How to Utilize Thank-You Notes in 2024

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Much to the chagrin of earlier generations, many things have become irrelevant in 2021. Basic items like notepads, newspapers, landlines, and folding maps are no longer necessary due to the vast advancement of technology. However, despite the mini-computers we carry in our pockets known as smartphones, some things are considered polite, classy, and timeless. Many people would place handwritten thank-you notes in that category, along with similar items like wedding invitations and birthday cards.

Thank-you notes are still used and appreciated in our digital world! Now, let’s talk about how to use them properly. Keep reading for how to utilize thank-you notes in 2021.

Weddings and Bridal Showers

Handwritten thank-you notes are considered polite and require a person to take time to express their gratitude. However, thank-you’s are often viewed as proper etiquette and necessary when it comes to weddings and bridal showers.

Following your bridal shower, you should aim to write and send out thank-you cards no later than two weeks past the date of the event. Guests appreciate prompt thanks, as they took time out of their day and money out of their pockets to celebrate your upcoming wedding.

Weddings usually come with a more extended grace period, considering they are typically followed up with a honeymoon and a settling-in period. You can wait as long as two months to get your wedding thank-yous out in the mail.

These occasions are two of the most significant events in your lifetime, so it’s the perfect opportunity to utilize handwritten thank-you notes. People love to celebrate their loved ones and shower them with gifts, but they also genuinely appreciate a classic card.

Birthday Gifts

Just like thank-you cards have not gone out of style, neither have birthday gifts and cards. In fact, you may have grown up with relatives sending cards in the mail with a crisp $20 bill or a gift card to your favorite store inside. Gifts are more common and even expected at a birthday party, which can involve both family members and friends. There’s plenty of appreciation to go around when a birthday occurs.

You can never go wrong using a thank-you card for your birthday. People can be very generous for birthdays, so it’s important to show your gratitude for them celebrating you.

Thank-you’s for birthdays don’t have to be fancy, either. It’s easy to pick up an affordable set of simple thank-you cards. You can include a brief, handwritten note on the inside and drop them all off at your local post office.

This small act of kindness can go a long way. Personal mail is so rare these days, and receiving a handwritten letter is enough to brighten up anyone’s day.

Personal mail is so rare these days, and receiving a handwritten letter is enough to brighten up anyone’s day.

Significant Favors

If we all wrote thank-you notes every time someone did us a favor, there wouldn’t be any cards left in the world! However, thank-you notes are often appropriate if someone does a significant favor for you. For instance, if your neighbor housesits for you while you are away, then a thank-you note would definitely be a good idea.

In fact, some people may offer more than a thank-you note for a decent-sized favor. If you go on vacation and your friend watches your dogs for a week, you may want to bring them back a souvenir along with a nice note.

Thank-you notes for favors is a broad category, so you can use your own discretion here. Think about the size of the favor and how much time and effort the individual is giving to you, and go from there.


Did you know that it’s considered professional to send a thank-you note to a business after you’ve gone in for a job interview? If you didn’t, pay close attention; this one is essential.

Believe it or not, writing a thank-you note to your interviewer could make or break your chances of securing the position. It truly helps you stand out against other applicants and keeps your name fresh in your interviewer’s mind following your meetingPlus, a thank-you note allows you to say something you forgot to say during the job interview. You can add an important statement to your letter, and you can even clarify something you did say that may not have come out right.

Interviewers may also have requested specific information that you didn’t have on hand at the interview, such as references, an extra copy of your resume, or examples from your portfolio.

Interview thank-you notes are a little bit different from birthday or wedding notes. You don’t need to buy a physical card and handwrite a note for an interviewer. In fact, you should really stick to writing them an email. While a handwritten thank-you note is nice, they’re not very conducive for business. Emails are much faster and far more appropriate. They allow you to say what you need to say professionally while relaying information quickly.


You can even use thank-you cards in the world of business. Large corporations may be able to expedite shipping and cut costs, but there is something special about a small business that includes personalized thank-you notes in their packages.

If you’re a business owner, you might consider including thank-you notes in the packages you send off to customers. You can buy small thank-you notes in bulk and have them on hand during the shipping process. Employees can jot down quick thank-you’s to include in each box that goes out for delivery.

Don’t have time to write handwritten notes or have simply too many orders? Consider hiring Handwriting to add a personalized touch to the packages you send to customers.

Customers really do appreciate little personal touches like this. It makes them feel valued, and it will often keep them coming back for more business. Writing customers a note will also make them more likely to talk about your company, which could lead to more business for you. 

The trick is to balance time with effort, so you don’t have to worry about writing a long letter to every single customer. We also highly recommend sticking to handwritten notes rather than printed cards because they really highlight how much your business cares.

The same goes for emails. Any company you order from online will send you an email confirming and often thanking you for your order, but handwritten notes make you stand out from the competition.

Referral thank you example for businesses

Funeral Condolence Gifts

If you’re dealing with the death of a loved one, writing a thank-you note to well-meaning gift-givers and relatives is probably not the first thing on your mind. That being said, this is your reminder that it is still considered thoughtful and appropriate to thank those who were there for you during the difficult process.

People are known for being very generous and sympathetic when someone experiences a death. Many individuals will send flowers, donate to the funeral funds, or cook a meal for the family.

If you experience a death in your family, you’re likely to see some of this generosity. No one expects you to sit down and write your thank-you’s amid the grieving process. However, it is a nice gesture to do so when the dust has settled. Not only is it simply polite to do so, but people like to hear that their condolences were helpful to you during the healing process. 

When is a Thank-You Note Necessary?

It’s important to clarify one thing here: it’s impossible to be “too polite.” No one will ever get upset with you for sending a thank-you note for something small. Most people would consider it a pleasant surprise.

That being said, you don’t have to send a thank-you note for every tiny deed or act of kindness. If your next-door neighbor mowed their lawn and continued on to mow yours for you, you can thank them in person rather than sending a note. If your friend stopped by and picked up coffee on the way for you, you can give her a quick word of appreciation without mailing her a letter.

However, when in doubt, write the note. For many people, common sense will let you know if you need to write a note. If someone does something for you or sends you something and you wonder if you should send a note, then you probably should.

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