5 Necessary Sections for a New Client Welcome Letter

Last updated, October 24, 2022

Signing up a new customer is an essential part of growing your business. After putting in so much hard work to obtain your new client, you may be tempted to take it easy. However, the start of your business relationship with your new client is a critical time, and the most important to welcome your new client; not doing so would signal to them that you don’t pay attention to the importance of customer experience.

Now is the time to start the new client onboarding process. Sending your new client a well-timed welcome letter that is unique, thoughtful, and well-polished will set you apart from your competitors. It will also help to make sure that you and your new client will have a long-lasting business relationship.

Introduction to Your Business

You should think of the welcome letter to the new client as their introduction to how you do business. The client’s first impression will go a long way in affirming the credibility of you and your business; it is, after all, one of the most important parts of the customer experience. Writing a welcome letter to your new customer will help to ensure that you and your new client will have a long and prosperous relationship.

A new client letter from your business allows your client to:

  • See your processes and how you do business.
  • Be reassured that they made the right choice.
  • Note multiple ways to contact you.
  • Receive an official introduction to your company.
  • Feel that you value them as a client.

A new customer welcome letter is straightforward to put together, and the time spent is well worth the reward. While your new client welcome letter is simple to write, it should include a few standard sections.

Customer Greeting

You should tailor your customer welcome letters to each new client. Usually, this portion is relatively simple since it is a business-based, customer service welcome letter.

Depending on your business flair, start with your customer’s first name or the appropriate prefix and last name.

Some examples include:

  • Hello John
  • Dear James
  • Dear Mr. Jones
  • Hello Mr. Jones
  • Greetings Mr. Jones

Remember to keep the style that matches your business’s branding. Make sure you always follow the client’s name with a comma or a colon.

Welcome to Business Message

The first sentence of your welcome letter to a new client should make your client feel like a welcome part of your business family. It should give your client a brief insight into your company as a whole and give them a broad feel for the resources they have at their disposal.

A welcome message example would be:

“As a representative of Jackson & Aiden, LLC, I am ecstatic to welcome you as a new client. All of our team members are here for you and are ready to assist with your company’s needs.”

Company Introduction

The central portion of your welcome letter to your new client should contain information about your company as a whole, all while reassuring them that you are fully capable of handling all of their various business needs. This is a method for building rapport with your customers.

An introduction to the company may look like this:

“With Jackson & Aiden, LLC, we consider your needs to be our top priority. All of our team members will work to make sure you are pleased with the service we provide. As one of our clients, your continued satisfaction will always be top of mind, as we wish to continue in a prosperous business relationship.”

In this section, you will also want to give the client an idea of who you are personally and give them insight into how you will be interacting with them and their company. It is essential to be transparent with your client regarding your role.

This personal introduction could look like this:

“I am privileged to let you know that I will be your primary contact at our company. I will be handling all the details of your account. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any feedback, comments, or questions.”

Personal Reassurance

The last section of your welcome letter to your clients should reiterate your gratitude to the client for their new business, reassure them that they are your top priority, and convey the message that you will do whatever is needed to ensure they are 100% satisfied.

This section must exude positivity. You want your customer to feel your confidence, warmth, and sincerity through your words.

An example is:

“Pam, we appreciate your engaging in business with Jackson & Aiden and trusting us to deliver excellent results. We are privileged to be in business with you.”

Including this kind of reassurance will ensure that you will never have to win them back with a “we miss your business” letter.

Crisp Closing

The final section of the welcome letter to your client is your sign-off. Use words such as:

  • Sincerely.
  • Regards.
  • Best regards.
  • Yours Truly.

Finalize the closing with your name, title, and signature. Remember, your signature must be handwritten as that adds a final, personal touch to the letter. A computer signature or stamp is too cold for this type of letter, and ending the letter “with love” is also not the right way to go.

To show how this letter should read, we have included a welcome letter to new customers example.

Sample Welcome Letter to New Clients

Dear Mrs. Edens, 

On behalf of Thomas & Thomas Accounting, we are thrilled to receive your business. Our firm’s resources are entirely at your disposal. Our team here at Thomas & Thomas Accounting strives to provide stellar customer service at all times. We can assure you that your business needs are our top priority during your tenure with us. I will be your primary contact for the duration of your business with us. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions, concerns, or feedback. 

Thank you again, Mrs. Edens, for giving Thomas & Thomas Accounting your business. We are honored to serve your business needs.

Best regards,

(Insert wet signature here)

Thomas Frank


Essential Details for Letters

Whether you are sending a welcome letter to the client for a visit or thanking them for a purchase, certain pieces must remain standard. Every letter should include:

  • The company letterhead with the company logo, company name, address, phone number, and email address. If you have a fax number, website, or multiple contact numbers, add those in as well.
  • Your company’s social media handles.
  • The client’s prefix, full name, company name, and mailing address should be to the left of the page. In this spot, also include the date you write the letter.
  • Your personal contact information should be in the letter’s body if it is separate from the company’s contact information.

These details will make you look professional and inspire confidence in your services.

With these pieces, you can quickly create a welcome letter to your new clients that makes them feel as if they are a welcome addition to your company. In the future, you can follow this up with a “Thank you for your purchase” letter to boost customer retention. We here at Handwrytten can help you craft a business letter with a personal touch.

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