5 Direct Mail Best Practices to Supercharge Results

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Marketing experts understand direct mail is still a great way to grab the attention of your audience. Still, many marketing efforts have abandoned direct mail marketing strategies entirely! Why? Many are under the mistaken belief that it’s an outdated and inefficient tactic. In reality, direct mail marketing strategies yield great response rates compared to other media.

The Benefits of Direct Mail

A strong marketing strategy makes use of every available tool. That’s why even the most digitally-focused agencies still invest in direct mail. It has aged like fine wine in an era dominated by email marketing and social media campaigns. Recent data show snail mail response rates far exceed that of email, paid search, and other media.

Less competition

Direct mail marketing efforts of the past had to compete with a diverse deluge of other mail, especially considering the concern with how long it may take traditional snail mail to arrive. Modern direct mail marketing strategies stand out in the target audience’s eyes. As a result, your efforts will yield higher dividends.

Memorable branding

Ensuring that prospects become familiar with your branding and logo is vital. Planning efforts should focus on heightening prospect familiarity with your branding. You can do this by exposing them to in-person, tangible logos. Over time, direct mail efforts will ensure prospects recognize your logo. And, consequently, recognize your brand’s marketing efforts.


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5 Direct Mail Best Practices

Use these direct mail best practices to convert prospects into long-term customers.

Define Your Audience

Take the time to narrow and define your target audience for your direct mail marketing strategy. Doing so will improve your results. If your target audience is families, ensure your direct mail content is family-friendly. Likewise, for older target audiences, ensure the text is large enough to read. In short, catering to your audience’s preferences will guarantee your efforts yield dividends.

Send Handwritten Mailers

Everybody is used to receiving spam in the mail, whether it’s a physical letter or a digital email. What few people expect is a handwritten letter. Handwritten letters help you stand out from the competition and give your brand a relatable aesthetic. Sending handwritten letters customized to your company’s branding is a great way to ensure prospects read your marketing materials.

Handwritten letters help you stand out from the competition and give your brand a relatable aesthetic.

Consider Timing

How frequently do you intend to communicate with prospects? Time your snail mail appropriately to avoid sending too many messages in a short period. You’ll also want to ensure that your mailing reaches them at the perfect time to increase your chances of gaining them as a customer. You won’t want your lawn care service mail to arrive as the snow is setting in, so consider timing in your planning.

Attach a Small Gift

Everybody loves a good discount. Why not use this to your advantage in your direct mail marketing strategy? A small gift card or coupon with a handwritten note can ingratiate you with prospects. Ensure that your initial mailers include a small gift to achieve optimal outcomes.

Include a Call to Action

Every good direct mail marketing strategy includes notable calls to action. So politely encourage readers to subscribe to your services, attend an event, or check out your online presence to get the most out of your direct mail efforts. A good call to action encourages prospects to become loyal customers to your brand.

Choosing Your Direct Mail Type

One of the best parts of a direct mail marketing strategy is the variety of formatting that you can use. So, consider the different types of mail that you can send, including:

  • Thank-you notes in the wake of a recent purchase
  • Donation requests that capitalize on recent events
  • Reminders for upcoming sales
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Congratulatory celebrations on their new home, vehicle, or life achievement

Take a look at what competitors may be sending out and choose a direct mail type that will stand out in a pile of mail.

Supercharge Your Results With Handwrytten

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