The Benefits of a Handwritten Thank You Card Over an E-Card

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There was a time when handwriting notes was the only way to communicate with each other. Although e-mail and electronic cards have made life easier and quicker, handwritten thank you cards means more.

Do you have an occasion to write thank you cards for? Don’t let the opportunity pass by without putting a bit of personalized effort into it and make a lasting impression.

Show Your Gratitude

Whether you have received a holiday gift, birthday gift, or a nice gesture from someone, taking the time to write a handwritten thank you card is a personalized way to show your gratitude. Even though you may have already verbally thanked them, sending a note will still mean a lot. It also gives you a chance to acknowledge the good things in your life.

Practicing Proper Manners

Once upon a time writing thank you notes after a birthday or holiday was just proper manners. We have strayed away from old traditions of giving thank you cards or handwriting anything at all. Strike up some of these vintage proper manners by handwriting your thank you notes.

It Is Just Much More Personal This Way

Picking out an electronic card takes thought, but it can also be streamlined by typing into the search bar exactly the theme that you want the card to have. Standing in the card aisle, however, takes more effort, as we all know. It somehow is just so much more personal when you pick it out from all the others.

A handwritten thank you card also shows that you took your time with the thank you, rather than sending a quick electronic card. It does not have to be a full two-page letter to have a big impact. A few handwritten sentences expressing how you feel are enough.

Putting It on Display

A handwritten card can do something that an electronic card could never do, be displayed for remembrance. You couldn’t hang an e-mailed card on the fridge or put it on your desk to look at, not unless you printed it out. With a handwritten card, the recipient has something tangible that they can put on display to remind them of you.

A handwritten card can do something that an electronic card could never do, be displayed for remembrance.

Getting a Handwritten Note Is Rare

When is the last time you got a handwritten note? Exactly the point, it has probably been a long time since someone put pen to paper for you to say anything personal. Handwriting is a rare practice, even kids are taught to type before they are taught to write.

Be the change that you would like to see in the world and show your thanks by handwriting a note to someone today. Perhaps your note will inspire someone else to revive this old practice. If not, at least you can say that you did the right thing.

Handing Someone a Handwritten Thank You Note

In times like this meeting, our friends face to face means more than ever before. And, being able to hand a not to someone means that we can look them in the eye, exchange our energy with theirs, and make the handwritten note even that much more meaningful.

Receiving Mail Is So Exciting

Most of the mail that we receive is either junk mail or bills. Neither of which is very exciting to find in your mailbox. A handwritten note, however, will brighten someone’s day as they come to it in their stack of junk mail.

It Keeps the Post Office In Business

Ever since we started paying bills online instead of mailing checks, and using e-mail instead of regular standard mail, the United States Postal Service has been in financial trouble. Yet, they still work very hard to make sure that the mail is delivered no matter what the weather conditions are, or how annoying the neighborhood dogs are that bark at them.

Buying stamps and sending letters helps to keep the post office in business and gives your friendly letter carrier job security. Of course the post office most at a much more efficient pace than they did back in the days of the pony express, thank goodness.

Practice Your Penmanship

As we type more and more often, our penmanship is steadily on the decline. Imagine if your teachers could see how awful your spelling has become since you started to rely on autocorrect so much! As more and more time passes where we do not use our handwriting, the worse our penmanship can get.

Give The Screen time a Break

Between our phones, our computers, our televisions, and even our refrigerators now we are logging onto our devices and getting on average over 10 hours of screen time per day! Take a break from all of the digital devices and put pen to paper to write something special to whomever it is that you are thankful for.

Looking Back on Old Cards Is Nostalgic

Going through a box of old photos and letters is not the same as clicking through digital pictures and e-cards. Having something tangible in your hands that someone took the time to create for you gives a feeling of nostalgia bringing back memories of when the gift was given, and the card was received.

A Handmade Handwritten Card

A store-bought card would be sufficient enough, but do you know what would make this handwritten note even more special? A bit of art and crafts to create a handmade card.

All you really need to do is fold a piece of paper in half or quarters and write or draw on the front before filling out the inside. Use nice paper, or colored ink to kick it up a notch.

You could even make handmade paper from recycled scraps of paper and a kitchen blender! It is not as intimidating as it sounds, and you can add in colored string or dried flowers to make it look like you spent a lot of money on something that cost next to nothing to create. Now, that will really impress them!

Make It Special

Want to make this handwritten, homemade card even more special? Fill it with confetti so that when they open it they get a colorful explosion. Store-bought confetti comes in all colors and even shapes. You could also cut your own confetti using a hole punch or scissors and colored paper.

Dab some essential oils on the paper and envelope so that there is a wonderful whiff of delightful scent that fills the air around them as they read what you have so lovingly written for them.

Spice up your writing by using calligraphy instead of print or cursive writing. Calligraphy is an art that can take years to master, but you can at least practice by doing their initials on the envelope.

After you have sealed the envelope you can decorate it with some cute stickers. If you plan on sending the envelope in the mail try to use flat stickers and not stickers that are raised because they will not be able to be processed the same way as a regular envelope and you will have to pay extra postage.

Thank You Note Accompaniments

The handwritten thank you is wonderful on its own. However, if you wanted to throw in a bit of a bonus you might pick a flower, or make a few cookies to go along with the note. How sweet would it be to receive a thank you note with homemade baked goods and a handpicked bouquet of wildflowers?

For handwritten thank you notes to clients, you may also include a business card or a gift card.

How to Write a Thank You Note

The first rule of giving a thank you note is to do so in a timely manner. Take a few minutes to write a few words within 24 hours, and then send it off or hand-deliver it.

The basics of a handwritten note are a greeting, a body, and a closing. Whatever you want to write within the note is entirely up to you. Something polite and full of gratitude is recommended.

Reasons for Writing Thank You Notes

What are some of the reasons that one would write a thank you note? Of course to say thank you, but for these occasions:

  • After receiving a gift
  • Holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduation gifts
  • When someone does something nice for you
  • For a babysitter or pet sitter
  • For a mail carrier
  • For a trash collector
  • Telling someone that you appreciate them
  • When someone attends a party or function
  • Just saying thank you for someone being themselves

There don’t necessarily have to be detailed within the note of what you are thankful for. For instance, you do not have to say what gift they gave you for your birthday, just that you are thankful for their thoughtfulness.

With Many Thanks

No matter what the occasion, a handwritten thank you card is sure to make a more personal impression than an electronic thank-you note. Take your time when writing, but try to get your thank you note in the mail or their hands within 24 hours for the execution of proper manners.

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