These 7 Methods Will Make Every Customer Feel Valued, Guaranteed

A customer is always a customer, even after a transaction ends. Customer retention is necessary for business growth. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that every person feels like a valued customer. How do you make customers feel important? Thank your client for their business and show your gratitude.

Showing your appreciation doesn’t have to be extravagant. Doing small things, like sending a personalized handwritten note,  is the best way to make them feel important. Keep reading to learn strategies towards customer retention.

How Do You Make Customers Feel Valued?

Valued customers appreciate open communication lines. Don’t let the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” apply to your business. Customer retention starts with making sure every customer remembers their positive experience.

Send a Handwritten Note

If you’re wondering, “How do you make customers feel important?”, start here. In a digital world, sending a handwritten note will feel highly personable. Everyone likes to receive fun mail that makes them smile! Let the customer know they are a valued customer by sending a customer appreciation letter. Include a thank you note for their continued support or offer a deal they can’t resist! They’ll appreciate the extra care you put into personalizing a note for them.

In a digital world, sending a handwritten note will feel highly personable.

Engage in Conversation

A simple “How are you today?” with a robotic response of “Good” doesn’t engage most people in conversation. Take it a step further and ask a more specific question like, “What else is on your agenda for the day?” or “What fun activities do you have planned for the coming weekend?”

The next time you see them, you can ask if they accomplished their goal for that day or what they did for the weekend. Remembering details about your customers will make them feel more valued.

How Do You Make Customers Feel Important?

Being heard and supported makes customers feel important. Acknowledging customer feedback gives your clients a voice and lets them know you care about their input.

Acknowledge Feedback

When a valued customer offers feedback, actively listen, paraphrase, and ask clarifying questions. Follow up with them to let them know you are working to improve your business based on their suggestions. Invite them to come back and see changes you’ve made so they can continue to offer their helpful feedback.

Offer Quick Responses

Sometimes your customers will have questions or wish to give feedback. Whether they contact you by phone, email, or the contact form on your website, be sure to respond promptly. Getting quick and thorough responses can show that their needs are important to your business.

Become a Customer

It’s always a good idea to find out your customers’ lines of work. If your customer is the owner of a small business, show you appreciate their business by returning the favor. They’ll appreciate your business as much as you appreciate theirs.

How Do You Make Customers Feel Special?

Every customer wishes to feel like a valued customer, but doing something extra special goes a long way. Making them feel comfortable when entering your business makes a huge difference.

Create a Welcoming Environment

A tidy, decorated environment often makes clients feel more at home. If you aren’t able to hire a store greeter, think about decor items that offer customers something to read or interact with while they wait. Keep your store clean and maintain accessible products so customers can always find what they need.

Offer Small Gifts

Gifts of appreciation don’t have to be extravagant. Rather than offering 10% off their next service or product, send a gift card to show appreciation for their loyalty. Even if it’s for only $5, gift cards encourage clients to return and finally buy that item they’d been eyeing for a while.

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