11 Ways To Delight Customers

What is one way that you delight your customers?

To help small business owners find ways to delight their customers we asked CEOs and business leaders this question for their best insights. From rewarding loyalty to being honest and transparent, there are several ways that may help you delight your customers for years to come. 

Here are eleven ways to delight customers:

  • Answer Questions and Calls
  • Actively Listen to Customers
  • Provide a Relaxing Atmosphere
  • Be Honest and Transparent
  • Providing Proper Education 
  • Show Interests in Their Interests
  • Providing Solutions to Issues
  • Rewarding Customer Loyalty 
  • Bringing Joy and Laughter
  • Being the Trusted Expert
  • Offer Peace of Mind

Answer Questions and Calls

“There are countless companies in the same business as ours. However, we like to think that we offer a unique experience in our industry. As a small commercial finance broker, each of us answers our own phones and wants to ensure each client is cared for and well-informed. As such, we are committed to providing service that follows through on promises from managing bank relationships to delivery and set-up.”

Carey Wilbur, Charter Capital

Actively Listen to Customers 

“There’s no better feeling than when customers tell us that we’ve brought their dreams into reality. As luxury interior designers, we work mostly with couples. Having two different styles is tricky, but never impossible to overcome. We love to delight our customers by listening to them, and being extremely thoughtful in our design approach. Happy customers are really the best kind of customer to have. And there’s no better way to build trust and loyalty with customers than by actively listening to what they say and understanding them to really curate that positive experience.”

Alisha Taylor, Alisha Taylor Interiors

Provide a Relaxing Atmosphere 

“Depending on your service or business, creating a relaxing atmosphere may be more difficult than others. As a hotel nestled in the mountains of Northern Georgia across the street from Lake Rabun, we delight our customers by providing them with a relaxing atmosphere no matter the reason for their visit–weddings, corporate retreats, or simply to get away and relax in nature. The best way to delight customers is to make sure you’ve created an inviting space for them to experience. Make them feel important and cared for. That will create a positive customer experience.”

Gwen North, Lake Rabun Hotel

Be Honest and Transparent

“There’s no feeling like having a satisfied customer. We think transparency is always a good policy to try and maintain to keep customers happy. We do so by listing the perks to our service on the homepage of our website. As an appliance technician, we understand how disruptive it can be to have an appliance break down on you in your home and the anxiety that can build not knowing when it can be serviced. So we make sure that we advertise as honestly and transparently as possible about our abilities to service the same day or provide diagnostics too. Making sure the customer understands the full picture is important to us.”

Alex Belladorsi, Appliance Technician

Providing Proper Education 

“Getting eyelash extensions is a popular beauty service that requires some education on proper aftercare. You want lasting results and, as a company that sells eyelash extension supplies, we want to keep you satisfied! That’s why we train our lash artists on everything from choosing the right volume lashes to educating them on the right eye makeup to use. When you leave your seasoned lash brand ambassador, you’ll feel confident in your new look and know how to care for your eyelash extensions.”

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

Show Interests in Their Interests

“This is a rather simple answer, but one way I delight my clients is by thoughtfully going out of my way to show that I care about them as individuals. It is like any relationship in the sense that clients want to feel like they are important to you, can trust you, and are comfortable with you. Take the extra time to ask and be genuinely interested in how your clients are doing personally and how their business is doing in various areas outside of your normal involvement. One way I show that I care is by staying up to date on current events and trends within my clients’ industries. Clients are usually delighted when you share an article you read online that relates to their business or industry. It shows you go that extra mile to think about them outside of contractual responsibilities and business exchanges.”

Bailey Mills, Markitors

Providing Solutions to Issues

“We delight our customers by providing a niche product that they’ll love. Mattresses made for bigger figured people are a huge necessity in the market. We try to close that gap by offering a great product and hands-on customer service to walk the customer through the entire buying process.”

Jeffery Brown, Big Fig Mattress

Rewarding Customer Loyalty 

“We delight our return customers by rewarding their loyalty. For instance, we give discounts for return business. We also give discounts for buying in bulk. We push return customers to the front of our order queue as well. In addition, we personally thank each customer for their return business instead of sending an automatic reply. By rewarding return business, you delight your customers so they return again.”

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging Academy

Bringing Joy and Laughter

“We delight our customers through the personality of our brand. We aim to add some joy and laughter to people’s lives through the humor and entertainment in our t-shirt designs. Our customers appreciate the ability to spread this joy and laughter around by showing off our humorous takes on memorable TV shows, music or movies included in our shirts, hats and other accessories.”

Mike Pasley, Famous IRL

Being the Trusted Expert

“Customers appreciate when there is a lot of qualified information to back up the usefulness and effectiveness of the products a company offers. We have medical professionals connected with our company and people appreciate this especially since we offer health supplements. We include informational articles on our website written by these medical professionals, which further assures our customers of the expertise behind our health supplements.”

Ben Teicher, Healthy Directions

Offer Peace of Mind

“Peace of mind is one of the best delights for our customers. By offering customized insurance products and services that meet our clients needs, they can sleep comfortably at night every night. At Berglund Insurance, we provide insurance coverage for Medicare advantage plans (MAPD). We also offer products such as health insurance, including individual family and group benefits based on your needs.”

Brandon K. Berglund, Berglund Insurance

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