How to Invite People to Corporate Events

Are you planning to invite your clients to upcoming corporate events? To some people, writing corporate event invites may be a little stressful. You’re not certain whether they would show up and make time to be at the event. So how will you convince them to accept the invitation?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to invite people to corporate events. Read on for helpful tips on how to effectively get them to show up at your next event!

What to Include in the Note:

There are key details that you need to keep in mind when writing your corporate invites:

Who? Who else will be at the corporate event? Can the participants bring a plus one? Are they able to invite others?

Why and What? What is the corporate event for? What will be highlighted during the event, and why are you inviting a certain participant?

When? Include the time and date of the corporate event.

Where? Is the corporate event held at your business location or some other place?

As soon as you have the answers to these questions, you may begin crafting a corporate note to either a current or potential client.

How to Write an Effective Note

Crafting corporate event invites to clients isn’t difficult so long as you can include the most important details in the note. Try to sound upbeat as possible to encourage your current or prospective client to show up at the corporate event.

Below are some helpful tips you can use for your note:

1. When writing the note, ensure that it’s personalized by mentioning the invitee by name.  Avoid writing generic notes as that would only discourage the person from attending. As much as possible, use a friendly tone when writing. Better yet, use a nickname if you know personally know the invitee, as to make your note more genuine.

2. How are you associated with the person you are inviting? Are you friends? Are they prospective clients? If you’re inviting someone whom you haven’t met yet, consider using a neutral tone. Don’t sound too serious but not too friendly either.

If you have only met the person once at a business meeting or some other location, consider mentioning this in your note. Allow the other person to remember how you met. Briefly talking about your experience with them will make them more likely to show up to your corporate event.

3. Are you sending an invite to a business contact? Depending on the type of corporate event you are organizing, you may want to mention the person’s qualities or qualifications. Why are they being invited to the corporate event? A person is likely to show up when they’ve previously been to a similar event.

4. Don’t forget to identify the purpose and what you hope to accomplish by sending the note. When writing notes to clients, it’s imperative that the note is as detailed as possible. Apart from including the basics such as the time and the location, it’s just as important to make the other person realize what you hope to accomplish. Just be as honest as possible, and ensure you know how to get the right message across.

5. Make it more personalized by also including your phone number or address in the note. Should the other person want to reach out to you, tell them their calls and emails are welcome. They can always get back to you if they have questions or if they can’t make the event.

6. Close your note by indicating that you’re confident they would enjoy the event or that you are delighted to see them at the corporate event.

Should You Also Email Them? 

We recommend using personalized notes when you invite people to corporate events. Handwritten notes specifically work best. Unless it’s urgent, emails may be easily forgotten. A physical and handwritten note speaks volumes. It let clients know that you are really serious and excited about having them at the corporate event. They will appreciate that you took the time to handwrite a personalized note and really shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile. Trust us; your clients will love you. They will also be more than likely to show up at your corporate event.

Corporate Event Invites Examples:

Example #1

Dear [Client],

[Business] is thrilled to let you know that we will be launching a new product on [date] at [location]. As a valued client, we are pleased to invite you to our product launching. This day is really important to us, and as one of our top clients, we want you to be a part of this product launching too. We want you to be the first to know about a new product we are selling in the market soon, hoping to hear some feedback from you too.

Will you be able to join us? If you have questions about the event, feel free to contact me at [phone number]. In addition, you can call me at your earliest convenience, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

We hope to hear back from you soon.


Example #2

Dear [Staff or Stakeholder],

We would like to take this opportunity to inform that you that [business] has organized a seminar at [name of seminar]. It will be on [date] at [location]. Our team has invited well-known speakers to take part in this seminar. We would really be honored if you can find the time to also attend the seminar.

Rest assured, it will be an enlightening and helpful experience for you. We have heard a lot of good reviews from the speakers we invited. We are hoping that all attendees can gain some insights into the seminar.

Are you able to attend? Do let us know at your most convenient time. If you are not able to attend, would you kindly inform me too? We really hope that you could make it.

We have invited those whom we think can benefit from this seminar, and you are one of them. Will you let us know your decision at least a few days before the seminar? Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. I can be reached at [phone number] during business hours or at my personal phone number anytime.

Hoping to hear back from you soon.


Requesting an RSVP

Have you ever sent out an invite to people expecting them to show up, but they didn’t? Consider including an RSVP so they can call you for confirmation. That way, you’ll know who are coming to the corporate event and who are not. You may also follow up with them a few days after sending your invite.

When calling them to follow up, ensure that you sound professional when asking for confirmation. If they refuse, thank them for their time and say you’re hoping they could join in future events.

More Tips for Sending Corporate Event Invites:

1. There are no rules as to when you should send out your corporate invite, but it would help if you can send it out at least a month before the scheduled event. By sending it ahead of time, you give them time to prepare for the event or reschedule their other appointment and make time for the corporate event.

2. Make your invite attractive yet professional. A beautifully designed and written note helps. Don’t worry; we have loads of available designs and handwritten fonts to choose from for your corporate invites. You can choose from over 100 designs for your event or design your own, custom invite!

3. Keep your message short, yet full of important details. Include the important information that the recipient needs to know, such as the purpose of the invite, why you are inviting them, the date, and the location.

4. Don’t forget to set reminders. If you tend to call them and follow up, set aside a time for this.

5. Don’t forget to proofread your notes before sending them in. A simple grammatical mistake may discourage the recipient from joining the corporate event.

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