How to Gather Physical Addresses From Clients

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What are some successes you’ve shared with your clients? Perhaps you landed a new client account and can grow your team. Or maybe you want to thank a client for their loyalty and business year after year.

You appreciate your clients and want to show how much they mean to your business. But, do you ever feel like your “thank you” falls flat? In a world of rapid-fire emails, video calls, and text messaging, showing we care takes more effort than ever before.

That’s why gathering your clients’ physical addresses is an important tactic to grow your business, organize your data, and make lasting impressions. But how can you get your hands on those addresses? What are tactful ways to get the information without appearing overbearing? And, how can you use those addresses to impress your clients and scale your business?

Read on to learn everything you need to know.

The Benefits of Asking Your Client’s Physical Addresses

Regardless of what industry you work in, organizing client data is a foundational step in running your business. You may think client data is just a list of facts and figures, but information such as clients’ physical addresses can be useful tools in the marketing efforts and growth of your business. Let’s explore these benefits.

Become More Efficient

When it comes to your business, lost information equates to lost opportunity and lost revenue. How many times have you had to sort through endless file cabinets or search emails for a clients’ physical address?

This disorganized approach leads to stress and frustration in the workplace. When you have an organized system with clients’ physical addresses on hand you can increase your workflow productivity, do more in less time, and become more efficient.

Set an Example for Employees

Employees want to work in a supportive and organized environment. If they are unable to find the information they need or complete a simple task due to office chaos they may become disgruntled and uninspired.

Set an example of efficiency by organizing data such as clients’ physical addresses. Having a centralized place with this information ensures that everyone in the office will have access to the files and be able to assist.

Attention to Detail

Clients love the attention to detail. When you remember a certain client fact or preference this reflects on your business. Your business should only have to collect clients’ physical addresses one time.

If you lose or misplace this data, it can be a reflection of your business and overall efficiency. Show your attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and organization skills by staying on top of things. This can encourage repeat business and grow your sales.

Increase Marketing Potential

Clients’ physical addresses are invaluable for marketing. With this data, you have access to your clients at any point in time. That means you can send them information on new product releases or service offerings.

You can just send a quick thank you to show your appreciation for their business. While this can be done over email, physical mail to the clients’ addresses creates a deeper and more lasting impression. That could help create loyal customers and increase your profits.

Impress Your Clients

What’s your end goal after gathering a physical address? You may want to mail your client a personal thank you card, feel better wishes, or other marketing material. However, handwriting dozens, if not hundreds of notes can be tiring, tedious, and impractical for a busy business owner.

And don’t even think about taking the time to write a physical address a thousand times over. Save your energy and check out Handwrytten. The company creates handwritten notes to impress your clients, increase your marketing efforts, and more.

Handwrytten’s technology allows you to scale your handwritten outreach. With automated technology, the company uses your words in pen and ink to duplicate messages that can reach more clients in less time.

example of physical mailboxes

How To Ask for a Physical Address

Now that you are sold on the benefits of gathering clients’ addresses, how can you ask someone for their address? As a business owner, this can be tricky to get right. You don’t want to appear impolite or abrasive.

After all, a client’s personal address is confidential information. As a gatherer of that information, it is up to you and your business to keep that data private.

So, how can you make your client feel confident and comfortable in disclosing their physical address? Read on.

Establish a Rapport

Place trust at the forefront of your client relationship. If this is a new client, gathering a physical address can feel especially intimidating. Before requesting this information, take the time to get to know your client, establish a rapport, and build trust.

After some time, your client will feel confident in your abilities, trust your business, and be more willing to disclose their physical address. Leverage that time, trust, and relationship to gather the information. For example, express to your client how long you have been working together.

Use Meeting Time Wisely

On your next video conference call or in-person meeting, carve out time to gather clients’ physical addresses. Don’t bombard your client with this request at the end of the meeting. This could be perceived as impolite and put the client off if they feel uncomfortable.

Instead, disclose the request on the meeting invitation or on the agenda notes. This prepares your client for the ask and shows your business to be open, honest, and transparent.

Schedule a Phone Call

Be bold and schedule a phone call with your client to gather their physical address. Did you know there is research to support the mental health benefits and social connection benefits of talking on the phone? Your client wants to hear your voice!

It helps establish your credibility and builds that trust factor. Pitch the request in a way that benefits the client. For example, you can express how having the physical address would allow your business to send the client important product updates, discounts, or general information that keeps them informed.

Don’t forget to give clients a taste of the delightful and thoughtful Handwrytten notes coming their way. You can even sneak your clients their favorite branded gift card for any occasion.

Send a Questionaire

In the case your client does not prefer meetings or phone calls, an email questionnaire can pose the important client questions you need answers to. Email questionnaires are easy and quick to generate. Your busy clients may be more inclined to type their physical address than take the time to respond to a phone call or schedule an in-person meeting.

You can build this questionnaire through online email surveys of your choice. You may even use these surveys as an opportunity to collect additional data your company may need to know about for clients. For example, beyond the physical address, you may ask the clients’ birthdate, phone number, and other details.

Start Email Marketing

Leverage email marketing to encourage the art of handwritten notes. How many emails do your clients receive per day? How many emails get lost in spam or are deleted without ever opening or reading them?

You can launch an email campaign that promises to minimize those emails and bring back the art of handwritten notes! That is sure to capture your clients’ attention and encourage them to give you their physical address information.

Don’t worry about preparing the team to craft these notes. Handwrytten will do the work to create personalized notes at scale and can even create personalized envelopes.

Write Politely Over Email

For special clients or for smaller business operations, individual emails could help gather physical addresses. In this situation, leverage that rapport or trusting relationship to create a highly engaging but quick request. Be sure to identify your reasons for requesting the physical address and outline the client benefits within the first few lines.

Always email from your official company address and include proper salutations and logos. This helps legitimize your ask and makes the client feel safe to respond with this personal information.

Physical Addresses Make It Personal

Gathering physical addresses are important for business operations, but these addresses take you one step closer to deep and more human connections with your clients. That all begins with delivering handwritten and thoughtful notes.

Unlike email or traditional print, handwritten notes have an 80% open rate. That sets your business and potential connections up for success. Handwrytten is the ultimate resource to start scaling your personalized notes and create deeper relationships.

Gathering Clients’ Physical Addresses Can Help Your Company Grow

Gathering physical addresses is the first step to delivering quality and personalized handwritten notes that will impress your clientele and help your company grow. Remember that the benefits of gathering addresses span from internal to external reasons. This organization of data can help your team run more efficiently and serve your clients at more consistent rates.

Once you have those physical addresses, you can start sending clients special notes, gift cards, and much more. In the end, this helps to establish your brand, show how much you appreciate your clientele, and scale your company.

If you want to learn more about Handwrytten pricing or features, sign up here.

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