The Benefits of Custom Thank You Cards for Businesses

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Remember when you were a kid, and you’d get a postcard in the mail from a traveling aunt or a handwritten birthday card from your grandparents?

You’d see your name scrawled across the envelope and couldn’t help but jump for joy with excitement over personal mail. Well, although our visible excitement has dulled, the truth is, we all love receiving personalized letters in the mail.

In amongst the flyers and generic promos, custom thank you cards are just one of those items that you can’t help but hold onto. So why not use this excitement-producing technique for your business?

Follow along to discover the benefits of sending your customers, clients, and contacts custom business thank you notes and how to streamline your handwritten letter procedure.

Break Through the Digital Noise

The average open rate for emails from businesses is only about 15-25%. While that may sound positive, the reality is that 75% or more of your emails are just wasted effort. Of course, email marketing has its place, but perhaps going old school on your thank yous is a more effective method.

Let’s be honest, opening up your inbox to a slur of branded messages is exhausting. In fact, in many cases, your clients aren’t even looking at the subject line before cleaning out their promotions inbox.

However, when a handwritten thank you card arrives in their old-school mailbox, it’s far less likely to go unread. Once you’ve got your letter in the hands of the receiver, it’s nearly impossible to resist breaking open the envelope.

Stand Out

Ready to get a leg up on the competition? While your competitors invest in Facebook ads and massive marketing campaigns, you can sneak in under the radar and get to the ones that really matter.

While we aren’t suggesting you ditch your marketing strategy, it is essential to remember that return customers are the backbone of business success. Securing that loyal client with a meaningful and personalized business thank you card is a great way to really stand out above your competition.

Even if your competitors are sending old-fashioned mail to their customers, chances are they are mass-producing generic messages that just don’t give that personalized touch. Stay ahead with a custom signature and make sure they know you put in the effort.

Build Connections

Once a customer leaves your business, your only real chance to maintain a solid connection is to follow up. What better way to follow up in style than a custom small business card.

Send them out to thank your client for a referral, celebrate the anniversary of their subscription or service, or say thanks for the support after purchase. This little personal touch lets your customers know the real people behind the business who genuinely appreciate their support.

Once you’ve won their hearts over with your personal touch and reliability, they will be far more likely to think of you next time they have a problem you can solve. After all, you truly value their business.

Reminder of Business

Thank you notes aren’t just for paying clients. Perhaps you had a customer come in for a meeting and haven’t heard from them in a while. Custom cards for businesses are a great way to remind them without being annoying or naggy gently.

Send your handwritten letter to thank them for coming by and invite them to ask any questions they may have. Even if they don’t have any questions, your subtle reminder can prompt them to follow through on their original inquiry and get in touch with you again.

The same goes for customers who haven’t purchased in a while. Put together a custom letter to send out to any customers who haven’t made a purchase in x amount of days and prompt a renewal of loyalty. With automation and special offer features, you can revive any lead all over again!

reminder of business note

Inexpensive Marketing Tool

Between paid digital advertising, social campaigns, billboards, and even radio ads, your marketing budget can hit its limit awful fast. Fortunately, sending handwritten thank you cards is a cost-effective way to maintain essential business connections.

Instead of paying through the nose for remarketing or targeting ads, use the information you already have to make a cost-effective impact. In fact, marketers are discovering that snail mail is making a serious comeback!

This is especially true for businesses that ship products as you already have your customer’s address ready to go!

Extension of Style and Brand

Every interaction with your brand helps your customers form an opinion of you. As a business owner, you aim for those interactions and impressions to be positive and lasting. This is exactly what your custom small business card delivers. When customers see you’ve taken the time to show that you care, they’ll associate this caring nature with your brand.

Thanks to confirmation bias, your customers will now have an even better experience next time they visit your business and be more likely to return.

In essence, if your brand and image rely around on putting your customers first, there’s no better way to send that message than a real-life thank you note example.

Personal Touch

As we mentioned above, personalization is likely something your competition just isn’t offering.

As you can imagine, sending hundreds of custom thank you cards to your customers isn’t always realistic. Depending on the occasion and your business size, you could be up all night, every night, working your way to a serious carpel tunnel syndrome.

This is why many businesses resort to typed, generic messages. The problem with this is that customers aren’t impressed by the generic and automatic sending of cards.

So how can you put together handwritten cards without sacrificing your hand in the process? You guessed it – Handwrytten to the rescue.

While robots write each letter, the entire message is printed with a real pen, making it look and feel like you’ve done all the writing yourself. Use realistic fonts and custom signatures to ensure no one will ever know you had some robotic help whipping up those 2000 thank you cards overnight; just make sure to have a tried-and-true closing to leave a good feeling in your customer.

Easy and Effective

We’ve already established how effective custom cards are, but what you may not know is how crazy simple they can really be.

Your thank-you notes don’t need to go on and on about every business interaction. In reality, just a short message penned with thought is often enough to make your clients feel unique and considered.

Top this simplicity off with the fact that you can write, customize, and send your custom business thank you cards from your phone, and you’ve got the marketing formula to master success.

When to Send Custom Thank You Cards

If you think this sounds great, but when on earth would I send a custom business thank you card? We’ve got you covered.

Here are a few prime examples of when to utilize this perfect personal touch.

After the First Visit

It’s never too early to follow up with a potential customer. Whether a potential customer has made a purchase or simply came in for a consultation, a thank you card is a great way to recapture attention and encourage their return.

Believe it or not, there’s actually psychology that suggests after receiving a ‘gift’ such as a card, humans feel obligated to return the gesture, often doing so in the form of a sale.

For Referrals

Has your loyal client sent a new customer your way? Referrals and recommendations from friends are now one of the most powerful tools for a business.

If your customer was kind enough to put their stamp of approval on your business, send them a thank you to express your gratitude.

After an Event

Whether it’s a trade show or a conference, if you’ve recently given a presentation or touched base with a multitude of people, make your follow-up stand out by customizing your thank you’s.

What better way to let potential customers know the quality of service you provide than a real-life example right there in their hands.

On Their Anniversary

While sending out birthday and anniversary cards would be a great touch, that’s not the business-related anniversary we had in mind.

If your business works with clients on an ongoing basis or uses subscription services, this is the perfect way to remind them how much you appreciate them. When their anniversary with your brand roles around, send them a note to remind them and thank them for being such loyal customers.

Just Because

Want to connect with your customers and business partners for no reason? Why not?

Not only does this spontaneous message come across as caring and thoughtful, but you may also even spark their memory to ask you a question or drop by for a visit!

Your Lasting Impression

Now that you know the benefits of sending custom thank you cards, it’s time to get ahead and take your business to the next level. From building more meaningful connections to following up on valuable leads, custom business thank you cards are the perfect solution.

Ready to get started with your own personalized cards? Get started with Handwrytten today to experience the easy and effective way to let your customers know how much they mean to you.

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