it sets the tone for what is to come and what they can expect from you and your company. If you aren’t sending your new customers a welcome letter or kit, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity for engagement. Welcoming a new client or employee will reassure them that they’ve made the right choice by picking your company and helps start a long-standing relationship.

The age-old saying that it costs 5 times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep a loyal one is still true today. Thanking customers for their business is an important and critical step to establishing loyal customers.  

How do you send a welcome kit to clients? What goes into a welcome kit? Keep reading to discover our top 6 tips to creating an effective welcome kit.

How to Create a Welcome Kit

Creating a welcome kit can feel a little daunting. Effective kits are personal, useful and make your new member feel appreciated. Here are some tips to consider when creating a welcome kit

Determine and Collect the Information You Want to Include

Decide what information or swag you want to include for your newcomer. Ensure you talk to key stakeholders and managers to get the most current version of any information you need.

Organize Your Information

Categorize your information in a logical way that will make it easy to digest and navigate. For example, create a calendar for upcoming events or groups they may be interesting in joining.

If it’s more than one page, make sure you include a table of contents to help with easy navigation once you’ve organized everything in a logical way. 

Create Your Welcome Letter

A welcome letter should preface the kit for new customers and employees. Consider who the best person to write and sign this letter is, it may be the sales manager, the CEO, or someone else within in the organization. A welcome letter should be genuine, on-brand, and aligned with your company’s mission. 

Ultimately it should inspire new members and make them feel excited to be joining your company. More information on how to write the perfect welcome letter can be found below. 

holding welcome letter

Decide What Else to Include

It’s common for a welcome gift to include some extra treats or swag, often with company branding to make new members feel more at home. Consider what you might like to include, and what makes sense for your company. Below are some kitideas for extra items – remember to make sure the extra’s make sense for your company’s mission and brand. 

    • Company swag 
    • New member welcome letter
    • Tech necessities or office supplies
    • Employee handbook
    • Safety essentials (if applicable)
    • Gift card
    • Snack box
    • Headphones
    • Desk plants
    • Stress balls
    • Books

Double-Check Everything

It always pays to review and double-check your work to check if anything has been overlooked and ensure the information in the kit is accurate. 

Review and Improve

Your new customers and employees are the best resource you have for improving a welcome pack. Be sure to give them an opportunity to review how the process went from their perspective and what improvements could be made. 

6 Tips for the Perfect Welcome Letter

The perfect welcome letter will invite your new team member or customer in a friendly way that increases the likelihood of retaining them in the long term. The format and messaging will vary from organization to organization, but there are some key elements to include that will make writing a welcome message a little easier. 

1. Personalize the Greeting

A whopping 91% of consumers report that they are more likely to support businesses that personalize their interactions. A welcome letter should be personalized to your new customer or employee. Use their first name, rather than a more generic option. This will help them feel recognized and important to your company.

For a remote employee, a personalized greeting is a great way to make them feel included. It’s important to generate employee engagement for new team members, whether their in the office or at their home.

2. Handwrite Your Letters

While email can seem like a faster and easier option, handwritten cards mean far more and can be an effective way to make a lasting impression. However writing personalized welcome letters to each new member can be time-consuming and is often impractical. Consider automating the process to save you considerable amounts of time, while maintaining the authenticity of handwritten notes. 

3. Say Thank You

Let them know that you appreciate them joining your company. Try to be specific and genuine in your thank you, letting them know specifically why you’re grateful and what difference they will be making. Check out some welcome letter examples for some inspiration.  

4. Tell Them About Upcoming Events

Include a mention of any upcoming company events they may want to attend, personally inviting them or directing them to learn more. Including that you hope to see them there will make them feel welcome and important.

5. Share More About Your Organization

Including things like your vision, mission and values, company culture, and even a little bit of history about how your company got started. This will help them connect with the company and feel a sense of belonging. Just make sure you keep it brief! 

Consider inviting a new subscriber, customer, or employee to engage with your brand through email or social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all great options. Not only will you increase your follower count, but generate a loyal audience for future emails and posts.

6. Keep It Short

A welcome letter should be easy to read and not too lengthy. This will ensure they enjoy reading it, and it isn’t arduous to the team member.  

Let’s Get Started

Creating a meaningful welcome kit is your first step to building customer loyalty and a positive employee experience. Carefully consider what information you want to include and remember to make the welcome kit unique to your company, brand, and mission. 

Start by creating a handwrytten account to take care of all your personalized welcome letters! 

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