How To Write a Welcome to the Team Card

Hiring can be a difficult task. There are many different variables to consider, such as qualifications, company culture, and personalities in the office. However, when you find the perfect employee, you want to ensure you make them feel welcome to the team right off the bat.

A Friendly Gesture

One way to ensure your new employee feels welcome is by giving them a welcome to the team card. Once your new employee receives their card, they will feel welcome in their new environment. Feeling welcome will encourage teamwork and help your new employee form new relationships with their coworkers.

Creating a positive environment for your employees can reduce workplace drama, thus reducing turnover. Making your employees feel valued generally keeps them at their job for an extended period. It also ensures that you do not waste time and money training new hires over and over again. Just think, a simple gesture such as welcome cards for new employees can start your new hire off on the right foot.

Other Reasons To Write a Welcome to the Team Card 

New employee welcome cards can achieve a couple of different objectives. Often, starting a new position can be incredibly stressful for your new hire. A welcoming message can often:

  • Reduce the stress the new hire is feeling and allow them to relax.
  • Ease the transition into the new position.
  • Give the new hire a welcoming feeling.
  • Foster positive feelings between your company and the new hire.

Another way to start your employee off on the right foot is to get the card signed by all their new coworkers. Leave it up to the team if they want to write warm messages or simply sign their names. With the entire team participating, from the CEO to the guy in the mailroom, you will demonstrate just how friendly everyone is in the company. It will also allow your new employee to become familiar with everyone’s names in the building, which will help them meet everyone.

What To Write a Welcome Note On

There are many different mediums you can use when writing your welcome to the team message. You can use greeting cards for welcome letters, a company letterhead, an email, or you can use a note card with the company logo. Choosing which type of canvas you choose will be determined by a few factors:

  • Company policy.
  • Overall business tone.
  • Business type.

If you are in the customer service industry, your welcome letters may be more policy-related and use company letterhead, while companies who employ more relaxed office standards may use something more casual like a greeting card.

Writing Welcome Note Cards

It is effortless to create a welcome greeting card for your new employee. Here are four primary steps to get you started.

  • Keep it positive.
  • Be productive with your tone.
  • Tell them more about the company.
  • Outline first day expectations.

Once you have outlined the structure for your letter, you can begin writing.

Keep It Positive

It is essential to set a friendly tone for your welcome letter.

Tell About the Company

This section is your chance to elaborate a little more on your company. You likely spoke about the job, perks, and benefits in the job interview. However, the greeting card welcome letter allows you to put some details into writing for your new hire.

You can write a quick Q & A section, so it is easy to ready, and your new hire can reference the information at a later date. You may even want to create a welcome packet with all the pertinent information your new employee will need to succeed at your company.

Outline Expectations

In this letter, you can take the opportunity to discuss their specific start date, working hours, and where they will report on their first day of work. Give them a list of onboarding documents they need to bring with them. These items generally are things like:

  • Bank details for direct deposit.
  • Driver’s license and SS card for W9.
  • Additional paperwork HR needs.

Another item to list in this section would be to address the cadence of their first day, including where they will go and who they will report to if it is not you. Items to include on this list may be:

  • Meet with HR to turn in forms.
  • Shown to your work area.
  • Building or department tour.
  • Training with a leader.

This will vary depending on the size and type of business you have. An office environment will have a set of first-day protocols than a retail environment. A remote environment will also have a different set of first-day tasks. You can easily use this template and adjust it for your specific scenario.

Welcome to the Team Card Message Examples

Here are some examples of a greeting card for welcome to the team message.

Informal example

If you have a more informal environment, it can be as simple as:

Jenn! Welcome to the team. We are very excited to have you start on Monday, March 1st, at 9:00 a.m. When you get here, report directly to our HR director, Chari, to finalize your forms.

I look forward to showing you the building and introducing you to the rest of the team after.

Make sure to dress business casual, as we try to keep it reasonably comfortable around the office.

Congratulations again, and we are looking forward to adding your skills to the team!



Formal example:

When you have a more formal work environment, the new employee welcome letter may look more like this example:

Dear Jenn,

Welcome to the primary consulting firm in the Midwest. Congratulations on obtaining your new position as head sales manager. Your skills and background will be an asset to our company. We are excited to move forward with you in the role and grow as a company. We will see you at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, March 1.


Amy Pierce

HR Representative

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