10 Ways to Utilize Robots in 2024

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In 2021, computers run our lives. Technology has advanced so quickly, and it has silently crept into almost every task we complete throughout the day. Robots are the sector of technology that we still think of as futuristic, but many companies are already using robots to benefit your everyday life.

While robots serve so many different purposes, one of the most interesting reasons to utilize robots is for automation. Business leaders are turning to robots to make tasks easier and relieve the nuisance workload on human workers. As a result, humans can focus on high-level work to improve productivity.

If you’re wondering how you could improve your business with robots, keep reading for 10 ways to utilize robots in 2021.

Using Robots For Authomation At Work

In 1962, the first robot for industrial use was created by George Charles Devol, Jr. in partnership with the “Father of Robotics,” Joseph Frederick Engelberger. Together, they formed a venture company called Unimation Inc.. They would soon build the first industrial robot called “the Unimate.”

The first industry to show interest in automation to improve efficiency was car manufacturing. It was in this industry that “the Unimate” got its start. With that, the General Motors Company die-casting factory became the birthplace of industrial robots in automation. Today, manufacturing across the board utilizes robots to improve efficiency and complete heavy labor tasks.

Manufacturing is only the beginning of the robotics market. Now, robots have made their way into every aspect of our lives. Many people now have voice-recognition devices at home and can control lights, temperature, and security systems from their smartphones. 

While most people can readily think of robots that help us at home or automate manufacturing, it’s not as common to hear about robots for professional uses. Don’t be fooled, though. Business leaders everywhere are implementing robots into offices and workplaces for a variety of innovative uses.

Top 10 Uses for Robots in Business

Critical yet tedious tasks can bog down even the best businesses. By learning about these new industrial robots, you can hand these annoying tasks off and get back to what you love.

1. Robots Improve Training

One of the biggest burdens on companies is the hiring and onboarding process. It yields high costs and cuts into the time that should be used for productivity.

The evolution of training robots has been really helpful in switching out humans for robots when teaching dangerous tasks. You don’t have to risk harm to new employees or training staff during the training process. Overall, these training robots create a realistic simulation of the job. This can be done in less high-stakes jobs as well, such as for customer service training. 

An exciting manifestation of this is “The Employee Training Robot” in Stockholm. It comes equipped with speakers, microphones, cameras, and a 3D printed mask that can manipulated into facial expressions. This robot acts as the most awful customer possible so that your employees get an extremely realistic experience and can test out their customer service skills.

2. Prototypes On Demand

Do you work in a creative environment where you are trying to build and test new products? One of the greatest time-consumers in this process is creating and building the prototype. If you need to wait for the prototype to be made, only to realize it isn’t right or doesn’t land a pitch, you’ll have to waste more time.

Robots offer solutions to cut down on time wasted and improve the creative flow in your office. You and your employees won’t have to nail down a perfect design before you send the plans off to get made into a prototype. Instead, your entrepreneurial and creative workspace can create prototypes just as quickly as employees think of ideas.

3D printers have been evolving quickly over the past several years. Depending on your budget, you can choose a model that quickly mocks up a product’s form, or you can get a machine that creates an intricate and fully usable prototype. You’ll be able to test out all your ideas on the spot and never risk passing on a great idea.

Handwrytten 3D printer printing robot parts

As pictured above, Handwrytten uses 3D printers to create parts for their robots!

3. AI Voice Recognition

Instead of paying for an assistant, you can have robots take care of your schedule. Whether you need to reschedule a meeting or block off time for solitary work, your computer will listen and attend to your commands. Not only can you tell your computer how to handle your schedule, but artificial intelligence allows it to talk back.

You can also customize your digital assistant to notify you when you have important meetings or events scheduled in your work calendar. It can remind you of important deadlines coming up and even automatically input slots into your calendar from the information it reads through your emails.

All of these tedious time-wasters will be taken over by your digital assistant so you can focus on what matters most.

4. Self-Driving Cars and Trucks

In 2021, self-driving vehicles are taking life to a whole new level. They’ve been in the works for a while now, but setbacks have caused innovators to take their time and rework their inventions. The most popular use for this so far has been personal cars, but big companies like Tesla are talking about self driving trucks for cargo transport.

Companies that ship massive amounts of products or equipment across country, especially delivery companies like UPS and Fedex, can now rely on self-driving trucks to improve efficiency and maximize volume. Human drivers have limitations, like the need to stop for breaks and to sleep, but robots have no needs outside of a power source. Additionally, computerizing delivery trucks allows a company to keep track of its fleet regarding location, fuel levels, mileage, and more.

Outside of trucks, smaller businesses who utilize a delivery service might now be able to use self-driving cars to deliver orders. From small to large scale, self-driving vehicles will transform businesses.

5. Automated Warehouse Operations

Behind closed doors, massive amounts of employees are working to process, store, and ship out products and equipment in warehouses. Thankfully, robots are already in common use to assist human workers. While warehouse robots help transport and sort heavy things, human employees can supervise to ensure accuracy.

6. Robots for Telepresence

If you loved the show Community, you’ll love this idea. Featured on an episode where Community College hosts prisoners as students, these new robots will help you be present in an office without really physically being there. Telepresence robots will help you live out your work day through a tablet on wheels.

You can attend meetings, visit employees and leaders in their offices, and even hang out at the water cooler, all from your home. This innovation is a great solution to COVID restrictions. It could even help you visit other offices to have meetings with business leaders without needing to pay and waste time for travel.

7. Automating the Office

Your business doesn’t have to go without the awesome tools that homeowners use for security and comfort. No more spending time going into the office early to unlock the doors, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, and more. Instead, you can set up a schedule for your whole office to take care of itself according to your needs. 

These robots automatically perform these tasks for you to help improve comfort and security. Your office will be ready for you and your employees before you arrive and you can have it monitor security while you’re gone.

8. Personalized Air Conditioning Units

Robots can be very industrial and functional, but what’s wrong with using them for selfish reasons? One of the great advantages to robots is that they will do your bidding without questions.

Employee productivity is heavily reliant on their comfort in their work environment, so some geniuses have come up with a personal air conditioner robot. These AC robots follow an assigned employee who is wearing a wristband. The band monitors the employee’s comfort with the temperature and changes the AC settings to adjust the air temperature for them.

9. Security for Building Access

Technology has caused security to go a long way. Tasks that were done by security teams can now be performed instantly and easily by robots who are monitored by a single person. These security robots can identify people entering to verify that they belong in your office and even recognize threats such as weapons through security cameras. 

10. Automate Handwritten Letters for Marketing

Finally, an innovative advancement in the marketing industry is the use of robots to speed up the production of handwritten marketing materials. Snail mail is making a comeback, and handwritten mail has a much higher chance of being opened than typed letters. Many businesses, however, don’t have the time or resources to send out mass amounts of handwritten letters.

Handwrytten has come up with the perfect way to efficiently produce mass amounts of marketing materials: robots. Their robots write with real ballpoint pens in the real, authentic handwriting of your choosing. From your smartphone, you can now send personalized, handwritten letters to your prosective and current clients.

Automate Your Marketing with Handwrytten

2021 is only another stepping stone in the long timeline that robotic technology will have. Using robots for automation is key to being ahead of the competition and making work easier on yourself and your employees. The benefits of having a robot writing out your handwritten letters, for example, will greatly improving your marketing success.

Handwrytten is the world’s leading provider of handwritten notes for business because it takes advantage of the most advanced technology out there. Check out our plans today to get started!

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