What to Write in a Bridal Shower Thank-You Card (+10 Templates)

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Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude from your bridal shower and looking for the right way to thank your guests? This guide delivers simple steps and heartfelt templates to create bridal shower thank you messages that truly reflect your appreciation. Get ready to show your loved ones just how much their generosity and presence means to you.

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Key Takeaways

  • Craft personalized bridal shower thank-you cards by expressing heartfelt thanks, mentioning the specific gift, with the message’s focus being on the guest’s presence, with a prompt, handwritten message.
  • Follow one of our simple, customizable message templates for each relationship and type of gift, ensuring every thank-you note is personal and sincere.
  • Utilize services like Handwrytten to combine the traditional charm of handwritten cards with the convenience of modern automation for timely and stylish gratitude.

A basic wedding shower thank you card wording template

basic wedding shower

During the flurry of wedding celebrations, taking a moment to compose bridal shower thank-yous allows you to appreciate the generosity of your guests. A thank-you card forms a connection of gratitude between you and your dear ones.

It’s simple: start with a heartfelt acknowledgment of their presence, noting the joy their company brought to your special day. Then, move on to the bridal wedding gift they contributed, be it a coveted item from your wedding registry or a sweet surprise, and share how it fits perfectly into your newlywed life. Finally, conclude with anticipation of their presence during your upcoming wedding day or a sincere note of missing their company if they can’t make it. For example:

Dear [Guest Name],

I am still smiling from the bridal shower and I have you to thank for that! Your company added so much to the joy of the day. The [Gift Item] you chose is absolutely wonderful and will be put to good use as [Your Partner’s Name] and I start our new chapter together. It’s gifts like yours that turn a house into a home.

Looking forward to having you with us on the wedding day. Your presence is what makes these moments unforgettable.

Warmest thanks,

[Your Name]

Remember, a thank-you card is more than just etiquette; it’s a personal token of your appreciation.

How to write a bridal shower thank you card in 5 steps

how to write a bridal shower thank you card

While the prospect of creating a sincere and heartfelt bridal shower thank-you card may seem challenging, the key lies in personalization. Wedding shower thank you notes should be a mirror of your gratitude while acting as subtle wedding invitations, reflecting the uniqueness of every gift and the presence of each guest.

To write a message that touches the heart, follow these five essential steps.

1. Consider your relationship with the guest

Each relationship with your shower guests is distinctive, and your thank-you note should reflect this. For your lifelong friends and cherished family members, sprinkle your note with shared memories and inside jokes, making it as special as your relationship.

When it comes to acquaintances or distant relatives, maintain a warm yet respectful tone, expressing how much you appreciated their thoughtfulness in joining your celebration.

2. Highlight the bridal gift they gave you

The essence of your thank-you note is in recognizing the gift. Whether it’s a set of fine china from your aunt or a quirky kitchen gadget from a friend, specifically mention each gift by name and express how it will be cherished or utilized in your new life. Doing so not only personalizes your message but also lets the giver know their selection was a hit!

3. Show appreciation for them attending the bridal shower

A bridal shower forms a vibrant mosaic of love and support, with each attendee adding to the spectrum. Show gratitude for the presence of each guest, whether they came bearing a bridal shower gift or simply their best wishes. Their effort to be there for you deserves a special thank you note, underscoring the joy their companionship brought to the bridal shower dear.

4. Be prompt

Promptness exemplifies considerate thank-you cards. Aim to send them within two weeks following the shower to convey your prompt and genuine appreciation. If life gets in the way, strive not to stretch beyond three months, as the warmth of the shower’s memory lingers with your guests.

5. Handwrite your thank you notes

In the era of pervasive digital communication, a handwritten thank-you card remains a valued exception. It shows you’ve taken the time and care to personally express your thanks. Even if your handwriting isn’t perfect, the effort will not go unnoticed and will add an irreplaceable touch of authenticity to your message.

This is where Handwrytten can help.

10 bridal shower thank-you card message templates

bridal shower thank you card message templates

Now, on to the meat and potatoes of this article: wedding shower thank you card templates.

Templates can serve as a beacon for those in search of inspiration or a foundation for their thank-you notes. Here are ten card wording examples to guide you through various scenarios, ensuring that each of your guests receives a message tailored just for them.

NOTE: Customize these templates a bit – no one likes receiving a generic thank you note. Make it fun!

1. Bridal shower thank you note for gifts from your wedding registry

[Guest Name],

I wanted to thank you for attending my bridal shower last Saturday. Your presence meant a lot to me and [Partner Name]. We are very thankful for the lovely tea towels that you gifted to us – they are truly appreciated. These already make a great addition to our kitchen.

We are really looking forward to celebrating with you at the wedding in a few weeks. Your friendship means so much to us!


[Your Names]

2. Wedding shower thank you note for gifts not from your wedding registry

Dear [Guest Name],

Thank you for being such a thoughtful gift giver. We truly appreciate all the gifts, including the stunning wine glasses, the fresh flowers, and the sweet gift. Your thoughtful gift was such a surprise and has already found a special place in our home. Your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated, and we’re so glad you could be part of the celebration.

Warm regards,

[Your Names]

3. Bridal shower thank you note for unique or unexpected gifts

[Guest Name]

I want to express my gratitude for celebrating with me at the bridal shower. Your presence meant a lot to me. [Partner Name] and I are incredibly grateful for the wonderful French press and coffee beans you gifted us. They have truly brightened our mornings.

Every time we sip our morning brew, thoughts of you come to mind – your presence is (literally) intertwined with our daily ritual. We are truly grateful for the love you have shown us over the years. It has meant more than you can imagine.

Having you in the crowd on the big day will make our day so special. We’re looking forward to celebrating with you. We can’t wait to see you showcase one of your famous moves on the dance floor!

Much love,

[Your Names]

4. Wedding shower thank you note for monetary gifts

Dear [Guest Name],

Your generous gift was a delightful surprise at our shower! We’re planning to put your kindness towards our dream honeymoon in [Destination]. It means the world to us that you’ve contributed to this special time in our lives. Can’t wait to share all the stories with you when we return!

You are such a great friend – with heartfelt thanks,

[Your Names]

5. Bridal shower thank you note for someone who didn’t give a gift

Bridal shower thank you messages

Dear [Guest Name],

Having you at the bridal shower meant so much to us. Your presence was the perfect gift in itself, and we cherished every moment spent laughing and celebrating together. We’re looking forward to creating more memories with you at the wedding!

All our love,

[Your Names]

6. Wedding shower thank you note for someone who couldn’t attend

Dear [Guest Name],

We missed you at the bridal shower but understand that you couldn’t be there. Your well wishes warmed our hearts, and we’re eagerly waiting to see you on the wedding day. Your continuous support throughout this journey has been invaluable.

With love,

[Your Names]

7. Bridal shower thank you note for someone who sent a gift but couldn’t attend

Dear [Guest Name],

I am so sorry you couldn’t make it to the shower, but we are so appreciative of your generous gift. It is such a beautiful vase.

You were truly missed, but we look forward to catching up with you soon and hope to see you at the wedding.

Much love,

[Your Name]

8. Wedding shower thank you note for a formal acquaintance

Dear [Acquaintance Name],

Having you at my bridal shower was such a pleasure. Your presence made the day even more special. Thank you for the lovely [Gift Item], your generosity is truly appreciated. I hope we can get to know each other better and I look forward to seeing you at the wedding.

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

9. Bridal shower thank you note for close friends and family

Dear [Family Member/close Friend],

Your love and support at my bridal shower filled me with joy. The [Gift Item] you chose is perfect and will be treasured as we start our married life. I can’t wait to continue celebrating life’s big moments with you. See you on the big day!

Love always,

[Your Name]

10. Wedding shower thank you note for the person who hosted

Dear [Host’s Name],

Your incredible effort in planning my bridal shower did not go unnoticed. Thank you for creating such a memorable day full of laughter and love. The specific aspects of the shower that were absolutely fantastic and everyone had a wonderful time include (examples: the decorations, the games, the food and drinks, the venue).

I am so grateful for your support during this special time in my life.

With immense gratitude,

[Your Name]

How Handwrytten can automate sending bridal thank-you cards

automate sending bridal shower thank you cards

In today’s digital era, Handwrytten provides a solution for those wishing to uphold the valued tradition of handwritten notes with the ease of automation. Let’s dig into how Handwrytten can enhance your bridal shower thank-you notes by marrying the old-world charm of a personal touch with the efficiency of modern technology.

The Handwrytten advantage

Boasting an 80% open rate, Handwrytten’s notes demonstrate the enduring appeal of a personal touch amidst our digitized world. Our platform offers an easy, streamlined process for creating and sending handwritten thank you notes, making it an excellent option for brides-to-be wanting to convey their heartfelt gratitude without sacrificing time or personalization.

Easily customizable handwritten wedding cards

With a vast array of designs at your disposal, Handwrytten ensures your thank-you cards and wedding invitations embody your personal style and the spirit of your bridal shower. Adding a photo from the celebration or personal branding elements, like a monogram, transforms your message into a keepsake that recipients will treasure, all while styling the font exactly how you want it.Check out some of our designs – click them to go straight to our simple customized card builder!

Send in bulk with Handwrytten’s Bulk Card feature

For those dealing with an extensive guest list, Handwrytten’s Bulk Card feature comes as a blessing. It allows brides-to-be to:

  • Send out a large number of personalized thank-you notes with the same ease as sending a single card
  • Guarantee that no one is forgotten
  • Ensure that each guest receives your gratitude in a timely and elegant manner.


As we wrap up, remember that a thank-you card is more than a mere formality; it’s an opportunity to reconnect and share your joy about getting into the married life. Whether you opt for traditional handwritten cards or embrace the convenience of services like Handwrytten, the essence lies in the sincerity of your words. May each thank-you you send out be a cherished note that strengthens the bonds you celebrate on your journey to the altar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

What do you say in a thank you note for a bridal shower?

Dear [Guest Name],

Thank you so much for attending our bridal shower and for the lovely gift. We truly appreciate your generosity and can’t wait to use the cheese board you gave us for cozy date nights at home. Your presence meant a lot to us and made the day even more special.

Much love,

[Your Names]

How long after bridal shower do you send thank you notes?

Send thank you notes within two weeks of the bridal shower. It’s important to express your gratitude promptly, ideally within two weeks of the event to show appreciation for the guests’ thoughtfulness.

How do you say thank you for cash for a bridal shower gift?

Dear [Guest Name],

Thank you so much for your generous cash gift at my bridal shower! I had a wonderful time celebrating with you. My partner and I have decided to put your thoughtful gift towards a special day trip on our honeymoon in Greece.

Thank you so much!

[Your Names]

Is it acceptable to send thank-you cards for bridal showers digitally?

Sending handwritten thank-you notes for bridal showers is more personal and appreciated by recipients compared to digital cards. Aim to send handwritten notes for a more meaningful impact.

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